Mar 15, 2013

A Cat's life......

By Helen Lacey
I always thought it was a dog’s life. You know, lolling around, chewing shoes, eating, sleeping, and sniffing… all the things dogs do. I have three dogs and they do all that, pretty much every day. But since adopting two Ragdoll cats in the last twelve months I’ve come to realize that in my house it’s become more of a cat’s life. Even though I’ve had animals all my life, I’ve never owned indoor cats before. My only experience with feline pets has been the occasion stable cat, hanging around the horse feed shed for mice and the odd tasty spider. So, since Oscar (right) and Candy (left)have come into our home I’ve been privy to what it’s like to be ‘owned’ by a cat.

Firstly – it’s hugs when they want them. Unlike my dogs, who’ll take a pat, a smooch, a walk… anything really, as long as it’s human contact or attention.

Secondly – it’s food when they want it. Unlike my dogs, who will eat food all day and race around crazily and sniff anything that is dropped or being carried just in case it might be edible. One of my dogs even eats the citrus fruit on the trees in the yard. Another hangs out while I prepare the horse feeds in case she lucks into a morsel that might have missed the feed bowls.

And thirdly – attitude. My dogs just love…for no reason other than they are supremely grateful to be living with us. And it’s not that the cat’s don’t have that love gene…they do…it’s simply not the ‘pat me, pat me, feed me, feed me’ kind of love that my dogs excel at. It’s a more reserved, aloof kind of affection.

So, I’m curious if anyone else thinks the same about their dogs and/or cats? Or is it simply that my dogs are spoilt and needy and my cats are just smart?
Here are Oscar and Candy, fooling around in my office - I often wonder what they are thinking when they look at each other.

Leave a comment with a caption and I’ll give away a copy of my January release, His-And-Hers Family to one commenter.


  1. Peek-a-boo! I see you!
    I'm a dog lover; had one growing up but none since married, as my husband was allergic to them.
    I think cats just "know" when you're a dog lover and they push that envelope. Almost every time I walk where there are cats, they automatically get "underfoot", swishing around between my legs (trying to trip me up). I swear!
    seytype at hotmail dot com

  2. Caption: Does she expect us to read this?


    I haven't had a cat since i was too little to remember but my Princess wants one terribly. Not sure whether this post has sold me. My dogs are so uncomplicated...

  3. Helen, love those cats. I've always been a dog girl but my stepdaughter's cat adopted me when daughter left home and I came to love that cat. Laughed about the dog that ate citrus. I had a spaniel that used to pick lemons and bring to me to throw.

  4. Helen. I had both dogs and cats when I was younger. Dogs were less complicated. We had outdoor cats on the farm that were a lot like our dogs-grateful for any attention. But the indoor Siamese cat my brother brought home from his job with a vet, was very much her own "person". Even though she was "mine", my dad was her favorite. I was persona non grata, especially after I left home, unless no one else was around.

    One of the things I remember about her, is that when we let her outside (on a leash so she wouldn't stray to far), she wouldn't use a flowerbed or anything outside for her toileting. If she had to go, she would stand at our door, meow until you let her in, then streak through the house and down the stairs to her litter pan. After which she would calmly come back up and "ask" to be let outside again. She ruled my parents' house for 17 years. She was their "youngest child" and I know they missed her.

    No drawing for me please :)I won earlier and loved this book!

  5. Hi Laney - I'm a dog lover too...but i have grown to adore my cats. I love how you said they push the envelope with dog lovers...I think that is SO true. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Hi beck! Yes, dogs are wonderfully uncomplicated. Maybe my cats are just difficult :)Lovely to see you here.

  7. So beautiful.

    My caption: "Look what you did! I'm telling."

  8. Helen, is it my imagination or is one of your cats huge? I can't be a cat person as I'm highly allergic to cats. I know when a cat's been in a room as I'm reduced to a sneezing, eye-watering, coughing mess.

    We recently brought a Cavoodle puppy. She is gorgeous. We love her and she loves us. If love was that simple, we'd all be out of a job!

  9. "Darn it, Candy. I can't figure out how this new litter tray works."

    Helen, I LOVE your kitty kats. I didn't know you had got a second one. My daughter has a ragdoll kitten and I'm hooked. We have a Birman, and she's precious enough but Dilly is...well, she's my grandbaby. What can I say? :)
    I love dogs - espcially anything with a poodle strain, Jenn - and my second fave dog is a King Charles - but I am first and foremost a cat fan. I think it's because when they sleep beside you or give you a kiss, it's for no reason other than they genuinely want to.
    If I wasn't a writer, I'd breed ragdolls!!

  10. Helen, what gorgeous looking cats. And so large. Is one extra large or is that the camera angle?

    I can't compare cats and dogs as we've never owned a feline. As bird lovers my parents always preferred dogs, but I have a sneaking fascination for them and their apparently aloof ways. What do your dogs think of the newcomers?

  11. Helen, I agree - I love both dogs and cats but they're so different in their interactions with humans.

    I live among the trees now so I haven't had a cat for a few years (for the benefit of the birds and other critters), but maybe one day I'll have an indoors cat like your ragdolls. They're gorgeous!

  12. Hi Sue - How lovely that you took in that cat and fell for him :)

  13. Hi Rita - thanks for sharing your fabulous cat story. And thank you for your nice words about His-And-Hers Family :)

  14. Hi Mary - great caption! Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Hi Jen - Well, Oscar is big, but I think the photo makes him look like he's been doing a steroids :)Love the sound of your new puppy!

  16. Hi Robyn - oh, I SO hope they're not looking at my printer as though it's a litter tray LOL. And I have also fallen in love Ragdolls after thhaving these two. They are adorable.

  17. Hi Annie - I think it's the camera angle LOL. My dogs are a little wary of the cats... :)

  18. Hi Rachel - yes, it's fascinating seeing the difference between canines and felines. :)