Mar 17, 2013

New Cat Welcome Party - with Prizes!!

Amy Andrews

One of our very favourite things to do here at the LoveCats blog, is to welcome new Cats aboard. One of our other very favourite things is to have a party. Today we're doing both! And giving away *2* giant prize packs of books!

Three new Cats are joining us today - count them, three! And what *fabulous* felines they are:

Jennifer St George
Amy Andrews, who writes for Harlequin Medicals, Harlequin KISS and Entangled Indulgence.

Jennifer St George, who writes for Penguin Destiny (our first Destiny Cat!).
Yvonne Lindsay, who writes for Harlequin Desire.

The sad moment of this party is as we wave goodbye to three Cats - Natalie Anderson left a couple of months ago, and you might have seen her farewell post. But today we're also saying goodbye to the lovely Leah Ashton, as well as a founding cat, the gorgeous Nikki Logan. So long! You'll always be a Cat to us.

Now, to get to know our new Cats a little better, I've asked them some probing questions:

1. Who is your Catwalk candidate?
Yvonne Lindsay

Amy:  My 10 year old black lab Fonzie. He’s almost one hundred percent blind now due to epilepsy but he still loves to chase his special ball and anything else you want to throw for him. If it doesn’t bounce near his ear he has no hope of finding it but it doesn’t stop him from bringing us stuff to throw and he loves to run around! I swear he’s still a puppy sometimes!

Jennifer: My cute little catwalk candidate is our Cavoodle puppy, Toffee.

Yvonne: Dobbie the Little Black Cat (she’s my precious!).

2. If you could be any imaginary animal, what would it be?

Amy: I think it’d be kind of cool to be a unicorn. In my imagination they live in a world of rainbows and peace which sounds pretty damn good to me!

Jennifer: One that could fly.  I'm terrified of flying and it would be great to be in control when I soar up into the sky!

Yvonne: I think I’d be a Celtic Dragon.

3. What was the first category book you read?

Amy: Don’t remember but it would have been by either Carole Mortimer,  Anne Mather or Charlotte Lamb.

Jennifer: Wow, I can't remember!  But I can remember the very first Blaze I read - Can't Get Enough by Sarah Mayberry.  Love Sarah's writing!

Yvonne: Ooh, good heavens, how can I remember back that far! I was 13! I do know my reading was influenced by New Zealand authors, Robyn Donald, Daphne Clair and Susan Napier over the years.

4. What's the last great category book you read?

Amy: Oh, not fair...loved Sarah Mayberry’s self-published Her Best Worst Mistake.

Jennifer: I'm currently reading and loving Mr Right At The Wrong Time by Nikki Logan.

Yvonne: Last great category book I read was Louisa George’s The War Hero’s Locked Away Heart. I loved how Louisa created very real characters with very real and believable conflict. Fabulous story!

5. What's something we wouldn’t know about you?

Amy: I don’t like peanut butter.

Jennifer: When I was in my early twenties, I launched Guinness beer into Russia.  We held the launch in a pub around the corner from the Kremlin.  I had to organise everything through a translator as I don't speak a word of Russian.  When the launch wrapped and all the journalists, photographers and TV crews left, I walked out into snowy, minus 20 degree Red Square and felt a little like Anna Karenina (minus all the tragedy, infidelity, jealousy, nineteenth century costumes...).

Yvonne: That’s a tricky one…I’d tell you but then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.

To share the joy of our celebrations, we have *two* prize packs of books to give away to commenters. Each pack contains: 

Amy Andrews, Driving Her Crazy
Jennifer St George, The Convenient Bride
Yvonne Lindsay, A Father's Secret
Rachel Bailey, No Stranger To Scandal
Barbara DeLeo, Contract For Marriage
Michelle Douglas, Bella's Impossible Boss
Louisa George, The Last Doctor She Should Ever Date
Robyn Grady, A Wedding She'll Never Forget
Helen Lacey, His-And-Hers Family
Sue Mackay, You, Me & A Family
Annie West, Captive in the Spotlight

So, pull up a chair, take a glass of our special catnip punch, and join in the party. And while you're mingling let us know your own answers to any of the questions the new Cats answered.  Paws in the air!


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  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day and welcome to the new Cats! This is a cool place for a cat to be (so you must be Cool Cats?)!!!
    I recently enjoyed reading Kim Lawrence's THE SHEIKH AND THE VIRGIN. I laughed throughout the book, enjoyed the conversations, and realized I'd love to read even more of their story (but, alas, that isn't possible).
    My surprise item is that I can't stand jam on my fingers. When I wed my husband of now almost 32 years, I learned that he liked peanut butter and jam sandwiches EVERY DAY for his work lunch. I told him right up front that he would be making them all, as I certainly wasn't touching them! To this day, he STILL takes those for lunch (and he'll be 65 next year) - and I still don't make his sandwiches for him (hehe).

  3. Welcome! Nice interviews.

  4. Yay! A huge, smiling welcome to Amy, Jennifer and Yvonne. It's lovely to have you new cats here with us, and isn't it great to have a party? Yvonne, I'm still wondering about the secret you're keeping to yourself... I'm wondering if there's a bit of a theme developing with Amy's peanut butter and Laney's jam issues. As for me, I'm looking forward to having some local honey on my toast in the near future.

    I've just read the list of those book prize bundles and am wishing I could be in the running to win one. Imagine curling up with those to keep you company!

  5. Yay, new Love Cats to meet! Sad to see the three former LCs leaving. I wish you girls all the best - I love this site so thank you for all the fun! Amy, Jennifer and Yvonne, you three will fit right in and I can't wait to read your posts.

  6. Hi Laney4 - wow 32 years of jam and peanut butter sandwiches, that's impressive! My husband is the same. While he studied for his last degree (before we were together), he ate the same dinner for two years - chicken and cashew nut stir-fry!

  7. Hi bn100 - thanks! I hope you enjoy the party!

  8. Hi Annie, thanks for the lovely welcome. It's so great to be here. I've been a fan of the LoveCats for years. I'm loving being a new Cat.

  9. Thanks Anna. It's fun being a new Cat.

    I'm still smiling after listening to your reading at ARRC. It was lovely catching up with you.

  10. Jennifer, wasn't ARRC fun? I've got a couple of nice photos to send you.

  11. Welcome Amy, Jennifer and Yvonne! So lovely to have you joining the LoveCats.

  12. Ooooo - wonderful!! Looking forward to seeing them. Thanks Anna.

  13. Welcome to the new Cats! Hang on, I'll just put some Elvis on the sound system (before Michelle arrives and puts the ABBA on) and then we can chat. Though, perhaps we should have something Irish playing in honour of Yvonne, the Celtic Dragon. Hmmm, will go check out the play list and see what we have. In the meantime, has everyone got a glass of catnip punch? Excellent.

    I love peanut butter / paste and jam. Also, peanut paste and honey. Yum. But I'm very quick to wash my hands straight away, so I know exactly what Laney means. But Amy, no peanut butter at all...?

    Jennifer, that Russian party sounds amazing!

  14. Welcome to LoveCats Amy, Jennifer and Yvonne! Looking forward to all your catty posts!

    Please do not enter me in the giveaway as I have all those books in both prize packs! Just dropped by to welcome the new cats!

  15. Yay! Amy, Jenn and Yvonne, it's wonderful to have you join the LoveCats. And a party! Double yay!!!

    Hmm, I see Rach has beaten me to the sound system, but we can be croony for a while and get a bit rowdier later with ABBA. ;-)

    Amy, I think I'm half in love with Fonzie already. I can't wait until he makes an appearance on the catwalk! Jenn, my sister has a cavoodle (who adores his auntie Michelle). They are the sweetest dogs on the planet. :-) And Yvonne I can sense how well loved Dobbie is...and no doubt suitably spoilt too.

    Anyone for a piece of apple sour cake?

  16. Yay for a party and yay for the new kitties! *passes around some catnapes*

    So lovely to have you here, Amy, Jen and Yvonne. I've loved you all for a long time and am so pleased you've joined us.

  17. Hey Laney. Thanks for the welcome. I am thrilled to be here!

    I know what you mean about having to make sandwiches. Unfortunately my kids love peanut paste so there were a lot of years of me making them PP sangers with a lot of gagging going on!
    As soon as they were old enough they made their own!

  18. Hey Annie and Anna. Thanks for the big welcome and big squees and hugs to fellow kitty JSG!

  19. Hey Helen, thanks for the welcome. I'm looking forward to being part of this great house!

    Nope, Rach, no PB /PP at all. The smell makes me gag! Give me Vegemite any day!

  20. Hey Nas! It was so lovely to meet you at ARRC. Loved your bling!

  21. Hi Michelle. Yes Fonzie is very special. He has a sister two - we have a matching pair :-) - but I chose him because of his indomitable spirit!

    Hey Barb. Oooh what nice catnapes you have :-) Thank you x

  22. I have a sudden craving for peanut butter and jam sandwiches for lunch! My mum used to occasionally make me peanut butter and bacon sandwiches for lunch when I was a kid. I loved them but they made my friends gag! ;-)

    Hey, everyone, thanks so much for the fabulous warm welcome. It's lovely to *see* so many familiar names here.

    Michelle, yes, Dobbie is much loved. She my little black ball of marshmallow, LOL. Usually she's never far from my side although she's not keen on the aircon in my office so doesn't curl up on my desk during the warmer months when I'm working.

    Good luck to everyone in the draw!! There's some super reading in those prize packs.

  23. Yeh, love a good party. Welcome Amy, Jenny and Yvonne. It's wonderful to have you with us. BUT I'm not eating peanut butter and jam for anyone. If it's a fav sandwich it would be potato crisps.
    Looking forward to reading your blogs, ladies.

  24. Yay!!! Fellow Kitty Yvonne is here now too! Now we haz a par-tay!

    Hi Sue! I'm with you, couldn't think of anything worse than a PB and Jam sandwhich.... Vegemite and cheese please!

  25. Rachel, the Russian experience was amazing! Those Russians can drink. I had to keep tipping the continual flow of vodka shots into the closest pot plant otherwise I would have been a wreck.

    Michelle, I'm such an ABBA girl. Have taught my little surfer girl all the ABBA songs and we sing away to them in car. Was a little embarrassing once in Woolies, when she was six and singing 'Give me, Give me, Give me a man after midnight' at the top of her lungs.

    Nas, so great to finally met you in person at ARRC!

    Big hugs right back at you Amy. 'How to Mend A Broken Heart' is sitting on my bedside table. Can't wait to read it.

    Yvonne, lovely to be a LoveCat with you. You know 'Claiming His Runaway Bride' is one of my favourite books. I read it late into the night as I couldn't wait to discover what had really happened between Belinda and Luc. Great story!

    Helen and Sue, thanks so much for the lovely welcome. It is great to be here. Let's party on!

  26. I saw a local production of The Importance of Being Earnest through the week -- and so did Annie -- so I'll make us up a very nice plate of cucumber sandwiches. :-) And perhaps some scones with jam and cream too, yes?

  27. Hi to the new LoveCats (Jen - you're a cat!!)

    Amy, dogs are amazing. We had a blind pomeranian and I swear he had *the force* with him because most people didn't realise he was blind. Until his hearing went he could catch flies from the air!

    Michelle, I *love* The Importance of Being Earnest. In fact after my very last day of high school instead of joining in the partying I drove 3.5 hours to Brisbane so I could see it at the Lyric Theatre :)

  28. Hi Anita - I know, I'm very excited to be a cat (even though I'm allergic to them in real life)!! I also love The Importance of Being Earnest! Where were you living that you had to drive 3.5 to Brisbane?

  29. Jen, I grew up in Maryborough (and I'm also allergic to cats).

  30. Jennifer?
    You said, "wow 32 years of jam and peanut butter sandwiches, that's impressive! My husband is the same." Technically, my DH has been eating pb/j sandwiches for 45 years now, as he didn't marry me until his early thirties! (His mommy used to make them for him, hehe.)

    And Rachel?
    You said, "But I'm very quick to wash my hands straight away, so I know exactly what Laney means." Thanks for joining me on that one! Sometimes I wash my hands and STILL manage to find more jam stuck in an obscure place I've missed (dang it!).

    And Amy?
    You said, "I am thrilled to be here!" Well, WE are thrilled you are here!

    This is one of the best blogs out there. I love coming here!

  31. Happy St. Patrick's Day. And Hello to Yvvonne, Amy, and Jen, I have 3 cats and my black cat is sitting right behind me trying to get my attention so I will hold her like a little baby. She acts like a tough girl, but she's a big purring baby. My other two cats are tabbys and they love each other, so the mean cat gets left out.

  32. Hey, new Cats. I bet you're all feeling like the cats' whiskers right now. I love that saying 'Dogs have owners, cats have staff!' So now you're officially felines, does it work like that for you too? (Yeah right!) Looking forward to following your day/night activities. You have big paws to fill but I know you will slink right on in. Welcome! PS - The catnapes and catnip punch? Purrfect!

  33. Hi Tammy. Our puppy loves being held like a baby and she's nearly a year old. She looks up with those cute puppy dog eyes and it gets us every time. Not original, but oh so effective.

  34. Hi Clare, thanks for the welcome. I know I have big paws to fill, so I'm hoping I slink right in! It's so lovely being here. I followed the blog before I was published (and since) and have always loved the posts. Such a great bunch of fabulously talented authors (and great friends too). Here's to (as she holds up a glass of catnip punch) many happy blogs together.

  35. Woohoo! Jen, Amy and Yvonne! Awesome, awesome, awesome - had to say it because it's thrice the awesomeness to have you here!

    Passing the cyber-nibblies and waving to all the LoveCats, old and new, and to all the lovely visitors! Laney and Anna! And BN100! Hey, Nas! And Anita! And Tammy and Clare! Great to see you here at the party!

  36. I am very sad to see so many cats go but yes also excited to see so many new exciting ones join! I liked that you have had them all answer some questions for us, thank you !
    And thank you for the really amazing prizes your sharing with us!

  37. Michelle - what a great idea to include cucumber sandwiches for the party, and as it's been going for a while, maybe some bubbly. After all it IS a celebration. Will I get shot for being relieved that Elvis isn't playing any more?

    So great to see you here, Amy, Yvonne and Jennifer. Colour me excited!

  38. Anita, you can still see 'Earnest' on stage in Newcastle this week. If you decide to visit for the play I'll personally provide some afternoon tea for you.

  39. Thanks Sharon for the awesome welcome!

    Lovely to see you here, Desere. You were one of the very first people to read my debut book, The Convenient Bride. Thank you again for that!!!

    Oooo, bubbles, what a good idea Annie!

  40. hi and happy st. patricks' day. If i could be any imaginary animal , that would be pegasus! I always loves to fly and being a pegasus I can fly to wherever I wanna go :), arethazhenATrocketmailDOTCOM

  41. Annie, I'd love to share afternoon tea with you and see Earnest, but the 4.5hr drive each way just won't fit into the school run *sigh*

  42. Hi- sorry I'm late to the party *staggers in slightly soggy after a weekend of camping in the rain*...but I remembered to bring the bubbly!

    Hello, hello, hello to all our lovely new kitties- SO thrilled to have you here! I'm looking forward to reading all your blog posts!

    Amy and Yvonne- you have both been huge inspirations to me- your books are amazing! (And blushes and many many thanks, Yvonne for mentioning my book, so glad you enjoyed it)!

    And Jen, so glad I got to meet you at the RWNZ conference last year and see your fabulous reaction at winning the Clendon Award! Many congratulations- is your debut book the same story that won the contest?

    Now, let's shift this party up a gear- who's for dancing? Gangnam anyone?

  43. So much happening here today.

    If I could choose an imaginary animal it would be a gargoyle.

    I can so totally see myself crouched all gnarly & sinister looking out over the world. Of course I would need magic to help me come to life, so that I could pounce at will. Not Will, will.

  44. Welcome Any, Jennifer and Yvonne!!
    I am just loving Fiona Brand's O'Halloran's Lady. I started it in my lunch hour, have just got home from work, am about to grab a coffee (not sure about that catnip punch) and read it through to the end! Bliss!

  45. Hi Anon - ooh pegasus - I'm with you on the flying aspect.

    It was lovely meeting you in NZ, Louisa. I loved that conference! Yes, my debut book The Convenient Bride won the Clendon. My second book, Seducing the Secret Heiress was Highly Commended.

    Oops - partying so hard, I think I just burnt the dinner!

  46. Hi Anita! So great to see you here!

    Awww, thanks Laney so much! I agree, I love this blog too :-)

  47. Hey Tammy and Clare - so aware of the big paws to fill. I'm slinking in too and getting some of Jen's catnip punch!

  48. Hey Sharon!!! Thanks so much for your general awesomeness! Especially now I am rid of the evil captcha!

  49. Hi Deseree, lovely to see you here too!

    And ANon - Pegasus!! Great answer!

  50. Aww, hey Louisa, now you made me blush :-)
    Hope you've dried out now!

  51. Hey Mary - love the gargoyle!

    And Jo! Fiona Brand is one of my all time favourite category authors! I think Cullen's Bride is one of the best!

  52. I just dropped by to bring margarita, cocktails and pina colada for everyone...what would you like for nibbles?


  53. My fav Fiona Brand is Blade's Lady, but yeah, Cullen's Bride would be a close second. Mind you, I only have to see Fiona's name on a book and it's bought. ;-)

    Jen, it gives me the biggest thrill to know that one of my books is a favourite of yours.

    Louisa, we can make each other blush, okay? ;-)

  54. Ha! Three lovely, funny women. I look forward to your posts... x

  55. there are 54 comments as I write this, that must go to show how much loved this blog is and how well received the new cats are. I am going to read all the comments but just wanted to shout out to the new cats, HELLO and WELCOME and I so so so look forward to catching up with you in the future. I've read stories from all of you and am SO excited you're part of one of the blogs I follow religiously. xxx

  56. LOL Amy! I'm so glad we beat that captcha into submission!

    Waving to Desere and Mary and Jo and Roz and Tash! Lovely to see you here with us to celebrate our new Cats! And Nas, come on in with those cyber cocktails!

  57. Yeah 3 more Lovecats! Waving madly to all!!

    Bye 4 now

  58. Hey thanks Nas - hic!

    Yvonne, I love Blade's Lady too - those SAS men are freaking hot!

  59. Hey Tash and Tina and thanks for the lovely welcome. Waving back!

    And my dearest Ros - most special sister anyone could ask for. Thanks babe!

  60. Sorry to see Natalie, Nikki and Leah leaving but I hope they will be back for updates about their books in the future.

    I'm excited about Amy, Jennifer and Yvonne joining the Cats.

    I have two cats for the catwalk. A black and white 16 year old 6 pound girl who needs twice daily medication put on her ear for a hyper thyroid condition and a 22 pound 6 year old ginger boy.

  61. Sorry to see some go but welcome to the newest members. I can't pick just one Catwalk candidate since currently I have 5 inside cats and two outside ferals that are 16 yrs. old this year! I would love to be a griffin - what better than a cat that flies!! Thanks for a great contest!

  62. Hi Mary, your gargoyle sounds very cool!

    Thanks for the welcome Jo. How was O'Halloran's Lady?

    Nas, thanks for the lovely drinks. Nibbles, hmmm, I'll eat just about anything.

    Hey Ros, great to see you here!!!!!

    Thanks for dropping by TashNZ. Thanks again for your lovely goodreads review. I'm thrilled you enjoyed The Convenient Bride!!!!

    Hi Tina, waving back wildly.

    Kaelle - sounds as though you have two very special cats!

    Catslady, thanks for the welcome. I'm with you on the flying.

  63. Waving a quick hi to everyone. Jennifer, I hope your dinner was saved.
    Anita - next time you need to organise an overnight stay!
    Need to put my hand up as a Fiona Brand fan too.

  64. HI Catslady - with a handle like that I was expecting you to have quite a few tabbies to your name and you didn't disappoint :-)

    I can certainly see why a Griffin is your imaginery animal of choice!

  65. I was out all day yesterday (we had a notice that the power would be cut from 7.30am so we went shopping and to the movies!) so I missed a chunk of the party. I see that Michelle managed to get control of the music... hang on, let me just get The Cure's Love Cats playing. Ah, there it is!

    And I'll refill the catnip punch bowl and bring out some more of those catnapes that Barb brought along.

    Now, off to mingle. :)

  66. Happy St patrick, nice interview and what a great prize :)

  67. I know, that prize pack is awesome, Eli. Shame I can't enter the comp!!!

    Nice to have you back, Rachel.

  68. 1. Who is your Catwalk candidate? My cats, Buddy and Baby (Honorable mention - Renae[my little heavenly angel])

    4. What's the last great category book you read? The One That Got Away by Kelly Hunter

  69. I love Kelly Hunter's books, Amanda. I have The One That Got Away sitting on my bedside table ready and waiting.

  70. Ooooh, I've just read The One That Got Away - loved it! Good pick, Amanda. :)

  71. P.S My first category was Penny Jordan, second Carole Mortimer. I loved Caro's story and the conflict was that the girl had a twin sister who the guy saw kissing someone else i think lol

  72. Amanda, I just finished Kelly's The One That Got Away! I thought it amazing! :-)

  73. P.S. I just cranked ABBA up a little louder on the sound system and now mean to top everyone's glasses up. ;-)

  74. I'm currently reading The Highest Bidder Series. I am one of those that have to have all the books of a series before I read it, IF I know they are coming out together quickly.

  75. Good idea Tawnya!! Nothing worse that reading a series, getting into the story and then having to wait months for the next instalment!!!

  76. Hi Eli and Amanda.
    Just finished Kelly's The One That Got Away at the hairdresser yesterday. As usual, it was fabulous!

  77. Hi Tawnya. I've not read that series.
    It's great though when you don't have to wait too long between books !

  78. Oh, I'm coming so late to the party!!!!
    Welcome ladies! It is fantastic you have your company here on the Lovecats.
    I have to read that Kelly Hunter offering yet, but I know it'll be amazing :)