Apr 9, 2017

Sunday Smooch with Helen Lacey

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Helen Lacey but first ...

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Married To The Mom-To-Be by Helen Lacey........

She's late. That kind of late…

Kayla Rickard always planned to marry and start a family—with the right man. Then she met Liam O'Sullivan. Once she sampled passion in his arms, she forgot the feud that separated their families for decades. Now Kayla's in two times the trouble. She's secretly married to—and pregnant by—public enemy number one.

After eloping to Vegas, the scion of the O'Sullivan empire wants to come clean. Liam wants his wife—at his side, in his bed. He'll do whatever it takes, even get to the bottom of the feud. But are he and Kayla prepared for the bombshells they'll uncover? They have no choice—because in nine months their little secret will be born!

Scene set-up (Kayla has just woken up from an afternoon nap and goes down to the boathouse where Liam is restoring his grandfather's old boat. Things have been tense between them and she accuses him of sulking and avoiding her)


Her mouth twisted. “Isn’t that why you’re down here hammering away at this old boat?”

Annoyance crept through his blood. “I am not sulking. I was giving you some space.” I was putting space between us. Damn, he hated it when she was right. Her brows were back up in that infuriating way and he ignored how it made his skin twitch. “Are you feeling better?”

“Yes. I had a solid gold nap and now I feel great.”

Liam drank the rest of the soda and placed the bottle on a bench. “You look beautiful.”

Her cheeks tinged with color. “You look hot.”


“I mean, working hard kind of hot,” she qualified and then stammered a little. “Well, of course you’re hot…argh…you know what I mean.”

Liam laughed again and took the unopened bottle from her hands, laying it aside and then drawing her closer. “Can we stop talking for a while?”

“Did you have something else in mind?”

“Yes,” he said, twisting her hair through his fingers and anchoring her head gently. “I’d like to make out with my wife.”

“And ruin a perfectly good argument?”

“To hell with arguments. To hell with everything and everybody. For the moment, at least.” His throat felt tight and he met her gaze. “You’re in my arms, but you feel so far away.”

Her eyes shimmered, undoing him. “I’m right here,” she whispered.

Liam sucked in a sharp breath. “Are you?”

She nodded. “Right here,” she said again and her lips parted. “So, about this making-out thing?”

“I think that can be arranged.”

Then he kissed her. Long and deep and with blistering intensity. Her hands came to his shoulders and she clung to him, urging closer. Her mouth tasted sweet, like mint and green apple, and he plunged deeper, coaxing her tongue to dance with his. His body responded instantly and he grasped her right hip, bringing her hard against him. He said her name on a kind of agonized whisper, running his other hand down her back. The zipper on her dress teased his fingertips and he edged it down slowly, inch by torturous inch. She moaned low in her throat when his palm splayed across her bare back and he realized she wore no bra, which drugged him senseless.

“Kayla,” he said raggedly against her lips. “Let’s go back to the house. If I don’t make love to you soon I think I’ll go crazy.”

“No,” she said and pressed against him, drawing his mouth to hers again.

“No?” he queried, confused by the mixed signals.

Let's stay here,” she replied, breathless. “I want this. Now.”

The urgency and longing in her voice in that moment made it impossible for Liam to deny her anything. He kissed her again. Hotter and harder, over and over, until he could take no more and he scooped her up into his arms and lifted her into the boat and laid her down on the small bed in the cabin. He chucked off his shirt and shoes and pulled the sandals from her feet in about twenty of the longest seconds of his life.
Then he kissed her again. And again. 

This book was one of the most challenging I've written - essentially because the hero and heroine and already married and are clearly in love with each other. Kind of my take on the Romeo and Juliet trope, but without everyone dying at the end....

Have you a favorite story where the couple are obviously in love but cannot be together?

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  1. Ooh, lovely excerpt, Helen! It sounds as if this pair have a lot to work through. What fun! :-)

    I love reunion stories for exactly that reason -- all of that heat and pent-up emotion mixed up with love and resentment and hurt feelings.

    I'm sure there must be oodles of stories that I've read and loved featuring star-crossed lovers, but the only one I can think of at the moment is Rose and Jack from the movie Titanic. :-)

    1. Hi Michelle - Ah, Rose and Jack, such a sad end they had! :)

  2. Hi Helen

    Oh I loved this story it was one I didn't want to put down you did it so well and I know there have been lots of stories I have read where lovers fiund it hard to work out their lives but no titles are coming to the brain st the moment ����

    Have fun

  3. Hi Helen

    Oh I loved this story it was one I didn't want to put down you did it so well and I know there have been lots of stories I have read where lovers fiund it hard to work out their lives but no titles are coming to the brain st the moment ����

    Have fun

    1. Hi Helen - I'm so pleased you enjoyed Married To The Mom-To-Be. Thanks so much :)

  4. Loved this smooch, Helen.

    I'm sure there are lots of goodies that I just can't think of. I thought of the same one as Michelle, Titanic, which I just watched again for the one thousandth time the other day. I don't know what is it about that story that keeps dragging me back.

  5. Hi Jennifer - another Jack and Rose addict! Great movie, even if I think Leo was a little young for the role. :)

  6. Helen, I loved this scene and am intrigued by the story about a pair who are married, clearly in love, yet suffering conflict that threatens what they have. I'm so glad you didn't kill them off!

    I'm afraid right now I can't think of a good answer to your question. Obviously I need that first cuppa of the day.

    1. Hi Annie - a first cuppa is a must! No killing off for me! I've never been a fan of the 'someone doesn't make it at the end' idea - like Somersby or Message In A Bottle or Nights In Rodanthe or anything by Nicholas Sparks really) Always have to have a happy ending :)

  7. What a romantic, sensuous smooch Helen. Your story sounds lovely - a modern day Romeo and Juliet but we know as it's a romance there will be a happy-ever-after ending!

  8. Gorgeous smooch, Helen! What a lovely star crossed lovers theme. But I'm enormously glad they get their happy ever after.😍

  9. I had Harlequin Reader Rewards points just begging to be used, and this is one of the books I ordered. I think Romeo and Juliet are my favorite the star-crossed lovers. I was a little young to see the movie with Olivia Hussey in 1968, but I pleaded with my piano teacher to let me learn the theme song.( I can still play it from memory 47 years later!) I finally got to see the movie in the mid 70's at a movie festival. So beautiful. Pretty sure it was my first serious romantic movie.

    1. Hi Laurie - hope you enjoy the book! I remember watching the Olivia Hussey version. Thank for stopping by :)

  10. Let's try this again, the internet keeps eating my reply to this post.
    Fantastic smooch Helen. This book is definitely going on my ever growing to read list
    Like Michelle, I'm positive that I've read plenty where the hero and heroine aren't meant to be together, but the only thing I can think of is Romeo and Juliet - probably since changing schools had me study it two years in a row when I was younger.

    1. Hi Lyn - I think Romeo & Juliet is a key one for most of us! Thanks for stopping by :)

  11. I love books with married couples. One of my all time favourite tropes in marriage in trouble, because you know that they still love each other but something has happened and it's keeping them apart emotionally and physically.

  12. I just received the first book from the prize pack from Stephanie Little! Lots of reading ahead! Thanks so much. Winder if they ever found Anthea??