Nov 16, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

You may address me as Miss Kittiana if you please– though my big human brother calls me Bubble. He says it because I am so round like a bubble. Phft – what would he know?
My bot-bot, mum, dad, human brothers and cat bothers. I was adopted at 10 days old when dad found me in the warehouse the works at. Mum fed me with the bot-bot every two hours so I like her best, but if anyone else has the bot-bot then I like them best. They tell me I have to give up the bot-bot soon, but what do they know. Stupid humans.
Having my bottom wiped and having a bath.
Sociable or Aloof:
Oh very social. I love it when mum comes home from what she calls the day job. I hear her voice and come running for a cuddle. I purr and then I bite her on the nose. I get in trouble for liking peoples faces so much. I just love to bite them and play with them.
Favourite Pastime:
Having my bot-bot.
Best Friend:
Well – my mum. But I have this big cat brother called Gizmo – he’s pretty cool. I like to follow him and attack his legs. And I cry when he catches me and pins me to the ground. But when he lets me go – I attacks him again. The other one, Crispin pretends not to like me but he wiggles his tail so I attacks it.
Most embarrassing moment:
I fall off things a lot. I fall off the chair, and the lounge, off mum’s lap because I can’t sit still and even off the cat scratching thing. Mum says she’s thing of changing my name to Unco.


  1. Tracey, Miss Kittiana was SO lucky when your husband found her! She's really grown; I can't believe how big she is now -- and yet still so tiny! It sounds like she has your household wrapped around her little paw ;) Like I said, a very, very lucky kitten!

  2. I just love this little kitty, what gorgeous markings! And I'm so glad she loves her bot-bot! =)

  3. How tiny & cute are you Miss Kittiana!

    And wow, you have a whole family wrapped around your little paw, especially your new mum. :-)

    You're a fighter, Miss K. And don't worry about the Unco threat, you're going to grow into your gracefulness.

    Glad you could visit LoveCats!

  4. Oh, Miss Kittiana, you are so tiny and beautiful! It's only right, I feel, that you have your own royal household :-)

  5. Miss Kittiana, you're making me all cat-clucky! I'm so glad you found a fabulous home and that you're training them properly. =)

  6. Miss Kittiana certainly rules the roost in our house. She has the impression she is at the top of the chain of command. She is a devil with angel wings. And can manage to look so cute, she is usually forgiven anything (except for maybe pooping behind the telly unit).

  7. Emily - we are just as lucky to have her :)

  8. Mel - she definately has pretty markings. mor spots than tabby stripes atm.

  9. Kylie - she is a fighter - you should see her defending her food. Miss K loves her food.

  10. Michelle - she does enjoy her royal entourage.

  11. Rachel - hse is training us very well. Though Gizmo and Crispin are still not impressed by her lack of cat dignity. :)

  12. Miss Kittiana you have certainly grown. What beautiful markings you're developing. I'm sure you'll become graceful and develop purposeful leaping.

  13. OMG, Miss Kittiana, you are just cute as a wee button! And I'm sure your cat brothers do love you a lot. It's just that being boys, they don't think it's cool to show it. You know how boys are! Please ask your lovely mum to give you a cuddle from me.