Mar 27, 2015

What are you reading...?

Being part of a book club that meets once a month means I get to read lots of non romance books intermingled with my daily fix of romance.

Here's what I've been reading this month:

The Woman Who Stole My Life is Marian Keyes' newest release. It's a story about a beauty therapist who becomes an overnight sensation with a book she *wrote* while in hospital, completely paralysed with a rare disease called Guillan- Barre syndrome. And about how the syndrome and the success change her life completely.

The book is written the way a lot of books seem to be written these days...out of chronological order. We flick back and forth between the past and the present, and while this isn't too difficult to follow you do have to keep reminding yourself where you are.

I think I've read all of Keyes' books and loved her earlier works with a passion; one of the first 'chick lit' authors, her stories were always littered with emotion and humour. This one lacks a lot of the humour, but has lots of emotion and those endearing Irish accents....

The Girl On The Train had me up at night desperate to finish it. It's a psychological thriller (not something I usually read) written from three women's POV.

Rachel, the main protagonist, travels on the commuter train to London every morning and every evening and stares out of the window watching the world go by. The train always stops at a junction next to a row of houses and she has made up stories in her head about the lives of one of the couples there. (not sure if this makes me weird, but I do that a lot ;-)). One day she sees something that she knows is wrong and detrimental to the couple's lives...

Again this book is written in the past and the we have three women and different timelines, so it did get a little confusing- but the scenes are all headed with the name of the character so it's not too onerous! This story was a little like Gone Girl, in that the narrators seemed unreliable in their recounting of events, and they weren't particularly likeable..but it was an awesome read!!

US by David Nicholls, author of One Day. This book made me laugh and cry so hard! The story follows the hapless scientist Douglas who is getting ready for his life to change once his son leaves home and goes to university. He doesn't realise just how much it is going to change until his wife tells him, in the middle of one night, that she is leaving home too. He manages to convince her to go on the Grand Tour of Europe that he has arranged (both wife and son are artists)...and they all embark on a trip that definitely changes all their lives. It is written with such humour and longing and determination that Douglas will keep his family together that you are desperately willing him on. It has tones of The Rosie Project in it too. I loved it.

I see that The Light Between Oceans was published in 2013, so I'm a bit behind the eight ball with this one. I picked it up last night in bed and loved the lyrical language and effortless beautiful descriptions about life on a lighthouse on a deserted coast in Australia in the 1920s. I only managed a few pages (I was tired after watching cricket the night before!)...I'll keep you posted.

Of course, I always have to have my fix of romance books- I have the first in the brand new Sarah Morgan series to start just as soon as I finish The Light Between Oceans, plus the 175 books on my kindle waiting to be finished!

Oh and talking of books...I just got the cover for my Medial romance May release: Tempted By Her Italian Surgeon...what do you think?

What are you reading? Any gems to share?


  1. Ooh I bought The Girl on the Train recently, it looks like an interesting read. I recently finished The Expats which was a thriller set in Luxembourg and have started reading the RWA Anthology Premiere, which should be fun :)

    1. I kinda like thrillers now...not something I usually read because I'm a scaredy (love) cat ;-0 But will look up The Expats. I must also get my hands on that anthology too...le sigh, so many books so little time

    2. Ps. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! *happy dance* I know I've said it on every forum possible but it deserves being said again - you rock!



    Sorry, yes I'm yelling. But in excitement! xxx

    1. THANK YOU!!!!! Not sure I can write a coherent sentence...xxxx

  3. What Amy said, Louisa!!! Super duper congratulations on your RITA nomination--an amazing book by an amazing author. :-) Raising cyber bubbles to you.

    Girl on a Train looks really interesting and happens to be on my book club list. :-) I've been reading some fab books recently--Lisa Gardner's Crash and Burn (whoa! what a ride) and Yann Mantel's The Life of Pi (whoa! what a ride). My last romance read was from our own Annie West: The Sultan's Harem Bride, which was wonderful. :-) There are so many good books out there. Happy sighs.

  4. Aww, Michelle, thank you so much! I'm still pinching myself.
    You're so right- so many great books out there. I have Annie's book waiting to be read. I enjoyed Life of Pi (surreal but great!). I came across Lisa Gardner when someone mentioned her on a writing course and have been meaning to read one of her books...maybe this is the one?

  5. Woohoo Louisa huge congrats I am so very happy for you :-) :-) :-)

    I have not read any d the books yo gave vu I have read Sarah Morgan's First Time In Forever and lived it :-) and I love the cover if your new book
    Gave Fun

  6. Oh and forgot to say what I am reading :) I have just finished Annie West's The Sheikh's Princess Bride and loved it I am reading Tawny Weber's A SEAL's Pleasure very good :)

    Have Fun

  7. Louisa, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on your RITA final placing. Woo Hoo! So impressed with you and your writing success! You clever, clever cat.

    Of the books you've listed I confess the only one I've read is Sarah Morgan's latest and I loved it. Other recent stories have included mystery, comedy and more romance.