Mar 6, 2013

Bathroom: DR - During Renovations... (sigh)... Part 1!

by Sharon Archer

As promised (or should that be, threatened! LOL), here is the next episode in Bathroom Renovations at chez Archer!  Last month, I did Bathroom: BR - Before Renovations I thought it would be interesting to take a pictorial tour...


Bath & basin still there but floor tiles & wall tiles gone - check!

Bath & basin gone - check!

Mr Archer about to demolish the plaster and "that" wallpaper!


Crowbar in hand!


Exposed "bones" of the bathroom!

And here's the old bathroom spread over the back lawn (very dry here so the "lawn" is not looking very lawn-like!) and piles of old plaster in the carport!

Anyone want a yellow bath, basin & shower base?                      Going very, VERY cheap!

I predict a trip to the tip in my very near future...

So a little bit of progress to report...

Nice new WHITE base in the shower...

And some new plaster to cover the wall "bones" behind the shower...

New plaster on the other walls too...

The thing about renovations is that they always take longer than I think they will... for instance, we want a new window in the bathroom.  Well, getting the quote took two weeks and the order itself will take three weeks on top of that.

In the meantime... did I mention that we're also renovating the room at the end of the kitchen?  We call it the "conversation pit" because it's a couple of steps down into it.  It's a comfy area to sit and chat or relax or read or write... or it was until we started renovating!  Right now it's full of drop sheets and drills and scaffolding!  

Might blog about this next month if there isn't enough progress on Part 2 of the "During" Bathroom Renovations.

Got any projects on the go around your place?  How are you surviving the renovation chaos?



  1. We've been our house 12 years so things need doing. I look around and everyone's painting their roofs and redoing the outside with fresh looks and dynamite landscaping.
    My next project is new carpet, or timber, in the bedrooms. New window dressings too. Oh, and I want that glass panelling around the pool. Yeah, the list is endless :)
    Looking forward to hearing a bathroom update next time, Sharon!

  2. Sharon, thanks for sharing. I'm wincing in sympathy at how much work it will be and how long it will take. We've just had a bout of replacing old for new, including the flooring through the house (which entailed moving not just furniture but books, china etc, etc). Never again...

    Next project that should be starting soon is ripping down the old deck and pergola by the pool which is almost at the dangerous stage and replacing, this time with a roof so we can enjoy some solid shade and waterproofing while outdoors. Wondering how long it will take.

  3. Oh, Sharon, we have oodles that need doing. I'm afraid we're burying our head in the sand. Perhaps you'll inspire me. :-)

  4. We moved into our home 20 years ago today actually. It was bare wallboards and floors when we moved in and it took us a couple of years to finish everything but it's all looking very tired now. Got quotes for new bathrooms and downstairs powder room last year...still trying to agree on a paint for wall colour and on paying the price that's required not to have to do any of it ourselves! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress reports, Sharon! :-)

  5. My renovation funds all went on "the big trip" last year, Sharon. Then I was quite happy to spend my money to go to the other side of the world and walk through "old ruins". Now it feels as though I'm walking through "old ruins" every day {:o(. To torture myself further, I stand in the supermarket queue and read "House and Garden" or some such and feel even sicker.

    Am going to do some vicarious renovating through you!

  6. Wow Sharon, sooo impressed by your hard work. I hate renovations but I do love the results.

    Good luck with the job :)

  7. Robyn, I hear you on the endless list of things to do! It can be inspiring to see what people in the houses around are doing to spruce their places up - great to get some ideas of how to freshen up our own place.

    Usually it takes us a lot of thought and cups of tea to actually make a move to do something... sixteen years of cups of tea for the bathroom! LOL

  8. annie, your new flooring must be great - especially now that it sounds like everything has settle back to where it should be.

    Oh, a new deck and pergola sounds like top priority with the old not being safe. That's something we did here quite a few years ago now was replace the very decrepit verandah and put a roof over it. It's a great area to sit out on now - and safer!

  9. Michelle, we know all about burying heads in the sand when it comes to getting on with renovations. In hindsight, the number of years we put up with the old bathroom is kind of embarrassing!

  10. Hey, Yvonne! It's hard to make those decisions about colours! And the paint colour can be deceptive - how it looks on a swatch vs how it really looks on an expanse of wall. And then the amount of light in the room can make it look very different.

    After all the "interesting" colour in our old bathroom, we're going white and plain! White with silver-chrome and a bit of bamboo and a pale wood-look vinyl... at least that's the plain at this moment! LOL

  11. Oh, Barbara, I'm so impressed with the way you disposed of your renovations funds! That was an amazing trip you and your family did!

    so I think the answer in the short term is to stop reading the gorgeousness in House and Garden while you replenish the renovation fund!

  12. Zana, I'm preening just little under your compliment... but then honesty forces me to admit that we got a plasterer to come in and put the new plaster up! We've done our share of plaster renovation in previous homes and it wasn't pretty! If I never have to handle plasterboard and filler ever again, I'll be a happy woman! ;)

    Hey, lovely to see you here at the Cats!

  13. Sending sympathies, Sharon. We did a major reno on our main bathroom about 5 yrs ago, and last year did the little bathroom and painted the entire outside of the house. Now we're painting inside. :-( There's so much inside... The inventor of acrylic paint should be knighted! Barb - your reno spending sounds way more fun! Sharon, when it's all over have a bathroom warming party. Recommended.(Any excuse really!):-)

  14. Good luck with your painting, Clare! I couldn't agree more about the inventor of acrylic paint! Isn't it the best! Gosh imagine all this mess AND a turps clean up! And the smelliness of the oil based paints! Yep, at least a knighthood!

    A bathroom warming party is a great idea! Various neighbours and friends have been visiting regularly to see the progress... which is really sweet and probably keeping us feeling as though we must *make* some progress! Ooo, the pressure! LOL

  15. My thoughts are with you, Sharon (and Mr Archer). We did this some years ago - the nightmare has faded except for a little shudder :) The results were magnificent though. So I wish you the same.

    Happy new bathroom!

    Cath xo

  16. Sharon, I feel your pain! But what a major transformation- it'll be fabulous when it's done. (as I keep telling myself about the kitchen). Hugs x

  17. Wow, Sharon, big changes. Exciting before and after but a pain in the proverbial during the renovations. Enjoy it when it's finished.

  18. Sharon, those pictures are exciting and scary at the same time! I've been doing bits of paining - a room here and there, but nothing as full on as your bathroom reno! Can't wait to see the final result.

  19. Thanks, Catherine!
    LOL on your little shudders left over from your own renovations. Very encouraging to know that the results of your project were magnificent! Fingers crossed we'll be able to make the same claim!

  20. Louisa, I know that you know! LOL I enjoyed your kitchen blog over at Love Is The Best Medicine the other day! Great to see your progress.

  21. Yep! Big changes, Sue! When it's finished we surely will enjoy it! Especially being able to sit and relax in the conversation pit!

  22. Rachel, it is a bit scary! Not that my dh thinks that way - there's something about the opportunity to demolish using a crowbar that makes for a very happy man!

    You've been doing excellent things with your painting! There's nothing like a nice new paint job to freshen everything up!

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