Nov 6, 2011

Sunday Smooch with Susan Gee Heino

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Temptress in Training by Susan Gee Heino, but first ...

the winners of last week's Sunday Smooch Giveaway are --
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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Temptress in Training by Susan Gee Heino ...

A handsome earl and a beautiful seamstress are looking for answers. Both are willing to do what it takes to get them--even if it requires a little seduction.

Whether mending a ripped corset or constructing velvet pantalets, Sophie Darshaw is skilled with a sewing needle and in high demand at Madame Eudora's brothel. But dreams of a better life lead Sophie away from the brothel, and into the arms of a dangerous man...

After the Earl of Lindley's search for the double agent who killed his family keeps leading him to Miss Darshaw, he begins to suspect she's somehow connected to the plot. Bedding her seems like the best way to get some answers. But Sophie learned a few things from the girls at Madame Eudora's, and she's ready to put them to use...

She must have recognized the icy reality of revenge on his face. She took a step backward, away from him. The glow from the lamp hanging near the doorway spilled out into the yard where they stood. The warm light played against the heavy shadows, making her eyes seem endlessly deep and her skin endlessly tempting. Emotion only allowed her to draw short, halting breaths. Her worn gown pulled against those unignorable curves. Damn it, why couldn’t he forget just for these moments how beautiful the girl was?

“Maybe you can’t feel compassion, but surely you can feel something,” she said, swallowed, and gave the tiniest hint of a smile. “You are, after all, a man.”

Oh, he felt something, indeed. He just did not wish to discuss it at present. “My feelings are hardly your concern, Miss Darshaw. Go back to your father and say farewell.”

Now she regained that hesitant step she’d taken away. “Please, I’ll do anything.”

She let that phrase hang in the air. He knew exactly what it meant. Holy hell, could he actually be tempted?

“Anything, my lord,” she repeated with another halting step closer.

By God, he had to admit anything sounded remarkably enticing. She was barely a hand’s span away. Every soft curve of her body and every slight tremor in her lip lured him. She offered herself for the sake of her treacherous father and Lindley wished to heaven he had the resolve to refuse.

He did not. Reacting before his better judgment could intervene, he pulled her into his arms. She was either eagerly willing or too shocked to protest; he really did not care one way or the other. All that mattered was that her face tipped up toward his and he was finally able to capture those tremulous lips with his own. She was as soft and delectable as he’d often imagined.

He pressed her for response and was pleased to find one. Her fingers dug into his coat, clinging to him as if she were as desperate for his touch as she was to rescue her father. He explored her mouth with his own, willing her to forget everything but this moment. Damn, but it would have been easy enough for him to put all his many worries aside and simply enjoy the feel of her, the taste of her.

Of course he could not afford it, though. There must be purpose to this madness. He might allow her to crumble into mindless desire, but he would have to remain in control. He must use her for his objective and never forget what that was.

God, he wished he could forget, though. Holding Sophie, hearing her muffled moan and feeling the heat that flowed between them, Lindley would have given nearly everything to believe this was real. Yet of course he’d already given everything and he knew for a fact Miss Darshaw was not what she seemed.

This is the third in a series, so as a prize to one lucky winner, Susan is offering signed copies of ALL THREE books, MISTRESS BY MISTAKE, DAMSEL IN DISGUISE, and TEMPTRESS IN TRAINING.
To be in the draw, let Susan know what temptations you just can't seem to avoid. Chocolate? Shoes? Daring young men in cravats!?
You can learn more about Susan and her books at

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced -- and a smooch from The Secretary's Secret by Michelle Douglas will be posted!


  1. Hey Susan--loved the excerpt. The premise of your story is captivating—and cute! And the chemistry between the Earl and Sophie fairly sizzles. LOL It sounds like a great book to curl up with now that winter is almost here.

    My weakness, since I’m a married woman and ineligible for the cravat covered men, is chocolate. I even put about five chocolate chips into my morning oatmeal (everyday) to make it taste like a oatmeal/chocolate chip cookie. Yes, I know—I’m bad!

  2. Hi, Caroline! Wow, if five chocolate chips in your oatmeal makes you bad, then I must be positively evil! LOL I'm so glad you enjoyed the snippet from TEMPTRESS. Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.
    Susan Gee Heino

  3. Welcome, Susan!!! It's lovely to have you visit us downunder!

    I love this smooch, and I love the fact that Sophie was a seamstress in a brothel. Now why didn't I think of that idea for myself?!

    Temptations that I can't seem to avoid... Reading about dashing men who wear cravats! And drinking good wine. Combining the two is good!

  4. Susan

    I so loved that excerpt and look forward to reading this series.

    Temptations I can't seem to avoid is reading a great romance books with a fantastic hero that knows just how to treat a Lady and Tim Tams to go with the reading LOL

    Have Fun

  5. Excellent post! And oh the temptations...there are too many to count. I put c.chips in my oatmeal too but WAY more than five. And a cold light beer calls my name after a long day helping Dad garden. Then there are all my procrastination techniques...hmmm... nah. Nevermind. :)

  6. Emily--Thank you so much. I had a lot of fun inventing some of the, er, clever creations that my little seamstress sews in her duties for the ladies of the brothel. Lord Lindley seems to have fun with them, too!

    Thanks to you and Robyn for having me here today!

  7. Helen--Oh, I share your weakness for those fantastic heroes. Tim Tams, too, but sadly I don't have to work too hard to avoid those around here. Sigh. It's probably a good thing, though, since I would give in to temptation all day long!

  8. Margaret--Thanks for coming by! I hear you about those procrastination techniques. I'm an expert! Call me sometime and I'll give you pointers. lol

  9. Men in cravats? That makes me want to dust of my Jane Austen DVD's.
    Favulous kiss Susan - Lindley is super hot. And a wonderful cover too.
    Weaknesses?? Good books and Lindt chocolate.

  10. Fantastic kiss! And Temptress in Training sounds an intriguing book!

    Ah! Weaknesses? Where do I start? Chocolate, books, books, and books!

  11. Why have I never thought of putting chocolate chips in muesli? Guess what I'm having for breakfast... ;)

    Susan, I'm with the others - a seamstress in a brothel is a *fabulous* idea for a heroine!

  12. Oh I really enjoyed the excerpt and want to read more. Historicals have always, always been my favorite genre (even when "they" said they weren't popular). Thanks for the chance at a great prize.


  13. Yummy, kiss, Susan! And I'm another person who thinks your seamstress in a brothel is a tremendous idea for a very different heroine!

    Mmmm, as for my temptations... mmm, chocolate and I can see my porridge is never going to be the same again! Caroline, I thank you for the novel idea for making chocolate a breakfast treat!


  14. Love that excerpt, Susan! You're going to make someone very happy, giving away all three books in the series!
    I have a weakness for pretty shoes, the kind I don't get to wear often living in a beach community. Seems I've passed on the trait to my middle daughter. Her prom/graduation shoes are OTT. And totally gorgeous! Did I mention we're the same shoe size...?
    Thanks, Susan, for joining us on the Lovecats today!

  15. Hi Susan. Great smooch! I love the idea of a seamstress in a brothel as well.

    My biggest temptation is books, books and more books. I love Cheezies also and limit buying them.

  16. I can't resist a good book! Many are the times I've been up reading all night because I couldn't put a book down. My record is 6am (good thing it was not a working night) but i've done with 2hrs of sleep on a working day before because of a book.

  17. For chocolate, chances are I would push daring young men in cravats out of the way!!!

  18. Ooh, gorgeous smooch, Susan. And why am I thinking Lindley is not going to get everything his way? :-)

    Temptations? Oh, my, there are so many! Nice wine, good chocolate...and skiving off work early to read good books are three of my favourites.

  19. Hi Susan and Robyn. For me it has to be the Yumi Sushi across the road from work - here in Auckland, New Zealand. It is the BEST sushi in the world. The portions are generous and only cost $1 per slice (that's great)... I can't stop myself from having lunch there almost every day :(((

  20. Thanks so much, everyone, for all the seamstress love! And it does appear that chocolate is nearly a universal fave. LOL I think the ultimate temptation would be a glass of wine in one hand, a dish of expensive chocolates nearby, and a sizzling man in a cravat sitting even nearer--so I can hear him clearly as he is reading to me. Yes, I'll take that fantasy, please!

  21. TashNz--I have to say I'm soooo jealous of you and your sushi supply. I adore the stuff, but living out here in the farmlands, I have to drive an hour to find a decent sushi place. This is probably a good thing, though, for my wallet. LOL

  22. I will have to say chocolate for me or anything just about with sugar in it, love my sweets. My weight shows it also.

    Your books sound fabulous and I would love to read this series!