Jan 24, 2010

Aussie Cover revealed

by Nikki Logan

Just popping in bright and early on a Sunday to flash my new cover for 'Lights, Camera...Kiss the Boss' which releases here in March. You'll see this look previewed in the January releases next week.

It's a bit 'womens fiction'. It's a bit 'single title'. It's a bit pretty. It's a cover that won't make me (or anyone reading it) cringe. I personally like it.

*But*...is it a cover that will stand out on shelf? Will readers recognise it as Mills & Boon?  Do the old titles work with the new covers? Would you buy this?

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Hi Nikki,
    I was a huge fan of your original cover so probably everything would pale in comparison - even so, this dreamy cover is a really great too, just not quite the same =)

  2. I think it's sophisticated - it's got the romance element with the couple at the bottom, and I love the sepia kinda feel. But, like Mel, I did love the energy of your UK cover too (in the sidebar). You've got the best of both worlds by having one of each. =)

  3. Hey Nikki, I like it, and agree with Mel, a very dreamy cover. Quite different to the UK one - which is very typical M&B. I knew the UK cover style changed last year, but hadn't realised the Aussie one was changing too. I wouldn't have initally recognised it as M&B for that reason.

  4. I think it's gorgeous, Nikki! Very elegant!

  5. Congrats on another first Nikki - your first Aussie/NZ cover!

    It is different to what we have become used to the HM&B line but this stylish 'single-title-ish' type cover may also bring in a newer generation of romance readers to read HM&B.

  6. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Yeah, it's tricky to know whether to be excited to be one of the *first* covers or anxious that no-one will find it. I figure it'll still be on Mills & Boon ends so it should still have presence. I guess time (and sales) will tell!

    Interesting that both UK and Australia/NZ have moved to more subtle romance covers (will this mean they get more generic too as time goes on?) while the US is still right behind the classic Harlequin/MB look.

    Cheers all and Happy Australia Day for next week.


  7. Hey Nikki

    I like the new cover - alot. Its quite feminine and dreamy in my humble opinion.

    Can't wait to read the beautiful copy that I won! Thanks again.

    Bye 4 now

  8. Awesome cover, Nikki. And what timing - to get your cover of you Aussie version just before Australia day.

  9. I love the cover. It's subtle and sophisticated. Not a cringeworthy image in sight. *g* Hope it walks off the shelves for you.

  10. Hi Nikki

    I think it's a great cover! I've already bought you book, it's sitting on my e-reader waiting until I finish Rachel Bailey's debut Desire. Got to love the Aussie fest I can revel in while in Houston. Hence the e-books, would love the paperback but ack the packing when we eventually come home!

    Enjoy this wonderful ride.