Nov 25, 2011

My secret addiction...

My name is Natalie and I'm addicted to movie trailers! Seriously, I can waste a good hour or four on the New Zealand upcoming flicks site and I always click when a new trailer is released. If we get a DVD out, woe betide my hubby should he fast-forward the trailers while out I'm of the room getting the snacks!!!

While I don't watch TV, I do watch movies when I can. I love getting the whole story in a couple of hours - but even better the trailer gives me much of it in just a couple of minutes... and then I get to do the guessing game! The format of the trailer is brilliant - you get the tease, the set-up, and then a few clues - and then I waste too much time trying to figure out what happens in the rest of the movie - sad, but there you go. I think it's the possibilities that I enjoy so much.

Here are a couple I'm looking forward to and definitely will get to see - The Muppets (who doesn't love the Muppets!!!) - just because their humour is always that bit off-the-wall yet very astute.

And I'm also really looking forward to doing a compare and contrast on the two new versions of Snow White that are coming up soon:

Mirror Mirror - I think Julia Roberts might steal every scene in this one!

or Snow White and the Huntsman - with a very scary Charlize Theron

Okay, so with the Snow Whites I'm pretty sure I can work out the ending (*giggles*) - but it's still fun and I'm looking forward to seeing in what ways they twist those tales around.

Then there's the books-into-movies thing - I'm looking forward to Tintin (I'm a bit nervous because Tintin is revered in our household)... and when it hits the DVD store no doubt I'll watch Breaking Dawn when the hubby is away one week. We're both looking forward to the Jack Reacher adaptation (still unconvinced about Tom Cruise), The Hunger Games of course and I think the Stephanie Plum movie is looking good...

And I am always, ALWAYS on the prowl for a good rom-com - they're really hard to find!

And then there's the non-fiction films - I'm not sure I'm ready to see all of this one yet...

Nope - I think I'm more in the mood for the romcoms!!!

So what about you, are you a movie person? Do you always watch the trailers?! Do you play the 'guess what happens' game?!


  1. Natalie, I love trailers too! Thanks for sharing the ones above - you might just have sold some tickets for them because I called in dh and now we're thinking of going to a couple!

    Though there might be a stand off over the Snow White movies - Mirror Mirror looks fun and magical and funny: my kind of movie. Snow White and the Huntsman had action and battles and armour: dh's kind of movie. :)

  2. Natilie, great post. Charlize looks uber creepy in that trailer. And any movie is worth a look if it stars a Hemsworth brother. Can't wait to see it :)
    I love trailers too - I've watched the War Horse trailer about a dozen times.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. My husband always tries to fast forward through the trailers too. I love watching them. I always seem to miss the movies when they're in the theatre, which is a shame since the big screen is awesome. Add popcorn and life is very good!

  4. OMG! Natalie, those Snow White movies look fabulous -- I'm going to both of them!

    I like watching the trailers before a movie too, but I don't go searching them out the way you do. Might have to change that now I've had a glimpse at what I've been missing. :-)

  5. I do like movies. I usually follow the movements of films I want to see: trailers & reviews etc. I'm eyeing BRAVE at the moment.

  6. Hi everyone. My name is Tash. {{{Hi Tash}}} I'm a... a... movie trailer addict. It started when I discovered the website Flicks. I can't control the urges. Especially when I'm at work and my mind feels like it's going around the bend... I whip out my earphones and log in. I'm an A List commentator on the site. I knew I needed help when people look at me sideways while I'm almost rolling on the floor laughing or gasping in shock... need help! HAHAHAH

    Seriously tho Natalie I too am looking forward to the Mirror Mirror movie, I love how Julia Roberts still manages to get what I call her "Pretty Woman" laugh in almost every movie and that it was included in the trailer :)))

  7. I do enjoy trailers, Natalie - not an active addict like you and Tash though! LOL But when I come across them I'll happily watch and drool - I love those Snow White movie trailers! Charlize Theron looks like she puts the "wicked" in the Wicked Stpemother! Awesome!

    The only thing I find really REALLY annoying is, if I see a great trailer, then go to see the movie only to discover that ALL the good bits were in the trailer!

    And now I have to go and search out that War Horse movie trailer that Helen mentioned!

  8. Rachel - yes, don't you think we're all going to have to see both versions?! Both look great I think :)

    Helen, I can't watch the War Horse trailer without crying!!!!

    Shelley - what is it with the men and the fast forward thing?! I think it's all about who controls the remote ;)

    Michelle -yep, we'll have to do a blog on the compare/contrast on those two!!!

    Marybelle - YES - think BRAVE is looking very cute!!! And so is ARIETTY - the new take on The Borrowers and I am also sold on the trailer for HUGO - and yes, I have a kid's movie thing going! ;) But those last two are based on fabulous books (as is Warhorse) so it will be interesting!

    Oh Tash - LOL - that's so funny! You're a kindred spirit! And you're so right about Julia's Pretty Woman laugh!!!

    Sharon - yes, I think you can often spot which ones those films are though - there are too many good bits in the trailer! The movies with promise are those with the trailers that leave you feeling like there's something more they're hiding (you know, like at least 90 more minutes!!!!) - LOL - but you know what I mean? The ones that leave you wondering and guessing really hard are the good ones!!