Apr 30, 2017

Sunday Smooch with Kandy Shepherd

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from KANDY SHEPHERD but first 

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Conveniently Wed to the Greek


A marriage for the sake of her baby...

When luxury hotelier Alex Mikhalis encounters the blogger who once nearly destroyed his reputation, he wants to get even. Only Adele Hudson isn’t exactly as he remembers. She’s pregnant and alone, and he can’t stop his protective instincts kicking in!

After a difficult breakup, Adele is very wary of all relationships. She has no choice but to accept the Greek tycoon’s offer of a job, despite their complicated past. But his next suggestion is much more intimate: becoming his convenient wife!

Food critic and blogger, Dell Hudson, is working for her former adversary, hotelier tycoon Alex Mikahalis, on his private Greek island in the Ionian sea where he is developing a luxury resort. The attraction between them is very strong but there are compelling reasons for them not to act on it. Then Alex drops a bombshell—he wants Dell to agree to a marriage of convenience. Alex has convincing, genuine family reasons for this arrangement—and it would help Dell out of a difficult situation. But a marriage of convenience between two smart, independent people in the 21st century? Reluctantly Dell agrees. When this smooch takes place, they are on the beach outside a family run taverna where his big, warm, matchmaking Greek family have gathered for a family occasion.

The smooch:
 Now she had signed up for a year of pretending that she didn’t care about the man who was going to be her fake husband in a marriage of convenience.
‘I guess I’d be working for you, still. A different job. A new contract.’ Dell tried to sound pragmatic, to justify the unjustifiable.
Alex frowned. ‘I hadn’t thought of it like that.’
‘It might make it easier if we did.’
‘Perhaps,’ he said, sounding unconvinced. He took a step closer.
‘But right now I need you to kiss me.’
His gaze flickered over her shoulder and back to face her. ‘You can’t see from where you’re standing but there are interested eyes on us. In theory I just proposed to you and you said “yes”. A kiss is appropriate.’
Appropriate? When was a kiss appropriate? Obviously in this alternate universe she had agreed to enter the rules were very different. That didn’t mean she had to abide by them.
She looked up at his dark eyes, his sensual mouth she ached to kiss in an entirely inappropriate way. ‘I’ve got a better idea. You can kiss me. And you’d better make it look believable.’

 Dell was challenging him. Alex had been exultant that she had acquiesced to his admittedly unconventional plan. But it seemed Dell and acquiescence didn’t go hand in hand. Somehow, in a contrary kind of way, that pleased him. Dell wouldn’t be Dell if she rolled over and did just as he commanded.
It made him want to kiss her for real.
Her eyes glittered in the soft half-light, tiny flecks of gold among the green. Her lips were slightly parted, a hint of a smile lifting the corners—halfway between teasing and seductive. ‘What are you waiting for?’ she murmured.
He was very aware of their audience. The family members who must have watched her seek him out on the beach. They stood inside the doorway some twenty metres away, obviously thinking they couldn’t be seen, but the lights from the taverna highlighted their shapes. It appeared the group had gathered hoping, perhaps, for proof that he and Dell were a couple. He would give them that proof.
He pulled her to him and pressed his mouth to hers with a firm, gentle pressure. In reply, Dell wound her arms around his neck to pull his head closer, her curves moulded against him. Her scent sent an intoxicating rush to his head—the sharpness of lemon and thyme soap mingled with her own sweet womanliness. It was a scent so familiar to his senses he was instantly aware of when she entered or left a room. She kissed him back, then flicked the tip of her tongue between his lips with a little murmur deep in her throat. Surprise quickly turned to enthusiastic response as he met her tongue with his, deepening the kiss, falling into a vortex of sensation.
Alex forgot he was on the beach, forgot they had an audience, forgot everything but that Dell was in his arms and he was kissing her. This was no meandering journey between gentle kiss of affirmation and one of full-blown passion. It raced there like a lit fuse on a stick of dynamite. Lips, tongues, teeth met and danced together in an escalating rhythm.
Desire burned through him, and her too, judging by her response as that little murmur of appreciation intensified into a moan. He groaned his own want in reply, pulled her close, as close as they could be with their clothes between them. He could feel the hammering of her heart against his chest. His hands slid down her waist to cup the cheeks of her bottom; she pushed closer as she fiercely kissed him.
‘Get a room, you two.’ Cristos’s voice, in Greek, pierced his consciousness.
Dell pulled away. ‘What was that?’ Her cheeks were flushed, her breath coming in gasps, her mouth pink and swollen from his kisses.
Alex had trouble finding his own voice, had to drag in air to control his breathing.
‘My cousin trying to be funny,’ he said.
She looked up at him, her breasts rising and falling as she struggled to get her breath. ‘Alex...that was—’
‘I know,’ he said, not certain of how it happened, knowing what it meant for their bargain, realising he had lost control and that he had to take back the lead.
Her eyes met his as a shadow behind them dimmed their brightness. ‘We can’t do that. A kiss like that wasn’t what you’d call appropriate. It wasn’t fair. Not when I—’
When she what? Alex wanted, needed, to know what she meant. Because at that moment when she had moaned her desire something had shifted for him. Something deep and fundamental and perplexing. He had to know if she had felt it too.

Kandy is giving away a copy of her book to one lucky commentator! So her question to you is: 

Alex, the hero of Conveniently Wed to the Greek has a great aunt Penelope who is convinced Alex and Dell should be together. She is an inveterate matchmaker. Have you ever been a matchmaker? Had someone tried to matchmake you? Known any successful or disastrous attempts at matchmaking?

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced and a smooch by Amy Andrews from Hot Mess will be posted!

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  1. When my now husband of 35 years proposed to me after less than four months of dating (when I was 21 and he was 31), he proposed to me in front of my family on Christmas morning. When I was stunned in disbelief (it was WAY too soon for my liking), my mother piped up, "YES, she WILL marry you!" (and I followed up by saying I'd need time to think it over first - and agreed two days later, wedding the following July). I think my mom wanted me married off, as I was the last of four children and my dad had mandatory retirement a year later.

    1. What a wonderful story, Laney! In true romance hero tradition, sounds like your husband knew he'd found his woman and made sure to secure her! And he had your mom on side. It seems like after 35 years, everything worked out just fine. Thank you for sharing!

  2. When I was 19, my paternal grandfather passed away. I did not have a boyfriend at the time as I was off at University, but the funeral home viewing was held the first day of our Christmas holidays, so I was home for a month. My father had known the funeral director since their high school days, and he spent a bit of time chatting with him, while my sister and cousin Kathy sat on the steps inside the funeral home (it was a lovely old Victorian house) talking and sneaking looks at a really cute guy who was working in the office of the mortuary. he was so handsome. My stupid cousin said something to my dad, who then talked to his friend, and they set me up on a date with the cute guy for the next week. Sadly, he had little personality, and I was furious with my dad for playing matchmaker. Our family has used that funeral home for just about every in-town relative that passed away since before I was born, and about 10 years later I ran into the formerly cute guy at another wake. He remembered me, but I was married and not interested!

    1. Laurie, what an interesting story of a mis-match! Meeting at funeral homes and wakes is certainly different. I like the way you call him the "formerly" cute guy! Thanks for sharing this fun story.

  3. Hi Kandy

    WOW I have this one waiting for me I am so far behind with my reading at the moment but can't wait to get to this one :)

    And no I have never been part of a matchmaking attempt I think I have missed out somehow on all of the fun maybe :)

    Have Fun

    1. Hi Helen, it seems to me you have done very well in your marriage without any matchmaking required! I was actually introduced to my husband by a friend who thought we would be perfect for each other. Twenty nine years later we're still happy so guess she was right! Hope you enjoy the story when you get a chance to read it!

  4. no to all ?s can cause too much trouble ---looking forward to reading your new book-----LynW

    1. I think you could be right about the trouble, Lyn, if the match doesn't work out! Hope you enjoy the book!

  5. What a lovely smooch, Kandy! I love a marriage of convenience story.

    I've certainly "introduced" a lot of people to each other in the past...but haven't meddled further than that. I've had friends try and match-make me (back in my youth), but the experience was always excruciatingly awkward. ;-)

    1. Hi Michelle, I've always enjoyed a marriage of convenience story too. I've written "engagement of convenience" before but this is my first actual marriage of convenience.
      I had dinner with some friends a few months ago who I introduced to each other many years ago. I'm pleased to report I was MC at their wedding and they are still happily married with two gorgeous adult kids. I count that as a successful matchmaking effort on my part!

  6. Haven't been on either side of the matchmaking equation. I've been single for so long at the moment that some days it sounds appealing and other times sounds like a very bad idea.

    Marriage of convenience stories are great to read. This one went straight on my to read list before I read the smooch. It's going to move further up my reading list rather quick after reading the smooch.

    1. Thank you Lyn, I'm so glad the smooch made you want to read more of the story!
      I hear what you say about the matchmaking. I met my husband via a friend who was determined to get us together. I introduced a couple who are still happily married. But that was 30 odd years ago. I wonder with on-line dating if matchmaking friends aren't a thing anymore.

  7. Hi Kandy. Very nice this extract of your marriage marriage convenience.
    I have never been part of an attempt to matchmaking. I met my husband, we had friends in common, when I was 17, while he had it 19, we married after 2 years, but no one has interfered with our decisions.

    1. How lovely, Franca, the you met your true love so young. Real-life romance!

  8. Hi Kandy,
    I was introduced to my husband by the wanna be girlfriend of a buddy. I think her plan was to clear a path to my buddy, get me out of the way. Well, her meddling worked for me.

    Marriages of convenience are a favorite trope for me and this smooch is lovely!

    1. So glad you like the smooch, Laura. Thank you for sharing your story of your matchmaking/meddling friend. So nice to hear that it worked out so well for you. But did she get end up with your buddy?

    2. Well, yes, for awhile! But in spite of some efforts, their love failed.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi Vitoria, your family sounds like such fun! I hope it all works out for your brothers and their girlfriends. Glad you enjoyed the smooch - I had fun writing the marriage of convenience.

  10. Great smooch, Kandy! Thanks for sharing it :)

    I'm not much of a matchmaker, I save all that for my books. But my husband and I were introduced by a mutual friend and 14 years later we're still going strong :D

    1. That's lovely to see Stefanie! Sometimes our friends really get it right don't they when they say, "I know someone who would be perfect for you!"