Jan 20, 2010

A NEW LoveCat!!

Breaking News: there’s a new LoveCat on the block! (Or a new LoveCat on the blog, maybe?) The very gorgeous Anna Hackett has joined our ranks and become our Northern LoveCat. (Cheers erupt from the sidelines where the LoveCats are toasting the occasion with a fine sparkling white.)

So how did she earn her “northern” status, you ask? By day, Anna is a mining engineer in the north of Australia, and she’s also lived in the northern hemisphere. She’s got northern written all over her. ;)

Anna writes fabulous paranormal stories for Nocturne Bites (with very hot covers, I might add!). And I went digging (bad mining pun intended) and found some interesting facts:

Anna’s favourite animal: “Dog. I don't have one but I want one! A cute little beagle.” (The dogs lying at my feet are wagging tails the choice of another dog-lover.)

Favourite mythical animal: “Dragon. The first short story I sold featured dragons - so I have a soft spot for them.”

Something we wouldn't know: “Some people know I'm a mining engineer, what they wouldn't know is that I've worked at diamond mine and seen a pile of diamonds worth over two million dollars! I didn't get to bring any home though.” (Oh. For a moment there I had visions of very sparkly LoveCats…)

A few words from Anna: "I'm thrilled to be joining the lovely ladies at the LoveCats. Looking forward to meeting everyone and having some fun - LoveCat style!"

So please join us in a big welcome for Anna... Ready? Set? Go! PAWS IN THE AIR!!


  1. More SparkleCat than NorthernCat ;-)

  2. LOL Tez - there you go Anna you can have two names - SparkleCat & NorthernCat - the SparklyNorthernCat... :))

    Congrats on joining the LoveCats great line up.

  3. While we're bandying names around - how's DiamondCat Dreaming or BigSky LittleGem or Precious Puss ...

    Time to quit now? Hmm, OK. :-)

  4. Hi Tez --
    I quite like SparkleCat...although I didn't get to keep any of the sparklies.

  5. Hey Eleni --
    Thanks for the congrats, I'm really excited to join the great gals here at LoveCats.

    SparklyNorthernCat is a bit of a mouthful (-:

  6. Hi Kylie --
    Your creative writer's brain is showing! I like DiamondCat (-:

  7. Oh, I like the sparkly angle... perhaps we reserve it for LoveCats and our guests and commenters who are especially deserving...?

    Welcome again, Anna!

  8. Hi Rachel --
    Thanks for the welcome and for the lovely intro!

  9. It's fantastic to have you on the LoveCats blog, Anna - aka Northern Cat, aka Sparkle Cat! Inconvenient about having to leave your shiny, twinkly accessories at work, though! ;-)

    Kylie, I used to spend a lot of time at Arabian horse shows with a friend and I think you have a serious talent for naming pedigrees - I especially like the DiamondCat Dreaming... just pondering what the sire and dam's names are... actually for cats that would be... tom and queen, would it??

  10. Hi Sharon --
    I'm happy to be here. Thanks for the welcome. I have a couple of shiny accessories - of course I don't get to wear them much when I'm in hard hat and boots.

    I don't work at a diamond mine anymore...now at a bauxite mine. Do you think rusty orange dirt would catch on as an accessory?

  11. Diamonds and Blundstones? Perhaps not the same ring to it as Denim and Lace?? LOL

    As for the rusty orange dirt... I suppose it depends if the colour suits you, Anna! ;-)

  12. No, Sharon, I don't think orange is my colour (-:

  13. Hi Anna,

    Wonderful to meet you out here :) Since two weeks I started frequenting this blog and it's fab :) and needless to say, the ladies are lovely !

  14. Welcome o LoveCat of the northern lands. :) I posted today form my iPhone - but must have done something wrong cause it's gone. We are very happy to have you round out our little band of LoveCats. Lots of fun for all :)

  15. A big welcome to our gorgeous, glittery Northern Love cat!!
    I'm imagining a glittery, diamond collar on one of our furry friends =)

  16. Hi Ju --
    Glad to hear you've been enjoying LoveCats. I'm happy to be joining such good company.

  17. Hey T --
    Thanks...what LoveCat were you again? MountainCat?? I'm so pleased to be a Cat.

  18. Hi Mel (my fellow Nocturner!)--
    Thanks! A glittery collar for our furry friends sounds good...but something sparkly for ourselves would be much better!

  19. Hi Anna!
    I don't know about a sparkly collar (we're romance writers - I'm sure we can think of a situation where one would come in handy!;)), but I'm loving the idea of a big pile of diamonds.
    Phooey that you didn't get to pocket one, Anna. Really, just a little one wouldn't be missed, surely!
    Looking forward to keeping an eye on the LoveCats...
    E x

  20. Very entertaining reading about all these Love Cats. Great Northern Cat - I keep getting a song in my head (Great Southern Land) & it switches to Great Northern Cat......I may be in need of caffeine.

    Looking forward to following you here (as well as your confessional *lol*).