Mar 17, 2013

Sunday Smooch!

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from  The Goddess, but first ...

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from The Goddess by Robyn Grady...

Cover coming soon!
Scene set-up:
Backpacker Helene Masters finds herself in the employ of a prince on an isolated Mediterranean island steeped in mystery. Needing a break from her housekeeper garb, Helene gets creative - cue a fun upsweep and fall of silk held together by a single broach pin.
But with dinner served on the balcony of Prince Darius Vasily's centuries old villa, has Helene under-estimated the power of the moonlight, not to mention the prince's priceless artefact...a figurine that embodies a legend which promises the delights of seduction as well as the consequences of fertility.

Kiss Scene... 

On the balcony, Darius placed the platter between the settings Helene had arranged on the table. Balcony torches were lit. In the middle of seeing to wine, he caught a movement and turned. He almost fumbled the carafe.

A woman stood framed by a high arched doorway, looking for all the world like a Grecian goddess. Her abundance of flaxen hair was swept up in a classic style off the elegant column of her throat. Her dress could tempt a priest to break his vows. The ankle-length silk gown lay draped expertly around her breasts and fell from the high-cinched waist in perfect folds to her dainty, unadorned feet. A glittering, palm-sized pin in the shape of a dolphin secured the fabric at one side while the other shoulder remained delectably bare. He didn’t care where Helene had found that outfit, he was only glad she had.

Blindly he set the carafe down as the vision moved toward him. With each step, the split in her gown parted enough for a tantalizing glimpse of shapely leg to be revealed.

“I found these bits and pieces in a drawer. I guess maids like to dress up, too. I hope no one minds.” She lifted and dropped a bare shoulder. “I was sick of shorts and baggy shirts.”

He tried to speak. Instead he cleared the knot from his throat at the same time she spotted the food.

“You didn’t have to bring that out,” she said, coming nearer.

“I’d have to do more if you weren’t here.”

She popped a plump olive in her mouth but rather than take a seat, she moved to the balcony rail. He followed.

“I like that music,” she said.

“It’s a Cretan lyra.”

“I recognize it. A man sometimes plays one in Alexio’s taverna.” She faced the sea. “I wish I could play an instrument. I’m hopeless at reading those black dots and squiggles. Reading history was always much more fun.” Leaning on the rail, her attention shifted from the view to meet his gaze again. “What did you study in college?”

He’d been examining her profile...pert nose, dimpled chin, the slender slope of her neck. Now he refocused.   

“I went to university in England. Studied business. Economics. History too. The palace library on the main island has some interesting volumes about these parts.”

She nodded but didn’t presume to ask if that was an invitation to inspect the library books firsthand, which was good because, seeing her in this moonlight in that dress, his thoughts were a little scrambled; he might have said yes. He had enjoyed their evenings together, listening to the sea and hearing her chat on about her life in America and how fascinating she found this part of the world.

Darius found her fascinating, and it was more than the outfit. She was easy to talk to. She made him laugh. Helped him relax. He simply liked her being around. If Helene knew, she might blame his interest in her on the goddess and her seductive powers. She was familiar with the legend: should it serve her purpose, the goddess was able to inspire deep, even mindless desire between a couple, particularly here on this island. But he had no intenion of losing his heart...although he had speculated on testing the more physical waters. Tonight, the idea of bringing Helene close was beyond tempting.

She was gazing out over the slopes.

“I recognize the olive trees and pines. And all the fruit trees in the orchard. What kind is that big green one over there?” She nodded at the nearby monster.

“A hickory.” Darius leaned both forearms on the rail. “An early Greek myth surrounds them. The story grew over time but the original version involves a woman named Carya.”

“Who was she?”

“Among other things, Carya was a virgin.”

“Not the sacrificial type, I hope.”  

“Dionysus, son of Apollo, visited King Leon and fell passionately in love with one of his three daughters," he explained.


He nodded. “Dionysus left the court but when he returned for her, Carya’s sisters tried to stop her from leaving with him. As punishment for their jealousy, he sent the sisters mad. Then he and Carya escaped together. Later, when she died, Dionysus turned his beloved into a tree.”


As Helene gazed out at the hickory, he became more aware of the rise and fall of silk draped over her breasts.

“I suppose a tree can still breathe,” he said. “Can still feel.”

A breeze picked up. Nearby, a torch threw sparks and Helene moved back. To shield her, Darius skirted around to stand close on her other side. Closer than he had been to her before.

“It’s said that when Dionysus and Carya first kissed,” he went on, “all the birds in Greece began to sing.”

The silk of her dress, moved by the breeze, fluttered against her body; every curve and peak beneath was thrown into tantalizing relief. When his gaze met hers again, her eyes were glistening. He tried to read the emotion waiting there. Apprehension?



“Maybe the birds started singing on this island first,” she whispered.

His hand slid along the rail toward hers. “I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Her gaze dropped to his mouth before she cast a look out over the surrounding trees again. “All the birds are asleep now though.”

“Perhaps we should wake them.”

“Wake them how?”

His hand scooped around her waist. Bringing her close, he inhaled her lavender scent and murmured, “I’ll show you how.”

As Darius's lips touched hers, and lingered, Helene let her eyes drift shut. A heartbeat later, he drew her closer and she dissolved like a tablespoon of sugar in hot water. One warm palm cupped her nape and gently angled her head. As the kiss created in heaven deepened, Helene leaned in more. But when the hand on the small of her back slid lower, her pulse began to pound in a way that left her reeling.

Out of breath, she broke away.

His mouth found hers again and this time he held her so security against him, every cell in her body seemed to catch fire. Rubbing against the hard span beneath his shirt, her breasts felt so full. Their tips, so sensitive. Through to her core, she was tingling. Everything, everywhere, sizzled and ached for his touch.

Darius’s mouth finally left hers, but his arms remained, iron bands supporting her.

"Listen.” His smile grazed her lips. “The birds are singing now.”

Robyn's giving away a digital copy of The Goddess today. To be in the draw, simply leave a comment and tell us about some mysterious or simply wonderful somewhere you've visited in your life.

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  1. Ohh, I love the Greek themes of this one! I love Greek and Roman mythology, and any reference to either interests me :D

    I went to a beach in Trinidad in the Caribbean. It wasn't really mysterious, but at the time that I went during the day, there was no one else there! So the people with which I went and I enjoyed the beauty and solitude of the beach - and it really was gorgeous. Pristine white sands, clear blue waters, deep green palm trees... I could live there :D

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! I can't wait to see this book's cover :)

  2. liked visiting Paris


  3. Hi Robbie,

    I so enjoyed the setting and the themes you've used in 'Goddess' - what an excerpt!

    Keeping with the Greek theme the place I immediately thought of in answer to your question was a small town on a nearly deserted Greek island which is a cluster of traditional houses with hand-painted decorations above the doors and a row of windmills on the ridge. They play the lyra there too and there are communal bread ovens where the woman can bake their bread. Lovely!

  4. I have to read this book. Awesome, Robbie.

  5. Gorgeous smooch!

    Somewhere wonderful? The first time we came to look at the house where we now live, surrounded by trees. We were with a real estate agent so were trying not to gush, but dh and I looked at each other and we both knew.

  6. Alyssa, Trinidad sounds glorious!! I love great beaches and relaxed atmosphere. Must get there one of these days.
    Thanks for the post!

  7. Hi Robyn - wonderful smooch... can't wait to see the cover. I live in a small sea side town and every time I look out my office window I see the Pacific Ocean... it's still awesome every time.

  8. bn, I just bet you loved Paris!! On my must-see list for sure, especially after seeing "Midnight in Paris" with Owen Wilson. What flavor and history!

  9. Annie, your Greek town sounds absolutely delectable! Exactly the kind of place I want to soak up when I finally visit the Mediterranean.

  10. Thank you, Sue!! This book has been in the making for something like 3 years - a record for me :)

  11. Rachel, I so understand why you fell in love with your house-that view-at first sight. It's so incredibly peaceful and beautiful, standing on that baloncy.

  12. Helen, you lucky duck!! I would love to be able to look out a window and see the ocean. And what about the scent and the sound. Simply magic :)