Mar 9, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name Leo Morey

Abode Chez Morey

Human Slave That would be Trish Morey...

Likes Sleeping, eating, chasing shadows. One day I'm going to catch me one, too!

Dislikes Not being fed. The dog. Being woken from a wonderful sleep by that flashy thing

Ambition See *likes* above

Sociable or Aloof Are you kidding me? I'm a cat right. Of course I'm aloof!

Favourite Pastime Sleeping, eating, chasing shadows.

Favourite Toy The dog's tail

What do you like to sharpen your claws on Preferably the dog, though the sofa comes in handy at times.


  1. That little face, so CUTE! :-)

    Leo looks young - how old is he now?

  2. Ohh, Trish, you have a cat that likes bathroom sinks, too!

    I have one who goes to sleep in it and another who tries to cram into what little space is left once she discovers her friend is there. :-)

    And I see Leo also likes to help you write your novels!

  3. He is sooo cute! Love the photo of him on the laptop (-:

  4. Trish he is so adorable!! I love the close up of his face, I just want to kiss him!!! LOL

  5. Hey Mel, thanks! Leo's chuffed to be here today - he reckons it's the cat's whiskers.

    Kylie, isn't is amazing that the way these little guys can seek out and find both the warmest places and the coolest places in the house. And then hog them:-)

  6. OOh, Tez, I missed your question!

    Leo's just over a year now. He was so cute as a kitten! Now less so as they grown into their adult faces, but he has the most glorious soft fur. Amazing given his mother was a feral and my dad found her in the wood pile. Obviously she knew who to date:-))

    Emily, he is lovely. Had a bit of stick from the other cats today (we have three). Why is he so special? The dog's nose is a bit out of joint too. The guinea pig - it all just slips by. We should have called him Oblivious.

  7. Dear Leo

    I think you are very handsome and I wouldn't mind meeting up some time. I'd say we'd make lovely kittens together but I think that since a visit to the v-e-t that might be impossible. You too - hmm? But we could still have fun together.

    Love Princess Flora Flooziebelle Walker

  8. What a cutie.
    I'm about to bite the bullet and buy two little fur balls of fun.
    *grin* Tam x

  9. OOh, ms Princess Flora Flooziebelle Walker, I think you might just have a date.

    Very sad to hear you have v-e-t's too. Must be something about them. I still haven't got my groove back since my last visit...

    But I'd still love to meet you!

  10. Oooh la la - Princess Flora!! sounds like we have internet cat love =)

  11. Leo - what a lovely little tom you are. And don't you just know how to use the camera. It loves you baby. Thanks for gracing us with your cuteness.

    Trish - we had a bit of fur envy in our household when Gizmo made an appearence a couple of weeks ago.

  12. Trish, Leo is absolutely adorable! What a cute little face. He's very witty in his interview, too!
    I have a weakness for ginger cats. Actually I have a weakness for all cats!

  13. Leo Morey is gorgeous and obviously talented at getting comfy in uncomfy places.... the handbasin!? LOL

    Fun pics, Trish!

  14. Oh, Leo, you're a fine looking cat! Thank you so much for finding time for us in your busy schedule of sleeping, eating and chasing shadows!