Mar 17, 2010

CatWalk Wednesday

Name: MAX – the Cat with Attitude (not all of it good) Born 2000 (in a drain in Singapore). RIP 2006 (he disappeared during a violent rainstorm – probably visiting a drain at the time). Distinguished by having only a little stub of a tail that sat on his backside.

Abode: A high rise apartment in Singapore for the first 3 years of his life and then Melbourne Australia.

Likes: Running water (would only drink from running taps) – maybe it was the Drain Cat origins? Hence lots of pictures of Max sitting in basins or baths!

Dislikes: Not being fed on demand.

What do you like to sharpen your claws on: His human slaves


  1. So beautiful! But I wouldn't have trusted him to wash the dishes ;-)

  2. I wonder if Max is still alive somewhere, curled up in someone elses sink or bath? What a gorgeous boy he is =)

  3. And I think I know the human slaves who the gorgeous Max used to sharpen his claws on! Hopefully, he is still out there working his way through his nine lives and, as Mel said, deigning to sink-sit for someone else.

  4. Obviously Max didn't hear about water restrictions . He looks a gorgeous puss in the sink. And as the other shave said, probably surfed his way down a drain to find a new sink to haunt.

  5. How adorable that he would only drink from running water!

    I'm with everyone else - Max has surely found another family to adopt and sink-sit for. =)