Nov 7, 2010

What are you reading right now?

Reading: Rebel by Zoe Archer
Watching: The Robin Hood remake
Listening to: Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack
Making me smile: Scent of homemade pizza

Well, I just finished a busy weekend of reading.

One of my all time fav paranormal authors, Nalini Singh just had a new book come out – Play of Passion. After I gobbled that up, I moved onto the next in Zoe Archer’s Blades of the Rose series – Rebel. I also checked out fellow LoveCat, Mel Teshco’s free read, Discovering Sofia.

Now I’ve run out of reads…

I have books in my TBR pile, but nothing that’s jumping up and grabbing me right now. I want assurance of a good read!

So I thought I’d ask for some help and see what everyone else is reading. I have to confess that I’ve not read a category book for a while, so any good category recommendations would be very welcome!

What are you reading right now that you’d recommend? Or what have you read recently that I should definitely check out?


  1. Hey Anna, I'm reading Emily May's Beauty And The Scarred Hero and *loving* it. I'm reading slowly because I'm on a deadline, but if I wasn't, I'd gobble this book up whole.

    Recent category reads? Kelly Hunter's Untamable Rogue. Set in Singapore, it just oozes with authentic setting, has a wealthy heroine and a hero who disposes bombs for the military. Delicious.

    I think I mentioned a few months ago on a post here that I'd just read Finnikin Of The Rock by Melina Marchetta - it's a YA fantasy and I loved it. A good friend bought it for me and just what I needed at the time.

    And looking forward? I see Tracey O'Hara (aka Lovecat Tracie) has her second book in her urban fantasy series out in Feb: Death's Sweet Embrace. It's getting rave reviews already and might be worth putting on pre-order!

  2. Hey, Anna, I'm reading Emily May's Beauty And The Scarred hero and *loving* it too. (Snap, Rachel!) I'm on deadline as well, but I'm reading it slowly to savour it -- yum!

    Sitting on my category tbr pile are Annie West's Passion, Purity and the Prince (I know this one is going to be fabulously intense) as well as Marion Lennox's Christmas With Her Boss (which promises to be a brilliant Christmas read).

    And the book I just accidentally knocked off it's pile (seriously, you don't want to see my writer's loft at the moment), is Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier which is a wonderful study in obsession and suspense.

    (Frankly, bw Rach and I, I think we've sorted you out till the end of the year) :-)

  3. Ooooh, Michelle, I've never read Rebecca, but being a huge Laurence Olivier fan, I've seen the movie. Maybe I should read the book...

    And you named two other fabulous authors. I love everything Marion Lennox writes, so must get Christmas With The Boss, and Annie West has such a great voice. Will look out for Passion, Purity and the Prince (isn't that a great title?).

  4. Oh, Rachel, you've never read Rebecca! YOU HAVE TO!!! The book is very different to the movie -- soooo atmospheric. I promise that you will love it. (It's another of my MPhil books. If you get a chance, read Jane Eyre first and then Rebecca, just for all the echoes).

    Speaking of MPhils and whatnot -- wouldn't it be fab to do some kind of study on Marion's entire romance list?

    PS I love Kelly's books too :-)
    PPS Annie LOVES that title :-)

  5. Hi Anna, hope you find a book that will grab you soon.

    Michelle, I can see you talking yourself into a PhD looking at Marion's work. The reading would counterbalance the study! So glad you're looking forward to Passion. I had a ball writing that one.

    I'm currently between books as I madly try to get some things sorted this week but I've got a stack of category romances I really want to dive into next week. Can't wait! I did indulge myself recently with some old Jennifer Crusie books. Joy!

  6. Hi Rach --
    Wow, what a selection -- from historical to urban fantasy! I love the title Beauty and the Scarred Hero and Untamable Rouge sounds awesome.

    I'm counting down to Tracey's next installment as well! Thanks for the recs.

  7. Hi Anna!
    so glad you read Discovering Sofia, rather short and ah, sweet (g)
    I've Just finished Bronwyn Jameson's Magnate's Make Believe Mistress, which was a really enjoyable read. Almost finished Poison Kissed by Erica Hayes - love the world she creates, just delicious! And I too can't wait for Tracey's Death's Sweet Embrace =)

  8. Hi Michelle --
    Another vote for Beauty and the Scarred Hero...okay, it's on my TBR pile!

    Lots and lots of great recs. I LOVE the title Passion, Purity and the Prince (and I already know Annie West is fab). And I forgot that we'll be getting some great Christmas stories coming over the next few months.

    I have to fess up...I haven't read Rebecca either.

  9. Hi Annie --
    Nothing like indulging in some old Jennifer Crusies!

    I love the title of your latest and have added it to my TBR pile (who could resist a title like that!) Hope you enjoy your reading.

  10. Hi Mel --
    Congrats of the release of your free short.

    Thanks for the recs. You just reminded me!!!! I downloaded an Erica Hayes book the other day - Shadowfae was *finally* available on Kindle...for FREE. I'll also check out Poison Kissed and Bronwyn's latest.

  11. Hi Anna! How funny we're all reading each other's books! I've just read Zana's Tempting the Negotiator and Michelle's The Cattleman, the Baby and Me, and am halfway through Nikki's Their Newborn Gift and loving it!

    My go-to reads are Jenny Crusie, Georgette Heyer, and Lois McMaster Bujold -- but I can see you're already a Crusie fan, so I don't need to tell you about her! Have you read any Heyer? At the very least, read The Grand Sophy! And Bujold is excellent, too. She writes fantasy, but I particularly like her scifi Vorkosigan series -- smart and funny -- but you probably need to start at the beginning with that one, just to understand all the character relationships.

  12. Hi Emily --
    Thanks for all the recs! I of course know that Zana, Nikki and Michelle's books are fabulous (-:

    You know, I haven't read Heyer or Bujold but have heard both mentioned before (many times). Thanks for recommending The Grand Sophy -- I'll check it out and the Vorkosigan series.