Nov 9, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name: Arnie
Abode: oh, wow, jeez, you’re talking to me? Cool! Wherever you say, man. No problem. Not a worry. I’m easy.
Human slave: Yeah? Wow, that cat’s a real slave driver... Oh, you mean do *I* have a human slave? Sheesh. No way. I’m far too unimportant. Who’s the boss around here anyway? No clue. I just know it isn’t me.
Likes: runwalkjumpbarkwalkjumpbarkrunroll pant pant pant snooze
Dislikes: Are you kidding? I love everything. Especially you. And the neighbours, and the postie, and the gas meter guy, and that bloke who broke into our house.
Ambition: Tinned dog food? For me? Yippee!


  1. Welcome to LoveCats, Arnie! I love your dog-take on life: refreshingly cheerful and simple!

  2. Hmm, Arnie, I'm guessing you and ADD/ADHD have a lot in common, eh?

    But Emily is right, you have a cheerful personality and you must have a lot of love to give everyone you meet. :-D

  3. Arnie, I'd like you to talk to a couple of my fussier dogs and explain your philosophy of life to them. :)

    Btw, you're gorgeous! Do you happen to know anything about your lineage?

  4. Arnie,
    can I borrow some of your energy - purty pulessse!

  5. Arnie, your enthusiasm and energy shine through. I'm envious of them both.

    Thanks for visiting the LoveCats and spreading the love! :-)