Feb 29, 2016

Meet Hoblet (plus a winner!)

First, I have a winner to announce from my last post: Diana Tidlund, email me at rachel (at) rachelbailey (dot) com with your choice of either The Finn Factor or The Summer of Jake, and I'll get it out to you!

If you follow me on Facebook, you'll know that I'm fostering a greyhound who needed some surgery, rehab, and a little TLC. His name is Hoblet and he's the sweetest, bravest boy! I'm quite in love with him already.

Here's a little video the rescue group made to raise money for his surgery - it's basically the 'before' shots. (Don't worry about the appeal information - they raised enough money. Yay!)

He's now had the surgery and the fabulous vet hospital put a plate in his leg and, despite some complications post-surgery, he's doing really well.

This pic is while he was still in hospital:

And this one is once he's home - we'd just come back from the local vet for a bandage change on Saturday:

And here he is (with a blue bandage!) in his special play pen. He needs to be on a lead or in this little pen  all the time so he doesn't do anything to hurt his leg. It's not a bad combination, actually - a writer on deadline and a dog who needs someone to sit nearby for long stretches of time. We're getting a rhythm together of him sleeping in his favourite bed while I write, then he goes into the little pen so I can shower or get lunch.

He still has a long way to go before he can be put up for adoption - under the bandage is an open wound that still might need surgery, then there will be rehab over a couple of months - but in the meantime, he's bringing a lot of joy to our house.

Letting him go at the end will be difficult, but if he finds a loving forever home then I will have room to foster another little soul and help save its life too. I'm hoping I can do it. Cross your fingers for me!

Tell me, have you ever had to give up something you loved? I'd love to hear about it. Any tips?


  1. Does wine count, Rach? ;-)
    Seriously though, cute pics. Pleased Hoblet is on the mend xxx

    1. Wine absolutely counts, Amy! You've been so strong with your self discipline!

  2. Aww he's beautiful. I've been following along his progress on Facebook, so happy to see he's home and healing!!

    In terms of giving things up...hmm. I gave up ballet at the age of sixteen because I had a lot of trouble with my feet and ankles, so I couldn't progress into pointe shoes like all my peers. I ended up giving ballet away, but kept up with other styles of dance that were less stress on my feet. It was the smart decision, but my sixteen year old self wasn't to happy about it.

    1. Stef, he's definitely stolen my heart. <3

      Oh, that must have been hard on your 16-year-old self! Very sensible, but so hard at the time.

  3. Hobled is looking well and happy. What a lucky dog ending up with you, Rachel.

    I gave up alcohol for two years as an incentive to published. I vowed no Chardonnay would pass my lips until I had a publishing deal. I thought it would be hard as I love a chilled glass on a Friday night, but it was easy (except at parties!). Luckily I got published so Friday night drinks are now back on the agenda.

    1. Jen, I remember you during that time - you were so strict about it! And then some rotten author asked you to pose with a glass of wine for her book trailer, and you were so good-natured about it. Amazing self-discipline!

  4. Hi Rachel - am so delighted that Hoblet is doing well and what a great foster home he has...I would love to foster doggie in need...but I know they would end up a foster failure (which means I would keep them)As for giving things up...when I was 25 I said goodbye to my long time equine companion Oaky (who I'd had since I was 12)It was fifteen years later that I found my beautiful old palomino girl Sharnah and black Thoroughbred Zeb...giving up horses for a decade and a half was hard going. Wishing Hoblet a speedy recover and hope he find a wonderful forever home :)

  5. Hoblet is gorgeous, Rachel! Such a look of stoic patience on his little face. I'm so glad to hear he's making good progress under your TLC. I can see why it's going to be hard for you to give him up when he's better. I hope they find a great home for him.

    On a much lighter note for giving things up - I'm making a determined effort to cut out added sugar. And to help me with this, I found a great recipe for banana and blueberry muffins which I made at the weekend.

  6. Hi Rachel

    I have been watching his progress on Facebook and am sending more hugs he is so cute

    As for giving something chocolate LOL I am watching what I eat and moving more at the moment and I would love some chocolate now but just made fruit salad :)

    Have Fun

  7. I had to give up my mechanic training as a result of my chronic pain levels. I still appreciate that I know enough not to be taken advantage of if I take a car to a mechanic.

    I love hearing about Hoblet, I hope his forever family still shares photos and stories with you when he's ready for his forever home.

  8. Aww, Rach, what a handsome man he is...and what a lucky man to have you in his life.

    Willpower is not my strong suit, so giving up things by choice tends to be temporary. :-|

  9. What a good boy Hoblet is! I can imagine how much you're going to miss him...but helping him to find his forever home will be so satisfying.

    Like Bron, I'm not good at giving things up. Mind you, back in the deep, dark days I used to smoke...it was my favourite thing and giving it up was one of the hardest things I've ever done (so glad I did, though).