Mar 13, 2010

Historical Caturday

In honour of my very first Georgette Heyer novel (I know, I know, what took me so long?) I've made a lovecat word search using some great downunder historical author, plus the fabulous Georgette. I couldn't get the full names of each author, so I've just gone with their surnames, but I'll list the full names in case one is new-to-you:

Sara Bennett
Anna Campbell
Anne Gracie
Georgette Heyer
Sophia James
Stephanie Laurens
Emily May
Elizabeth Rolls
Alison Stuart
Christine Wells

(And, if you're wondering, my first Heyer is The Grand Sophy and now I'm about to dive into Devil's Cub. Yay!)


  1. Great puzzle, Rachel... though I have to confess it took me FOREVER! Must have been the red wine and the reflection of the Murray River red gums on the screen making it hard to concentrate!


  2. Rach this was more for my brain capacity! LOL! thanks for posting