Mar 13, 2015

Woo Hoo the Weekend's Coming.


Great excitement going on in our house. The family is coming for the weekend and Grampy has promised to take our two year old grandson on his first fishing trip. Now you might think this is no big deal, the wee lad is only just two. But Grampy has been waiting for this day ever since he was born. Our grandson was only twenty four hours old when he received his first fishing rod - a proper one, not a toy. Seen here beside Grampy's. It is bright blue - not that you can tell.
So the rods are ready, as is the bait and hooks.
The boat is getting the battery topped up as I write this.

The tractor is waiting. Our wee man has spent many an hour sitting on the seat "driving".
Not that he'll be having a real turn any time soon. Granny Sue says so.

Got to have the life jackets.

Picture perfect sea and weather. Fingers crossed it remains like this for the whole weekend.
I would've added a photo of the barbecue but that would be asking for the fish to make a no show so you'll just have to use your imagination. While you're at it dream of a small blue cod hooking onto our wee man's hook.
So that's our planned weekend. Really looking forward to it.
What are you doing this weekend?


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  2. No idea. Whenever I have things planned, they change. For the good, of course.
    My 27-year-old daughter often calls out of the blue. Last weekend she asked if I'd like to join her looking for 21 specific-shaped/sized vases for her wedding-reception tables. We drove to 11 dollar stores: 6 in our city, then we continued 10 miles to another, 10 miles to another, 10 miles to another, 10 miles to another, and 10 miles to another. Found 13 in total, so we came home, and then I phoned neighbouring cities in the other direction and eventually found a store that had 10 more, so off my husband and I went 45 minutes away to pick up the balance of her vases (for which she has already paid me back), as well as eat supper out (free, as his work gave him a gift card for perfect attendance last year). The things we do for our kids.
    So ... no idea what she has in store for this weekend, or if her plans involve me or not. I am just grateful she enjoys having me in her life....
    DO enjoy your "fishing weekend". It's grand being with family who mean the world to you.

  3. Laney, that was one busy weekend. Hope you've recovered. :)

  4. Sue

    What a fantastic weekend you have coming up I am sure that grandson of yours is going to have a ball :)
    I have a birthday party for one of my granddaughters and then I plan on resting the remainder of the weekend with a good book :)

    Have Fun

  5. That sounds like a great weekend too, Helen. Reading a good book is right up there.

  6. What a fun weekend you have planned, Sue! I hope the weather stays calm and fine and that you all have a ball.

    I'm catching up with friends for a super-relaxed dinner this evening (cos as we all know the weekend starts on Friday night) and I have a writers meeting tomorrow afternoon, which I'm looking forward to. I expect some much needed R&R will also feature on the agenda. :-)

    1. Sounds good, Michelle. And of course the weekend starts on Friday and sometimes earlier than the night. :) Have a blast.

  7. Hope all goes well with the grampy/grandson fishing expedition and that the fish are biting!

    I will be writing...... :-(

    1. Go you, Amy. I should be but loving the break. Deadlines will have to wait a couple of days. Hope you get heaps of words down.

  8. How lovely, Sue. A grumpy/grandson fishing trip. I hope you enjoy a fish feast at the end!!

    1. Jen, we are living in hope. Nothing beats fresh blue cod and home made chips. There is a back up menu though. Shows how much I trust the fish to be biting, doesn't it?