Mar 31, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday (& Winners!)

Name: My name is Molly and this is my sister Matilda. We can barely tell each other apart so I won't bother trying to teach you. Every cat knows humans have limited brain capacity *yawn*. We came from the vet to live with this family of four with the two little screechy humans who hurt our ears with their wails and screams. Really, they could just meow to get their way like we do, all that noise is a waste of energy. They should sleep more, perhaps then they wouldn't be cranky and pull our tails. The larger of the two lets us sleep on her bed sometimes. She's okay, I guess.

The two bigger humans share their sleeping space with us after dark but they don't sleep well. The male of the species kicks and snores. We like the lady though, she moves over and gives us room. And she doesn't make big grunting chainsaw noises!

Occasionally when we are finished chasing each other around this house of chaos, we find nice places to rest and recharge. I got the better end of this deal, I think. Just don't tell Matilda.

What do you like the most about your sister? She takes the blame for me sometimes. Truth be told, the humans can't tell which one of us is which when we are streaking around the house jumping off the walls (there are really good ones at the end of the hallway). If it was just me, I would forever be in trouble.
What is your favourite food? The spiders that come inside on hot days or in the middle of winter. Pity I have to share them, but there are plenty to go around. The humans call them Huntsmen. We call them a great playful snack. The lady gives us treats when she sees us with a Huntsmen.

What is your favourite treat, besides spiders? Matilda loves yoghurt. She eats it with the screechy little ones sometimes. Me, I like banana cake. I'm just not sure why the lady gets so upset when I eat it off from the container.

Where is your best spot to sleep? Anywhere, *yawn*, this spot will do nicely. Too much talk makes me sleepy.


Catherine has won KALLIE REVEALED. Send me your email addy Catherine, and I'll send you an e-copy of my short story the moment it comes out, April 20th! Hope you enjoy =)
Natalie Acres, don't forget to send Zana your email to claim your fantastic prize of TEMPTING THE NEGOTIATOR!


  1. Oh, they are just gorgeous. They remind me of 'Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer' from Cats (the musical) - I bet they also create all sorts of mischief for their two legged humans.

  2. Yep! My partner called me scarface for a week after one of them scratched me from the corner of my eye to the bottom of my jaw! I couldn't take revenge because I had no idea which one it was... They are very energetic little things and when they streak around the house bouncing off everything from people to furniture to walls, you can't tell them apart. But they are really nice to cuddle up to at night =)

  3. Oh, I want to hold them both on my lap (at the same time, naturally). Thanks, Molly and Matilda for visiting our catwalk!

  4. I agree - they're just beautiful! Double trouble I'd say LOL!
    I adore cats, and I agree with Rachel, I just want to give them a cuddle!!!