Nov 11, 2011

Don't Wish Time Away

by Robyn Grady

Next week my baby graduates high school.

We’ve collected her amazing full-length champagne-coloured satin gown. She’s booked hair, nails and make-up appointments. Her prom date asked that she hang off his arm months ago. Don't worry about her. *I’m* so excited. Relieved.


On the night, I’m bound to cry.

The wonderful school Holly attends asked for past photos of all the graduates. My husband and I dug out these three.

We all know time flies by. Just the other week I became a Grandmother – to my eldest daughter’s new baby kitten.

Right now my head is filled with memories of my girls growing up, of the years rolling on and everyone achieving milestones as well as facing those roadblocks that strengthen our character and shape us into the responsible adults we ultimately become.

My graduating daughter says that she's never leaving home - she'll never leave us. I know she will. She’ll get married, have her own babies, and one day she’ll be reminiscing like I am today.

Life is full of arrivals and departures. Of sweet hellos and often poignant, even sweeter goodbyes.

Do you have any "graduation" stories you’d like to share?


  1. Gorgeous photos, Robbie! And, having met them, I know your girls are as beautiful and as lovely as you. :)

    And that kitten! *Adorable*. Boy or girl? And what's her/his name? I can't believe you posted this without a name. ;)

  2. My new grandbaby is a girl called Binx. She was the weeniest little thing. Tinkerbell was not happy when the new kid on the block visited. I think she might have thought Binx was a mouse!!

  3. I love that top photo of your baby, Robbie. She looks so studious...but relaxed. :-)

    Congratulations on having gotten her through such a milestone. And I can only imagine what a thrill it will be to help her get ready for her prom!

  4. Thanks, Michelle! These things are so big nowadays. It feels a little like a wedding!

  5. I should probably mentioned, those aren't her glasses. They were mine! lol

  6. Fab photos, Robbie! You must be so proud! Congratulations to all of you but especially to Holly.

    I love the top photo too - looks like some heavy reading! LOL

    Binx looks like a cutie!

  7. Hi Robyn,

    I'm also facing the same dilema...daughter will graduate from High School this year. Oh, how will I live alone from next year? Hubby and I will probably be tumbling around like two peas in an empty barrel.

    Lovely photos, thanks for sharing!

    All the best to your daughter!

  8. Hey, those are great photos, Robyn! Congrats on Holly graduating. I'm sure she'll have a marvellous time at the prom!

    I love little Binx -- just want to pick her up and cuddle her!

  9. Great photos Robyn. And a lovely milestone.

    And Binx? Too cuuuute :)

  10. Sharon, I'll have to put Binxy Cat in a tiny Santa Hat for Xmas!!

  11. Hi Nas! Congratulations to your daughter!! It's such an exciting time. Is she going to university? Holly's taking a year off then doing business and legal. She'd make a great court lawyer. In an argument, she can wear anyone down!!

  12. Hi Em! I keep asking Ashleigh to bring little Binxy over - but she's worried Big Bad Tinkerbell might have her for lunch! I'm a little worried too!

  13. Hi Helen! Isn't it funny how an animal automatically becomes a member of the family! I say to my husband, "Isn't our grandbaby cute?!" And he growls, "It's a cat!" But he says it trying to hide a proud little smile. Men are so funny!

  14. My mother calls my dogs her granddogs. Maybe Binx is your grandkitty? Grandcat? Grandkitten? Or just stick with grandbaby. :)

  15. Tinkerbell likes 'Grandmeal'. Might have to buy a cat-muzzle.

  16. Beautiful pictures. Time does fly by and the older you get the faster it seems to go.

    I love Holly's pictures but Binx reminds me of Dash when we first got him. He weighed 2.2 pounds and now 4 years later he is around 20 pounds. Most ginger/orange cats are males so your grandbaby is a bit unique.

  17. Robyn

    I so love the photos

    My youngest graduated 7 years ago :( and time has just gone by her graduation was filled with tears and happiness and I will always remember it.

    I now have 6 grandchildren and at the begining of this year the eldest started kindergarten and another one will start next year and yep tears again.

    I hope she has a wonderful time

    have Fun

  18. Hey Kaelee! It's amazing how something so little can grow so big! Tinkerbelle's tummy almost touches the ground. Need a cat treadmill!

  19. Hi Helen! It's weird, isn't it? One minute we're in our twenties, taking our littlies off to Prep. Next minute we're the older generation - and growing more sentimental every year =)