Mar 11, 2013

Playing With Friends

My April release, No Stranger To Scandal, is part of a continuity with five other Desire authors. All our books are part of the same bigger story set in Washington, D.C. - a bachelor president with a secret love child, a phone hacking scandal, a congressional investigation and conflicts of interest all over the place. Such fun!

Part of the fun of writing a continuity book is working with the other authors - chatting to work out the details of who did what, when, so all the individual plots work seamlessly with each other. I knew some of the authors before we started writing, but it was great to get to know others a bit more too.
(Another fun tidbit - this is the first of my books to come out in the US and Aust/NZ in the same month. The US cover for No Stranger To Scandal is the one at the top and the one in black and pink is the Aust/NZ cover. They're so different in tone, aren't they?)
The books in the Daughters of Power series are:
Barbara Dunlop, A Conflict of Interest
Michelle Celmer, Bedroom Diplomacy
Robyn Grady, A Wedding She'll Never Forget
Rachel Bailey, No Stranger To Scandal
Andrea Laurence, A Very Exclusive Arrangement
Jennifer Lewis, Affairs of State
So tell me, have you worked on a project lately with some friends? Or done something fun with a group of friends?


  1. Oh, Rach, it sounds as if you've been having a whole trailer-load of fun on this series. One day, perhaps, we should do a LoveCats, continuity. ;-) Though I can see now we'd get caught up in creating the bible for the series and never get any work done. I'd expect there'd be a lot of coffee and biscuits, though.

    I'm doing something fun later in the week with some new-ish friends. My book group. We're going to go and see a local production of The Importance of Being Earnest (one of our upcoming books). Should be lots of fun!

  2. Michelle, it's great making friends with people who share an interest with you. Book, of course, and I love theatre of any type! Wish I could tag along :)
    Rachel, those covers are gorgeous! And wasn't it fun working with those other authors on the Daughters of Power continuity.
    I nutted something out recently with a couple of friends. We're waiting to hear back, so fingers crossed!

  3. Rachel, as you know, I have this new book of yours on my tbr pile. Rubbing my hands gleefully.

    I've just been spending some time doing some plotting and planning (for books, not for world domination!) with a dear writing friend. We've had a wonderful time. As Robyn says, it's great doing things with people who share interests.

  4. Michelle, I'm going to see 'The Importance of Being Earnest' too. I wonder if it could be the same performance. Such a fun play!

  5. Robbie and Annie, am wondering if I shouldn't just send out a blanket invite to all the LoveCats. :-)

  6. Wow, Rachel, that down under cover is HOT. He can knock on my door anytime. Louisa George and I have a duet coming out in July, and it was a heap of fun (and stress)getting our stories sorted. But well worth it.

  7. Michelle, a Love Cats continuity - what fun! It could have cats and dogs and horses and chickens. :)

    Your book club sounds great, and I love The Importance of Being Earnest. I have a very old hardback copy that I reread all the time. Have you seen the movie with Colin Firth and Rupert Everett? It's gorgeous!

  8. Robyn, yep, the Daughters of Power authors were the best! And the covers have been so lovely - your cover for A Wedding She'll Never Forget is *so* graceful and beautiful.

  9. Annie, I hope you enjoy No Stranger To Scandal. As it so happens, I have Defying Her Desert Duty on my TBR pile and I'm rubbing my hands together with glee over that one. :)

    Those times plotting and planning with friends are such great fun, aren't they? I bet you had a blast!

  10. Sue, I remember you and Louisa talking about your duet when you were writing it. Fabulous that it's out in July - I'm looking forward to it!

  11. Colin Firth? Have I been living under a rock? I MUST get this!

    Thanks, Rach. ;-)

  12. Michelle, it's a must-see. It also has Reese Witherspoon and Australian actress Frances O'Connor (who I loved in Mansfield Park), not to mention Judi Dench. One of my fave movies ever. The scene with Colin Firth and Rupert Everett serenading Gwendolen and Cecily is worth it alone. :)

  13. I'm very lucky to have read "No Stranger to Scandal" and it was fabulous. Lots of intrigue with the phone hacking scandal and what a gorgeous hero! As I read it before the other books came out I have Robbie's book on my TBR pile. Can't wait!

    I had some lovely group time with my girlfriends on Friday night when they threw me a surprise book party. I'd been expecting to meet one friend for a drink but there were 15 there and we had a great night.

    Oh, I LOVE "The Importance of Being Earnest"! I think it's the play I've seen the most and it's always hilarious.

  14. Aw, Barb, thanks for the kind words. I did have a bit of a crush on Hayden as I wrote his story. :)

    Your book party sounds fabulous! I saw a photo on FB from the night and you looked to be having a grand time.

    You know, I think one of the Cats needs to do a post on The Importance of Being Earnest...

  15. Rachel, I've been under the rock with Michelle... a movie with Colin Firth and Rupert Everett in The Importance of Being Earnest! And Dame Judi Dench as well! Going on my to-get list!

    We did the play in class (badly, I'm sure) and it was very entertaining.

    Yay on gorgeous Hayden and Lucy arriving on the shelves next month! Their story is a great read!

  16. Sharon, you must see it! It's so full of the energy and fun of the play.

    Aw, thanks for your congrats on Hayden and Lucy arriving on the shelves soon. And *thank you* for your role in bringing them to life. :)