Apr 3, 2017

Movies that Make Us Swoon

A while back I was fortunate enough to catch the Saturday night movie on the television. This is a bit of a big deal because said movie started in the ‘kid zone’ – you know, that time when your darling munchkins are still up, awake, and wanting to hang in front of the telly with you, so you usually find yourself trapped watching some form of PG hell. 

Unless we’re talking MacGyver, because we all know that’s 60mins of heaven, right there. (The original version, of course).

Aaaanyway, the pleasant surprise for this weekend was (cue drumroll)… 
And, because I managed to snag the remote first, my husband and nine-year-old son were lucky enough to watch it with me (well, until it got to the ‘grown-up zone’, and Jnr had to trot off to bed mid-movie with a pout – which meant he was enjoying it!).
This film brought back all the feels for me—literally. So much emotion. So much drooling. So much crying my husband couldn’t believe it. Here is why it makes me swoon:

It has one of the most quoted movie lines ever:

It has cute, playful characters who still come across as crazy sexy:

It has a heroine who isn’t afraid to lay it all on the line with her man, and make the first move:

It has a hero prepared to make that public declaration of love - when Johnny gets up on stage with Baby and states he’s gonna do his kind of dancing with a great partner, (and I’m paraphrasing):

“Somebody who’s taught me about the kind of person I want to be.”

Hand me that box of tissues. 

And finally, it has a hero who has all the right moves, who can lift his partner (let’s face it, ladies, we’d all love to be swept off the dance floor), and for me, my first ever movie flash mob with what HAS to be THE sexiest dance moves ever.

To celebrate my virgin Love Cats post, I’m giving away a copy of Lycan Unleashed. Leave a comment below to enter the draw. 😊


  1. Oh happy sigh, Shannon :-)
    DD is one of my all time favourite movies (helped along by an awesome soundtrack I might add). It would be no exaggeration to say I've seen in 20 plus times. There's something about a forbidden love story that pulls at my heart strings.
    One of my favourite lines I quote to this day? "I carried a watermelon". You can tell the real DD fans when you drop that line :-)

  2. Oh, I love this movie, Shannon. The dancing! The music! Patrick Swayze! Happy sighs. One of the best movie endings ever. :-)

  3. Love my MacGyver and have all his dvd's and movies. Loved dirty dancing as well and all that dancing. Watched one of my all time favourite movies last night. Everafter. 'Nobody puts baby in the corner.' I love the scene when they are practicing the lift in the water. Sigh. :)

  4. Ok Shannon! What is that most quoted line?? My phone balked on video play back.

    Welcome to this great site.


  5. I love that movie, thank you for the chance. Nobody puts baby in the corner!

  6. Shannon, welcome to the LoveCats. What a thrill to take control of the remote, and on a night when it's something you want to watch? Magic. I love reliving favourite films!

  7. Hmmmm....sorry to confess I have no idea what/who MacGyver is....???? (I blame it on the UK upbringing!!)

    But YES!!! DD is one of my favourite movies ever! SIGH!!!

  8. Hi Shannon

    Love love Dirty Dancing and for all of the reasons you quoted plus the gorgeousness of Patrick Swayze and MacGyver say no more �� I maybe need to rewatch a few movies

    Have Fun


  9. Sigh, MacGyver. One of the cable stations is currently showing the original series. I set up the DVR, and proceeded to watch every episode of all 7 seasons. Sometimes I would find myself thinking how silly, the plots, hair, clothes, but more often I found myself with my mouth open thinking, "He's so cute." And brave, and resourceful, and loyal, and . . . just so cute.

    And, yes, sometimes you just have to hold on to that remote and it's their turn to leave the room.

  10. Not a big fan of either of those movies. I swoon at any romance/romantic comedy with Hugh Grant or Colin Firth. Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice rising out of the lake in that wet shirt...well, that was my first really swoony moment! And I really like Patrick dempsey in Made of Honor when he rides the horse into the Scottish church to end the wedding.

  11. Hi Shannon, it's so lovely to have you here at the LoveCats. I adore Dirty Dancing, always have, always will. I introduced it to my daughter when she was a teenager and she adored it too. It isn't just gorgeous characters and marvellous dancing, there's some darker social issues at work there too which makes it even better. Great choice!

  12. Oh Shannon you picked THE best possible notion for your first LoveCats post!!! DD is an absolute fave for me too. I actually had the same haircut as Jennifer Grey when the movie came out so we were clearly meant to be besties. I saw it a half dozen times at the movies. Half those times wearing my very own Dirty Dancing t-shirt...with shoulder pads! Gorgeous times.

  13. I love DD too! I think I watched it when I was waaay to young, but it has stayed with me still. I'm bummed about the remake. Honestly, there's no replacing the original!