Nov 16, 2011


with Sharon Archer

Strutting her stuff on the Catwalk today, I have author 
Patti Shenberger's gorgeous bundle of energy!

Please welcome Sophie!


Sophie, though when I was at the shelter it was Callista. I was adopted from the Michigan Animal Rescue League.

A nice warm bed and a three acre fenced in backyard to roam (not unattended, but there will come a day when I can check out that bichon next door.

Human Slave             
My  mom Patti.  She calls me her Sophie Bug and kisses me lots and lets me take naps on her lap during the day.  I just love that!

I love my bed and all the new toys.  I have a stuffed frog that squeaks and a big pink squeaky bone to play with as well.

I am not impressed when we go out at 3:30 a.m. and the grass is frozen.  My toes get cold and because I'm so low to the ground that frozen grass really tickles the private parts!

I want to grow up big and strong like the Bouvier across the street.  She's allowed to cross the road all by herself  (Sophie's Mom here - we do live on a gravel dead end road at the way back of a neighborhood.  Regardless, Sophie is too little to cross the street!)

Sociable or Aloof            
Very sociable.  Except the cat was not impressed when I grabbed his tail and held on so he could drag me around the kitchen.

Night Owl or Early Bird           
I'm an early bird.  I go to bed about 9:30, have to get up only once so far to go out, and sleep till about 6.  Then the day begins and I get to play with all my toys and annoy the cat.

Favourite Pastime    
Taking naps on Mom's lap cause she whispers in my ear and it tickles.

Favourite Toy                
Ace, the 6 yr old cat.  Dad says he really belongs to him though and I'm Mom's.   Though Ace seems to think he can smack me on the head with his front declawed paws and I'll go away.  Little does he know!

Best Friend                   
Hmm, not sure.  So far it's Mom.

What do you like to sharpen your claws on?             
It's not my claws they have to worry about.   It's my needle teeth.  Mom made a really weird sound the other day when I accidentally (I swear it wasn't on purpose) bit her thigh.

Most embarrassing moment             
That's easy.  I learned how to climb the steps to the deck the second day but had a slight problem with the dismount.  So I did a sort of kamakazi, throw myself off the deck move and ended up getting grass up my nose.  Not real fun.

Patti, thank you for letting adorable Sophie out to play on the Catwalk!


  1. Patti! What a perfect little angel. So pleased you have a new puppy at home. She's adorable :)

  2. Oh, Sophie, really are the prettiest puppy. I'm hearing you on your most embarrassing moment -- I have a tendency to be clumsy -- but, don't worry, eventually your legs will grow into your intentions.

    Thanks so much for visiting us on the Catwalk!

  3. Oh, goodness, Sophie. You're *adorable*!

    My little Dougal had similar problems with stairs when he first came here, so he sympathizes. (But he does so warily - he doesn't want you to think it's an invitation because he doesn't want more dogs at this house and he knows how puppy-clucky is human gets. He even gets cranky when I look at them on TV!)

  4. Sophie, it's so lovely to meet you!! I'm sure Mom understands about that accidental chomp. And in no time you'll be old enough to cross the street by yourself to play with your friend. Don't have any advice about your feline sibling except for mabye taddling if she swipes you again - naughty puss!
    Thanks for introducing Sophie to us, Patti =))Is Sophie part poodle?

  5. Sophie, you're such a cutie! It's great to hear about your new home and I can just imagine how much fun you'll have when you're old enough to explore that three acres on your own. Brrrr on your chilled private parts - won't it be terrific when you don't need to go out on those frosty nights! Bet your Patti's looking forward to that too! LOL (waving to Patti!)


  6. Oh, Sophie is adorable, Patti! Those gorgeous eyes! If I were Sophie, I wouldn't be impressed with icy grass either, but that I'm glad she's got a cosy bed to jump into afterwards.

  7. Oh! Sophie! You are just so adorable!! And so very lucky that Patti found you at the shelter and took you home!

    I bet you'll make friends with the cat before you're too much older, and then you'll sleep snuggled up together ... or am I being overly optimistic?!

    Enjoy the snow when it comes!!

  8. Sophie is such a treasure! I want to reach into the photo for a cuddle. Much happiness ahead for Patti. And the kitty will get used to the new member of the family!

  9. Awww, gorgeous! Waving madly at Sophie and Sophie's mum Patti and the gorgeous Love Cats. Hold on, Love CATS??!!! What you doin' pimping that puppy, LCs? Seems like a serious demarcation issue to me. Love the photos. Sophie, enjoy your new home. Let me whisper to you mum - "Patti, I think you're going to seriously spoil this gorgeous little pup!"

  10. Patti and Sophie - this was fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures in particular! Must say it's great seeing a pooch on the Love Cats!

  11. She's so cute! I bet it's fun to see Sophie and Ace play! Cheryl

  12. I'd like a cuddle and a kiss right now. Sophie is adorable. Hope Ace and Sophie learn to enjoy or at least tolerate each other.

  13. Hi everyone, thanks for stopping in to say hello to sweet Sophie! Sophie's Mum, Patti, has been trying to answer your comments but she's having a computer glitch! Hopefully, the gremlins will let her and Sophie out to play!


  14. Patti and Sophie send their apologies but the gremlins are still playing up so they haven't been able to answer comments! I'm posting on their behalf...

    From Patti and Sophie -

    Thanks Helen! But an angel, boy she sure has everyone fooled!

    Michelle, thanks for your comment. Hopefully Sophie will grow alittle bigger, but not too much. I want her to stay lap dog size forever.

    Rachel, our poor cat wishes Mom would never have brought Sophie home. Her newest trick is to pull his whiskers. Luckily he just lays down and meows for me to come remove her, rather than eat her!

    Thanks Robyn, it was a blast to be here.

    Sharon, I'm thrilled Sophie is already sleeping through the night, but now it's snowing here so it's icy and chilly in the early a.m. Not fun.

    Vanessa, Emily and Kandy, thank you so much for stopping by to see Sophie. She's gaining quite the reputation.

    Anna, long time, no see. Wasn't it an elevator last time we chatted! (G). Thanks for popping in for the pimping pup!

    Thanks Annie, Cheryl, Eleni, and Kaelee, both Sophie and I thank you.

  15. Patti and Sophie,

    Like mother like puppy? Sounds like it to me. You found a wonderful home, Sophie!

  16. Margo, you are so right! It's lovely seeing an adoption like this, isn't it!
    Thanks for dropping in to see Sophie on our Catwalk!