Nov 6, 2010

Caturday Fun

The Piano Playing Cat - this cat plays better than I do, and I had lessons! Love the duets the best. :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. LOL! Love it, Rachel! Kitty has a real "feel" for the keys! Do you think Mozart might have been reincarnated as Nora the musical wondercat!

  2. Not just a feel, but her timing's not bad either!

    It's made me want to muck around on my piano again and play like Nora - who cares what it sounds like if it's fun. :)

  3. That was utterly amazing Rach, I showed my girls, literally had tears in my eyes from the cat trying so hard to play - and it's eyes - gorgeous!

  4. I know, Mel - she tries so hard! I'm thinking Nora just thinks "this is what we do at our house". There are 2 pianos, her human obviously plays, there are constant students...
    "We make sounds on this big thingie at our house."
    I love it! =)

  5. Oh, she is too cute for words!

    I just wanted to clap and clap... and then give her a big snuggly cuddle.

  6. Yes! A big snuggly cuddle! Between the kittens in Emily May's Beauty And The Scarred Hero that I'm reading, and the cats on here, I'm starting to get cat withdrawals!