Mar 21, 2013

Welcome Party Winners!

Thanks to everyone who helped us welcome the new Cats with style. We have the best followers. :)

We have two prize packs of books to give away. Each pack contains:

Amy Andrews, Driving Her Crazy
Jennifer St George, The Convenient Bride
Yvonne Lindsay, A Father's Secret
Rachel Bailey, No Stranger To Scandal
Barbara DeLeo, Contract For Marriage
Michelle Douglas, Bella's Impossible Boss
Louisa George, The Last Doctor She Should Ever Date
Robyn Grady, A Wedding She'll Never Forget
Helen Lacey, His-And-Hers Family
Sue Mackay, You, Me & A Family
Annie West, Captive in the Spotlight

The first winner is Mary Preston who made the... unusual choice of a gargoyle if she could be an imaginary creature. In her own words:
 If I could choose an imaginary animal it would be a gargoyle.

I can so totally see myself crouched all gnarly & sinister looking out over the world. Of course I would need magic to help me come to life, so that I could pounce at will. Not Will, will.
Thanks for joining in the fun, Mary!

Our second winner is TashNz who could not only remember her first every category read, but the second one too! Tash said:
P.S My first category was Penny Jordan, second Carole Mortimer. I loved Caro's story and the conflict was that the girl had a twin sister who the guy saw kissing someone else i think lol
Thanks for helping us welcome the new cats, Tash!

Mary and TashNz, drop me a line: rachel (at) rachelbailey (dot) com and give me your postal address and we'll get those books out to you.

To everyone else who joined in the party, thanks! You all make this blog a fun place for us to be. :)


  1. THANK YOU so much!!! Email on the way.

    Three cheers for gargoyles!!

  2. I can hardly breathe, thank you so so much! Email on its way too.

  3. Mary and Tash, we love sending books out to people who love them!

    Happy reading!!