Nov 24, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name: Ginny

Abode: Mel Teshco’s home

Human Slave: Mel’s daughters, Shannon and Codi

Likes: Bullying the *nice* cats

Dislikes: The fat neighbour’s dog who steals our food.

Ambition: To be *the* number one cat

Sociable or Aloof: Both when it pleases me *sniff*

Best Friend: Bundy cat.

What do you like to sharpen your claws on: the pile of leftover wood (it is for us cats, right?)

Most embarrassing moment: Falling on my back from my slave’s bed.

Most memorable moment: Catching the red belly black snake in my slaves hallway cupboard.


  1. Ginny, it sounds like you're already the number one cat! And perhaps you deserve to be - catching a red bellied black? You're a star!

  2. That's right, my adult slave was going off me for being a bit of a bully, but now I'm in the good books again =)

  3. Ginny, you're a very handsome creature! (I'm very partial to ginger tabbies.) Tell me, what is a red belly black? Sounds colourful ... and perhaps poisonous???

  4. Emily,
    a red belly black is a very venemous snake. Shiny black on top and bright red underneath. Beautiful but deadly.
    My silly slave stuck her arm in the cupboard to drag me out, assuming I was scratching all the photos up as I was making quite the racket - and out flopped a very puffed up snake along with me - slave's scream didn't quite make it out of her throat...

  5. Ginny, I believe you must already be Top Cat given the red belly black incident. Maybe you need to give the same treatment to the fat dog next door which will really earn you the other cats' respect :-)

  6. Michelle,
    you are so right!!
    Though usually one leaves that dirty work to Bundy cat, he's the feline man for the job (g)

  7. Ginny is adorable! She's got the "Love me cause I loves you!" look down. Though it's probably more like "Feed me or die!" Gotta love the gingers. Cass

  8. Cass,
    yes, well, *sniff sniff*, I'm a very rare ginger, can't you tell?? BWG

  9. Ginny, you're a heroine for tackling that venomous snake! Surely that's enough to make you *the* number-one feline!