Nov 3, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name: Pandamonium. Panda for short. While I have black and white fur, I'm not named after the Japanese chubby bears. I inherited the name as a kitten for al the boxes I got into and then tried to empty of their contents, and for using the toilet roll stand as a scratching post, and for climbing into cupboards to see what was in them and knocking everything down, and for...lots of other chaotic behaviours. Abode: I'm a country cat who loves being outside. My carer Kylie, my sister Splat, and uncle Furball, live on a double house block that backs onto a forested gully. Lots of space to roam and play.
Human Slave: Kylie
I love sitting on fenceposts the rain (unless it's torrential).
Prawns, especially the ones my carer is about to eat. The hot water bottle is my best friend in winter.
Dislikes: My sister, Splat, who crash tackles me when I come inside. She does it every time without fail. I think she has a bit of a complex, something to do with the fact I'm svelte and slim while she's chunky and well rounded.
To watch the world go by.

Sociable or Aloof:
A bit of both. It really depends who you are and the
vibe I get from you when I suss you out.
Night Owl or Early Bird:
I sleep when I sleep, I'm awake when I'm awake.
Everyone has to adapt to fit me.
Favourite Pastime:
Running away from Kylie when it's time to come inside
for the night. I love leading her all over the countryside, providing much amusement to the neighbours as they watch her chase me.
Favourite Toy:
The jingle ball - it makes a groovy sound as I bash it all
over the floor.
Best Friend: Furball, my uncle. Cuddling up to him, when Splat isn't hogging the lounge and him.
What do you like to sharpen your claws on: Definitely the lounge chair.
Most embarrassing moment:
Running face first up Splat's bum when I was
chasing her through the house and she came to a dead stop in the doorway. I didn't have time to leap over her or veer out of the way. Never heard Kylie laugh so much.


  1. Panda, your are most gorgeous,
    and your most embarassing moment should have been caught on tape for funniest home videos!!

  2. Panda, I think you should make a complaint to your human about Splat's inappropriate attacks when you enter the house. Shocking.

    But silly siblings aside, you sound like a perfectly precious Panda. Thanks for coming to visit!

  3. I think I like Panda - a lot! She shows enthusiasm for life and seems to have abundant energy to share with the world.

    Kylie - you are one lucky slave to have a writing partner like Panda around the house.

    Bye 4 now

  4. Mel - sniff, Funniest Home Videos, I'll give you funniest home videos...(turns tail, butt in air view, walks away).

    Rachel - I've complained and Kylie chases Splat around the house when she picks on me. THAT should go on Funniest Home Videos!
    I am perfectly precious, thank you! And it was a delight visiting LoveCats (BTW, what a wonderful name for a website, certainly better than LoveDogs, isn't it? *snigger* Imagine giving a website THAT name???)

    Tina C - Come on round and watch me entertain the neighbourhood with my abundant energy when Kylie chases me, happens about 6.30-7pm every evening.

    Thanks for having me today, LoveCats!

    (whiskered xxx's)

  5. Panda, am so pleased you took time out of your busy schedule to come visit the LoveCats. You look lovely and sleek -- must be all the exercise you get from making Kylie chase you :-)

    Hope you get prawns for dinner tonight!

  6. Panda, it sounds like you're doing a really good job of exercising Kylie. Perhaps you should request prawns as payment for you services as a personal trainer.

    Lovely to have you on the Cats!

    Watch out for that Splat!

  7. Panda! What a gorgeous creature you are! I love your yellow eyes against the black!

    So you get Kylie to chase you when it's time for you to come in for the night, huh? Have you thought of asking one of the neighbours to capture it on film???

  8. Thank you Michelle, Sharon & Emily for your compliments - a cat can never get enough of those, they come a close second to a good body rub/scratch!

    (more whiskered xxx's)