Mar 29, 2010

Short and not so Sweet

Reading: Kiss of a Demon King by Kresley Cole
Watching: X Men: The Last Stand
Listening to: Gladiator soundtrack
Making me smile: I’m going on holidays this week!

Thought I’d share some fast facts on the category short stories available from Harlequin:

Fact 1: They’re up to 15,000 words long. About a quarter of the size of a regular category story. The perfect size to fit into a busy day!

Fact 2: They come in three flavours: Nocturne Bites (paranormal), Harlequin Historical Undone (Historical) and Spice Briefs (hot, sexy and a little bit naughty)

Fact 3: They’re only available as eBooks. For non-eBook readers, a great way to dip your toe into eBook waters! For eBook connoisseurs, they’re available from all major eBook retailers for download to just about any device.

Fact 4: Sometimes these stories are standalones and sometimes they continue on stories and series from their sister lines Nocturne, Harlequin Historical and Spice.

Fact 5: The fabulous Mel Teshco has a Nocturne Bites out right now, HER DARK LORD and I’m super excited as my Bites, HUNTER'S SURRENDER will be out in three days!

Writing for Nocturne Bites, we can tell you it’s a line where the editors are looking for strong sensual, fantasy and danger elements, a fast paced paranormal novella with a great hook. They also like to see an alpha male entranced by the heroine, with a mission orientated story and a complex world.

Here are the blurbs and some short snippets:


Vampire hunter Rand Wilder hated vampires—even if they were as beautiful and alluring as vampire princess Dominique Valois. For years he fought the beings who had killed his father, resisting their dangerous sensuality. Yet even Rand was tempted by the intoxicating Dominique and her shocking offer: to hurt the vampire court by taking her virginity....

A desperate need to ruin her reputation had forced Dominique to seek out the hunter known as The Darkness. But she hadn't expected Rand to be so captivating and compassionate.... Soon a very different sort of need drove her desire to take Rand to her bed. And with Dominique's survival depending on it, she would have to use all her skills of seduction to make this strong hunter surrender to passion....

That luscious mouth moved like a whisper over Rand's, small nipping bites that teased, barely giving him a taste of her.

But what grabbed at him was the trace of hesitancy. Like Dominique hadn’t kissed many men.

The thought fired through him. Emotions—hot, rich emotions—stormed through him and riding the wave was the strongest desire he’d felt.

It’d been so long since he’d felt pleasure, enjoyed anything other than killing. It’d been far too long since he’d held another against him. He needed to taste her.

HER DARK LORD by Mel Teshco

When dhampir Kia Montana takes a man home, she isn't looking for names or a relationship—she only wants someone who could satisfy her lust for both sex and blood. But Kia's new mission is to find Sean Maximillus, Lord Vampire and the lone being capable of curing Kia's mother. Kia thought she found the key to success with Ronan, a mysterious man who promises to take her to Maximillus...and who shares a carnal passion with Kia even bloodlust couldn't match.

But Ronan also seems to know too much about Kia...things she never told him. And as she is drawn deeper into Ronan's world, he reveals secrets that will change Kia's life forever....

It took all of her will power to remain still, to not react and stay passive under his passionate mouth that so effortlessly claimed hers.

His head reared back, his eyes burning like hot coals. “Dios. You cannot fight against your blood instincts.”

“Maybe not, But I’ll sure have fun trying,” she hissed.

His eyes glazed red, and she realized her challenge had sent him over the edge. She smiled, her fangs pushing against her gums until they burned and ached while she fought, and won, control over her physical response.

Her downfall would be on her terms, not his.

For the chance to win some vampire Bites, please check our blogs (Anna's Blog and Mel's Blog). We're giving away a free Bites every week through the end of April to celebrate our releases!


  1. Wow, Anna - thanks for the sneak peeks into those stories. Now I'll have trouble going back to my edits because I want to know what happens next for Rand & Dominique and Ronan & Kia!

  2. Rachel is so right, Anna! You've made Mel's and your Bites sound like delicious little morsels! Good intro to e-books for the less proficient like myself!

    Yay for holidays! Are you doing anything special? Though the good thing about holidays is that even doing nothing much is pretty special, isn't it! Have fun!


  3. Hi Rachel --
    Good luck with those edits. Glad you enjoyed the sneak peak!!

  4. Hi Sharon --
    Delicious little morsels...I like the sound of that (-:

    Gosh, I am so counting down until Friday! Hubby and I are spending a week with my family followed by a week in the Hunter Valley. Good food, good wine and a whole lot of whatever we want.

  5. Spice Briefs (hot, sexy and a little bit naughty) - ha ha - some are down right rude. :)

    Ronan and Kia's story was awesome - now I have to go and read Rand & Dominique. I so love my iPhone. :)

  6. Hi Tracie --
    I was being G rated! Some are very rude (-:

    Glad you enjoyed Ronan and Kia's story. Only two more days to go until Rand and Dominique are out!

    When's your next Brief hitting the eshelves?

  7. Love the shorter formats available for us busy people =)
    Anna, the Hunter Valley, what a gorgeous spot that is! I very fondly remember lots of weekends spent wine tasting there YUMMO! The Hunter Valley gardens are gorgeous too =)
    I'm looking forward to reading your upcoming bites Anna =)

  8. Hey Mel --
    That's what I love about shorts (reading and writing them) I can fit them into my day!

    I'll have a glass of red just for you in the Hunter Valley (-: And I've especially saved HDL for the plane's on my Kindle ready to go! Can't wait.

  9. Hey Eleni --
    Who ever said short can't get the job done? (-: Go shorts!