Mar 24, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday (& Winners!)

Name: Nigel in the language of the two-legs. Meep-wee-pwahee! in belly-scraper.

Human Adoptive Parent: Nikki ( Logan )

Likes: Carrot. Bok choy. Time in the garden nibbling on grass or dichondra

Dislikes: Blue-coat two-legs (aka. vets), being groomed, being held

Ambition: To devise the great escape. If only it didn’t require quite so much focus… and energy… and awake time…

Favourite Pastime: Sleeping. Anywhere, anytime, any surface.

Best Friends: The shrill-calls. Four of ‘em. I used to live in the bottom of their aviary. Now we’re neighbours and the two-legs promise me they’ll rig up my home so I can travel between my house and the shrill-calls' . I'll believe it when I'm scraping my round little belly through the new link. In the meantime, that black dog is kind of okay. He keeps an eye out for me when I'm in the garden so that the ravens don't swoop down and carry me off. I guess that's appreciated. ..

~well done Jo Graves and Natalie Acres for participating on LoveCats and winning free copies of Tempting the Negotiator. If you guys can contact me with your address, I'll get the books in the post.


  1. Hi Nigel,
    you're very cute!! I'm almost tempted to go get me a guineapig!! And love how that big old dog looks after you, so precious!
    ps - hope you get your run/link very soon!

  2. Nigel, you little charmer, you make me want a belly-scraper of my very own! Good luck getting that link put in.

  3. Nigel - what a cute little belly-scraper you are. thanks for visiting us cats.

  4. Oh aren't you cute Nigel :) Too bad you don't like cuddles.