Jan 20, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Dorkus aka Psycho Cat

Human Slave:
His name's Robbie and he turned up about a year after I moved in with mum and muscled in on our relationship. Thought he was the boss but I showed him. It took a few years of careful training but now I have him wrapped around my furry paw. I meow, he feeds me. I can usually score an extra meal or two during the day if I bug him enough. Trouble is, he escapes a lot and doesn't come home for days. And when he's gone, no matter how much I carry on, I can never trick mum into giving me extra food (not an extra gourmet tin anyway). Guess I better start the re-programming.

Night Owl or Early Bird:
My humans call me the furry alarm clock. If my stomach is rumbling then it's time for one of the humans to get up and feed me. And if that means I have to tap them on the shoulder a few times, sit on the bedside table and stare down at them until they feel my feline power and wake up or jump on top of them, then so be it. I like to make the wake-up call as early as possible. Why should I wait just because they want to sleep? There's another 23 hours in the day for that.

  • paper bags
  • dark cupboards
  • sleeping underneath the bed
  • raw chicken
  • ambushing the humans
  • sun-baking on mum's old writing desk
  • the wood fire in winter.
  • thunder
  • that damn cat burglar who stalked me for a couple nights in a row,
  • that man who stuck a thermometer up my bum and a needle in my shoulder (though my mum thought he was cute), and when he started clipping my claws -- well, you've heard the story of Samson & Deliah? -- I was not impressed,
  • eating the same thing day after day.
  • Being called 'stumpy bum' - I can't help it if I lost my tail in a fight with a garbage truck - do I make fun of your appearance?
  • car trips/plane trips -- any kind of travel. I'd rather stay home and watch the world pass by.


I have a blog called Diary of a Mad Cat which I must get back to one of these days, but I need "Cat Speaking" or some other cool software. It's really tedious typing with your paws.

I had a contest on MySpace for a while with a pig to see who could get the most friends. I'm sure I won. I haven't logged in for a while.

Mmm, come to think about it, guess I'm not very ambitious anymore. Hey I'm 14 years old! It takes too much energy to be ambitious (yawn!) and I like my sleep.

Occasionally I give mum a critique on her writing. This either involves sitting on her manuscript, vomiting on it or eating it. I'm sure she gets the message .

Got to go, I can feel a cat nap coming on.

Do you have a pet photo you'd like to share?

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  1. Love the post LOL
    They really are such fun to have around it is a while since I have had a cat and I do miss having one but one of the dogs I have really doesn't like them and it would be hell in this house if I bought one home so the 3 dogs rule the roost at the moment.

    Have Fun

  2. I had a great chuckle at this entry. How so like a cat - arrogant, self-centred and believes humans are their slaves. :-)
    Thanks for a great start to the morning!

  3. Hi Helen,
    thanks for visiting the Catwalk Wednesday post! And don't worry, what some of us here lack for in cats, I make up for LOL!!!

  4. Fabulous post, Dorkus! You sound like one cool cat.

    Thanks for being our first ever Catwalk Wednesday!

  5. Hi Kylie,
    you're certainly right about the arrogance of cats - makes us love them all the more, right!? lol!!
    And Dorkus, you're a wonder cat!

  6. Dorkus you star!!! And why be ambitious at 14. That's time for retirement.

  7. Dorkus is obviously a music lover - he looks "blissed out" in that pic! Sounds like he's top of the peaking order at his house -- if he could just get his mum re-trained in the food department! ;)

  8. For a cat saddled with an unfortunate name, Dorkus sure is awesome :-)

  9. Hey Mel and all LoveCats

    Love that cat! He seems to be top of his world.

    Dorkus... I had a cook at boarding school with the same name, she was so protective of my mum and us girls - real mother hen - so that name always makes me grin in remembrance.

    Lovely idea Mel!

    Bye 4 now

  10. Thank you, thank you fans.

    Mmm (evil twitch of whiskers) - one blog down, world blog domination can only be a matter of time. I might have to start blogging again.

    As for my name, the moniker was given to me by mum's old flatmate, who I must add, has been rather negligent in paying the cat support, considering he was the one that found me and brought me home. Anyway, I'll answer to most things as long as there's food attached to it.

  11. Oh, Dorkus! So glad you popped in to see your fanmail. Perhaps you'll come back and visit sometimes and pass judgment on our future Catwalk Wednesday candidates? =)

  12. I might just have to do that, Rachel.

    Popping Catwalk Wednesdays into my diary now.

    Might find myself my own little love cat: as long as she's not the freaky stalker kind. Hey, a cat needs his space.

  13. Oh Dorkus you are such a cat - world domination - LOL! Enjoyed your spin on the Catwalk!

  14. I do hope Dorkus will be posting again!