Nov 30, 2011

Happy Snaps

Reading: Immortal Rider by Larissa Ione
ers and Tiaras (I can’t look away!)
Listening to: More Elmo songs
Making me smile:
My little
boy clapping

I’ve just returned from three weeks of holidays. We had a fabulous time but travelling overseas with a seven month old doesn’t make for the most relaxing time off! I’m usually a very organised traveller but travelling with a little person means you have to be ultra-organised. They need so much stuff! And everything revolves around their feeding and sleeping.

My little man was so good on planes, trains and automobiles and coped with his jetlag remarkably well. He charmed all his UK family (as well as several flight attendants, waitresses, shop attendants and passers-by).

Since I’m still a bit jetlagged (as is bub) and recovering from a nasty cold, I thought today I’d just share some holiday snaps of some of our favourite places to visit in the UK. Anyone else have a fav spot in the UK they love to visit or would love to visit in the future?

Visting Westminster and Big Ben

My fav stop in London -- The British Museum

A lovely view from Greenwich

Lunch at Harrods

Checking out Stonehenge

A rare beautiful UK winter's day at Sheffield Park (National Trust)

Gratuitous cute baby shot! -- reading the Wall Street Journal on the plane


  1. Looks like you had some gorgeous weather, Anna.

    I loved Stonehenge (even though it was freezing) and the British Museum. The Rosetta Stone caught my interest in the British Museum. Plus everything else in there - Peat Bog Man, Mummies. It was an amazing place!

    Glad your little man is a well-read, good traveller :)


  2. I've never been to England. I have read so many Regency romances over the years that I have a list of places I'd love to see. Since my maternal grandparents came from Yorkshire and Lancaster, I'd love to see those areas. I've always been fascinated by Edinburgh as well. I know it's in Scotland but it's one of my love to go there places.

    Your little guy is so adorable.

  3. Oh, Anna, London is my favourite place in the world. Though I have to say you are very brave travelling with a 7 month old!

    One of my favourite spots is Trafalgar Square. Choosing which way to go from there when the choices are all so exciting --Big Ben, Covent Garden, Buck palace, the National Gallery, Westminster Abbey, the theatre district...or coffee in the crypt at St Martin's in the Field. Oh, happy sighs.

  4. Hi Cath --
    Isn't the Britsh Museum filled with the best stuff! I love the Egyptian section...could spend days in there.

    Yep, my little man is very well travelled. I think he's been on 19 flights so far...

  5. Hi Kaelee --
    Ooh, I love Edinburgh. Didn't get there this trip but Scotland also has some fab places to visit.

  6. Hi Michelle --
    Love your London list -- they are many of my favs as well. Walked past Buck Palace, fed bub in Hyde Park and had lunch at Covent Garden. Didn't get to Trafalgar Square though and wished we could have popped into St. Martin's in the Field!

  7. So cool! Thanks for sharing, Anna. Your little man will treasure those snaps later in life. SO cute in front of Harrods!!

  8. I commend you for traveling with a bub,it's not easy. Great photos thank you.

  9. Hi Robyn --
    Isn't he cute! And (most of the time) such a happy chappy. Later he'll probably complain he was too young to remember.

  10. Hi Marybelle --
    Thanks, it wasn't easy but it wasn't as bad as i'd imagined either! Hubby and I are a good team and took turns with bub. That said, I'm very happy to be home (-:

  11. What gorgeous photos. You look like you all had fun. And brave woman travelling all that distance with a baby.

    As for where in the UK, I want to go? I haven't been, so I'm not fussed :)

  12. Hi Eleni --
    We did have a fun time...although I'm happy to be sleeping in my own bed again (and bub to be back in his iwn room!!)

    There are so many places to visit over there, especially for lovers of fantasy and the paranormal (-:

  13. Anna, wow, what a trip with your little man.
    I've never been to the UK and we were planning on going next year until we realised the olympics are on then. Maybe 2013. There are lots of places I'd love to visit.

  14. Anna that is soo cute! Your little man is a seasoned traveller already - love that shot of his with you at Harrods and the one on the plane =))

  15. Anna your little boy is gorgeous! Love the photo of the two of you at Sheffield Park.

    I've only been to the UK once, and just to London - to be honest I wasn't a big fan, I think next time I'd explore the countryside more.

  16. Oh, Anna, I adore your holiday snaps with your little man - he is a serious charmer with that gorgeous grin.

    I'd love to go back to the UK to explore some more - we had 5 weeks which was not nearly enough. We just skimmed the surface and we didn't get to Ireland at all.