Jan 21, 2010

Friday Cat Tray-ler & our USA Today Bestseller listee

Before we get into today's CAT Tray-lers - LoveCats would like to congratulate our very own Rachel Bailey for hitting the USA Today's Bestseller list at #94 with Claiming His Bought Bride - WAY TO GO you CAT-tastic girl!!!

Now onto the fun. Today we have three cat themed videos to watch today. The first is from the Amazing world of Simon's Cat. This clever artist know cats - and knows them very well. Over the next coming weeks we will feature a Simon's Cat Movie from his wonderful series. If you can't wait - then you can see them on his site. You'll watch them again and again - I promise you - especially if you are a cat lover.

Head 'em up, move 'em out - Raw-meow. Just love this Tray-ler

The third Cat Tray-ler is proof that not all cats hate the water.


  1. Big congrats, Rachel!!

    T - the cat herder tray-ler still has me laughing.

  2. Great cat-tray-lers!
    Congrats Rach!!!

  3. YAYAYAY, Rachel! Con-CAT-ulations! I'm thrilled to bits for you, you cool Cat!!!

    Tracie, great CAT-tray-lers! Still chuckling!


  4. WooHoo Rach!!

    Tracie, my kids loved the cat-tray-lers, although I have a sneaking suspicion our cat is soon going to wish they'd never seen the third one.

  5. Simon's Cat is a *god* The man knows his cats....

  6. Thanks for the congrats, everyone. It's a huge thrill. =)

    Tracie, thanks for the fabulous videos! I think I'm going to be watching a lot of Simon's Cat...

  7. Lovecats, this blog is such fun. I love all this kitty stuff and those trailers were hilarious. Love the cat herders!

  8. Cat Herders had me in hysterics. As a fan of westerns, the people who wrote and made this are a scream. They know westerns, they know cats, what a great combination!

  9. I love me those cat herders *sigh*. Can never laugh enough over that.

    Congratulations Rachel on your fantastic news!