Nov 3, 2010

Experiments in Chocolate

by Rachel Bailey
Reading: Beauty & The Scarred Hero
Watching: Glee

Listening to: Elvis

Making Me Smile: Talking about chocolate!

For my November Desire, I had to create more than just a hero and heroine and the world they live in. I had to invent a chocolate bar. (Hard work, but someone's got to do it!) Macy Ashley works for Chocolate Diva, an international company that's looking to expand into Australia. She's investigating the possibilities and reporting back to her boss, Ryder Bramson.

So, the company, Chocolate Diva, needed to have some products. I started with chocolate coated fruit pieces. I called them Diva Drops and, for the Australian market, the company was looking at adding dried mango. I love dried mango, but it's pretty hard to find. (I had heaps of fun writing the scene where Macy shows Ryder what they'll taste like using a chocolate fountain and the dried fruit!)

Then I wanted a chocolate bar. I called it the Diva Truffle Bar - crushed almond and honeycomb in a chocolate truffle, coated in their own brand Diva chocolate. Lots of discussion with the other chocolate addict in the house over the ingredients for this one - we ended up just adding in all our favourite things. =) Lastly, there was a sampler tray - one of those trays with a few different flavours to experiment with.

So tell me, if you could invent your own chocolate bar or chocolate product (or if you're not a chocolate fan - any snack) what would it be? I have a copy of At The Billionaire's Beck & Call? (which is known as The Chocolate Book in my house) to give away to one commenter!


  1. Rachel, I really enjoyed reading At the Billionaire's Beck and Call -- it was very chocolatey! I've recently discovered Lindt Orange Intense, which is yummy, and I have fond memories of Mozart Chocolates from Austria. Not sure what I'd create, though ... I confess to liking chips more than chocolate! Maybe I'd create a new brand of chips?!

  2. I think I'd like a white chocolate truffle filled with strawberry cream cheese filling and drizzled with melted toffee. Those are some of my favorite flavors.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  3. Romance and chocolate together? Pure genius, Rach. Sounds like a date with a book, a sofa and a bar of chocolate is coming up :) I'll eat anything chocolate with chocolate - apart from chocolate ants!

  4. Rach, as I have already been fortunate enough to win your book don't count me :)

    Dh and I love to get milk melts (the round buttons used for cooking), spread peanut butter on one and sandwich closed with another. Yummo.

  5. Emily, so glad you liked Ryder and Macy's story! Oh, yes, orange and chocolate is a *gorgeous* combination, and Lindt is one of my favourite brands.

    You like chips more than chocolate? Have you tried chocolate coated potato chips? I tried them once and loved them, but they'd used an inferior kinda chocolate so I couldn't eat many.

    But when I go to the movies, I love getting plain chips and small chocolates (M&Ms, smarties, malteasers) and having one of each together. So my plan is to make my own chocolate coated chips - maybe dipping in melted choc? Maybe fondue? I'll let you know how it goes!

  6. Linda, what a fabulous combination! I wish I'd spoken to you while I was writing that book and creating the chocolates. =) Actually, I wonder if I could make something like that at home...
    Thanks for playing!

  7. Now don't laugh.....for years of heard AUS/NZ authors talk about Tim Tams. Two weeks ago while in Vancouver BC I actually found them and bought packages of them. OMG, are they tasty especially when you put them in the freezer.

  8. Zana, I'm a bit like you - I'll eat anything with chocolate (yes, ants being a notable exception, lol).

    One of my favourites is chocolate spread on toast with sweet chili sauce. Yum!

  9. Anita - chocolate and peanut paste together are pure genius. I'll sometimes have chocolate spread on toast with peanut butter, but it looks like you've cut out the boring old toast and gone straight for the main action. Good thinking!

    Have you tried the peanut butter cups from the US? I found them a bit too salty, but I like the theory of them...

  10. Marilyn, I never laugh about chocolate - it's too serious a subject! ;)

    Tim tams - can't believe other countries aren't producing them. Did you try a tim tam slam? Where you dunk one bitten-off corner in coffee and suck the coffee through the opposing bitten-off corner? The insides melt with the hot coffee and then you put it all in your mouth and wait as it melts from the inside out. Too easy to eat a whole packet... ;)

  11. Yum ... feeling very much like a chocolate after reading your descriptions! And I'm making chocolate crackles this afternoon for a special 8yo birthday party! Yeah!

  12. Carol, chocolate crackles are never-fails, aren't they? Actually, I recently found some grown-up CCs in the supermarket - they're made with puffed rice. I love those puffed rice cakes / puffed corn cakes instead of bread, and so chocolate-drenched puffed rice? Great writing food!

    Hope the party is a huge success!

  13. I have no new chocolate inventions. But it's your fault I ate a Cherry Ripe this afternoon :)

  14. Ooh, speaking of Lindt -- I've just discovered their dark chocolate with a hint of sea salt. DIVINE!!!

    But, Rach, if I was making up my own chocolate bar... coconut, Baileys Irish Cream and puffed rice melted together with an extra-good quality milk chocolate... Oh yes, have gone to heaven :-)

    Really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of At The Billionaire's Beck and Call (note to self: buy chocolate before reading).

  15. Lol, Sami! I'm fully prepared to take the blame on that one. ;) Hope you enjoyed it!

  16. Michelle, I haven't seen the Lindt with the sea salt! Am having heart palpitations because it's probably too late to nip out to the shops now. Will definitely be hunting that one down!

    Coconut, Baileys (nice choice, btw) and puffed rice with milk chocolate. You know, I think I could do that at home. Melt the choc, add the other ingredients and set it...

    Must go. Am busy for the next half hour... ;)

  17. I like my chocolate anyway I can get my hands on it, Rachel - but best of all I like straight, dark chocolate. Yum! And it's full of anti-oxidants so I just know it's good for me!
    PS Your 'chocolate book' is a real treat!

  18. Oooh Chocolate!! Have you ever tried chocolate and chilli together? Rather than a chocolate bar, I'd like to try chilli-chocolate-covered crackers (of the thin and not-too salty variety).

    But if it has to be a chocolate bar - White chocolate truffle covered in white chocolate. Preferably Lindt. Mmmmmmm. Lindt.
    Can't wait to read your book!!

  19. Sharon, straight dark chocolate is always a winner. In fact, I think I have some in the cupboard...

  20. Serena, I *love* chocolate and chilli! Even nutella and sweet chilli sauce on toast. =)

    I think your creation of chocolate-chilli-coated crackers would be a winner. It has the same choc - salty/carb combination of the choc-coated chips that Michelle and I were talking about, but also the chilli effect. Yum!

  21. Well now I'm peckish!!! LOL
    Those chocolate creations sound divine =)

  22. Mel, I'm *always* peckish for chocolate! ;)