Mar 2, 2016

Lemons and After the Bushfire

Glenn looking at the fallen trees.  Where to start!
You know the old saying, if life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Such a great philosophy to find a positive in a less than positive situation.

In the wake of the bushfire we had a lot of our trees down because they'd been weakened by the burn.

So we spoke to friends, who spoke to friends who were in the process of organising a chainsaw course.  

And what do you need for a chainsaw course? Lots of wood to practise on!

And guess what we've got?!  Lots and lots and LOTS of wood to practise on!

The course was held last weekend and the weather was kind to us being a pleasant, low 20s both days (unlike today which is a sweltering 38 at the moment... but I'm trying hard not to think about that!)

Anyway, our back paddock was a mini-tent city as the participants set up an impromptu camping ground for the weekend.

And during the day, there was the gentle buzz of chainsaws as a dozen "students" practised their cuts...
  • vertical cuts
  • horizontal cuts
  • standard cuts across the grain of the wood, 
  • ripping cuts along the grain of the wood
  • plunge cuts
  • reducing cuts
Standard cuts and plunge cuts...

... close up of the plunge cut practise...
... and I couldn't resist a picture through the plunge cut tunnel.
A pile of wood from the ripping cut.

And at the end of the course, the students went away with lots of knowledge and lots of practice.

And we had a great start on converting the trees down in the paddock into firewood for winter!

Ready for winter!

Win-win, I say!

So have you had an occasion where you've "made lemonade" from something that's less than positive? 

And while I'm here, I thought I'd share some random pictures from around the place.  It's really fascinating to see what plants are coming back after their scorching experience.

My camellia is sprouting! Green shoots among the scorched leaves.
Tender eucalypt sprouts on a blackened trunk.
A foggy morning and the burnt shell of the horse float.
The petunias are still going strong!


  1. Oh Sharon what a wonderful story and that is so Australia the blackened earth sprouting green with new shoots that is life here very scary at times and my heart goes out to you, you make me smile with your positiveness. And I always say what doesn't kill you will make you stronger :) We went through a few rough years with Hubby and my Mum being diagnosed with bowel cancer and have 4 kids in school wasn't much fun but yes we got there and both made it through although Mum passed away years later from a heart attack but Hubby is still going strong :) makes us smile

    Have Fun

    1. Helen, the lovely green on black is really striking, isn't it? I meant to put in another picture with the arms of a big gum tree all covered in green whiskers of new growth.

      Gosh, you and your family certainly had a load arrive on your plate all at once with the bowel cancer for your mum and hubby. It sounds like the operations for both of them were incredibly successful with your mum passing away from something else entirely years later and your hubby still going strong! No wonder it makes you smile!

  2. What an amazing story but those fire shots are so shocking. Still can't believe you lived through that, Sharon. Love your positive approach.

    1. Jen, we do feel incredibly lucky. We did some things that we'd do differently if the situation arose again but we're here and we're okay so we're feeling pretty good about things. :)

  3. Love that foggy morning shot, Sharon!

    1. Thanks, Amy! I do love foggy scenes, there's something about the way it gives the feeling of depth as things gradually disappear into the mist. And there's a stillness and a quality of silence when it's foggy - plus it's fun to try to capture it with the camera.

  4. Your photos are amazing, Sharon. I think you should do a post of photos a year down the track after the fire...just to show us the progress nature has made. I also love your lemonade -- that chainsaw course is almost inspired. :-)

    1. Thanks, Michelle. I like your suggestion about a post later to show the changes.

      Glenn thought of the chainsaw course possibility as a bit of a joke to start with but then the idea grew wings! Inspired is a great way to describe it! :)

  5. Sharon, that's the most amazing lemonade I've heard of. I admire your positivity. Go you and your man.
    Isn't there something wonderful about seeing nature making it's way with spots of colour to prove it hadn't been wiped out.

    1. Hey, Sue, thanks! Nature IS wonderful, isn't it! Though I'm frowning at the weatherman at the moment because we're in for at least another week of mid to high 30s... yep ready for autumn, thanks!