Mar 15, 2015

Sunday Smooch by Stefanie London

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from  Stefanie London but first 

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from The Tycoon's Stowaway

The one that got away…

Luxury yacht tycoon Brodie Mitchell and dancer Chantal Turner haven’t seen each other since that fateful night when the searing heat between them ignited, devastating everything in its wake. Yet it’s clear that their fire has never dimmed. Eight years ago, their irresistible attraction was forbidden. 

Now, they’re both single and Brodie’s determined to get Chantal out of his system. Even if he can only offer a no-strings fling…

On Brodie’s yacht, exploring their electric chemistry opens Brodie’s eyes to what he really wants – what he’s always wanted: Chantal. This time he’s going to tame his little stowaway…for good!

Scene Set up -  Brodie and Chantal are on his boat and the rest of the Weeping Reef crew have drifted away, leaving them alone. Brodie's decided it's time to get that kiss he always wanted from Chantal.

‘You’re taunting me.’

The unabashed arousal in his voice tore at the last shreds of her sanity, and with each throaty word she came further undone.

It had been so long since she’d been with anyone—so long since she’d experienced any kind of pleasure like this. Just one kiss…just one taste.

She turned, gathering all her energy to say no, but when his hands cupped her face the protest died on her lips. He came down to her with agonising slowness, and rather than crushing his mouth against hers he teased her with a feather-light touch.

‘All that teasing isn’t nice, is it?’

‘I never teased you.’ She frowned, but her body cried out for more.

‘Back then your every step teased me, Chantal. You were the epitome of wanting what I couldn’t have.’

His tongue flicked out against hers, his teeth tugging ever so gently on her lower lip. So close, but not enough. Nowhere near enough.

‘You should have got in first.’

His green eyes glinted, the black of his pupils expanding with each heavy breath. ‘I thought it wasn’t finders keepers?’

‘Sometimes you have to take what you want,’ she whispered.

So he did.

His lips came down on hers as he thrust his hands into the tangled length of her hair, pulling her into place. She offered no resistance, opening to him as one might offer a gift. His scent invaded her, making her head swim and her knees weaken.

One large hand crept around her waist and crushed her to him. The hard length of his arousal pressed against her. Unable to stop herself, she slipped her hands under his shirt, smoothing up the chiselled flesh beneath. The feel of each stone-like ridge shot fire through her as their tongues melded. 

His knee nudged her thighs apart and she gasped as though she were about to come on the spot.

The Tycoon's Stowaway is out now in the UK and Australia, and will be released in the US and Canada in May.

For your chance to win a signed copy of The Tycoon's Stowaway, leave a comment below answering this question:

"Have you ever reunited with an old crush? If so, what happened?"

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  1. Ahhh! An author living in Toronto! I don't see a lot of those around these parts. (I look because I live 2 hrs away from you, LOL!)
    OMG, what a question. I dated a guy in college, but we broke up amicably a couple of months later. I set him up with my best friend, and they dated for maybe a year. Fast forward to about two years after graduation. We meet up (can't remember where). Go for a drive in his VW. Get in the back seat. Windows steam up. See a bright light. It's a cop. Game over.
    We never ever "did it" but remain friends (not close, mind you, but we see each other in town and get along well with each other and their spouses), now almost 35 years later.

    1. I had the chance to meet some other Toronto-based writers recently, which was so much fun!

      What a meet up!! I might have to borrow that for a story ;)

  2. Stefanie

    WOW that was one hot smooch I am really looking forward to this story :)

    I have only really had one partner and I am still with him LOL so no re-uniting for me :)

    Congrats on the release

    Have Fun

    1. Thanks Helen!

      I'm in the same boat as you, no chance for reunions since my husband and I have been together since we were young :)

  3. Smokin' smooch, Stef! :-)

    No reunions with old flames for me, thank you very much -- there's usually a reason we're exes. ;-)

    1. Thanks Michelle :)

      I agree, as much as I love a good second chance story I feel they often work out better in fiction, with the exception of the lucky few who make it work!

  4. No reunions with old crushes, but one reunion with an ex. Let's just say that there was a reason that we were exes. Hasn't stopped us from remaining friends.

    Awesome smooch... the LoveCats are featuring prominently in the top 10ish of my to-read list at present.

    1. Hi Lyn! That's great that you were able to part ways and remain friends, not an easy thing to do.

      I'm glad to hear you're loving the LoveCats books, we have some talented ladies here :D

  5. I've never reunited with an old crush. Maybe it's because I have been happily married since I was 20. I did meet an old crush at my girlfriend's parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary a few years ago. I was not impressed. My husband survived the 40 some years in a lot better shape.

    I love the smooch and I'm curious as to how she became a stowaway.

    A Love Cat living in Toronto is interesting. I hope you are enjoying your stay in Canada. Hopefully you will get to see some of the rest of Canada, especially Alberta where I come from.

    1. Hi Kaelee, sounds like you made a good choice ;)

      I am enjoying Canada so far, it's a beautiful country. I have a trip to Montreal and Quebec City when my Mum comes to visit in a few weeks time so I'm looking forward to seeing more places.

  6. Hi Stefanie,

    What a beaut excerpt! I want to

    No such reunions for me, I'm too busy sticking with Mr West. I know a good man when I find him! It looks like Chantal does too.

    1. Thanks Annie!

      Looks like we've all made good choices early on, must be the romance gene ;)

  7. Hi,

    I doubt I would recognise an old crush, or they me. Best left in the past.

    1. Hi Mary, as the others were saying they're exes for a reason, right? I like to read about reunions more than experienced them :)

  8. no reunions with old flames for me ---Lyn

  9. Hi Stefanie

    Oh,dear. Yes, I have reunited, but way - waaaaaay - back in my single days.
    And now I've met and married my hero, the only flame I have is for him :)

    Love the excerpt. Steamy and sexy and I definitely want to read more.


    1. Hi Michelle! Sounds like you have a lovely husband (and family!) no need for reunions when you have it all at home x

  10. The Tycoon's Stowaway sounds great. And no I have never got together with an old flame.