Feb 5, 2016

What's hanging on my walls.

Now the dust has settled from all our renos, one of my favourite jobs has been hanging all our art back on the newly painted walls and when I did it I got something of a surprise. I realized that all our pieces are about the places and people we love. I thought I'd show you a few and the little stories behind how we came to have them.
This was painted for me by my friend, Donna. It's called "Barbara's colours". It reminds me of paua shells, or leaves floating on a pond, and I absolutely love it.
This is a New Zealand artist who creates prints and lithographs inspired by Maori and Greek myths. This fits perfectly in our Greek - New Zealand household.
And here's another by the same artist. If you look closely you'll see some New Zealand icons on the Greek vase. This one of the first piecs we bought and still one of our favourites.
Our very good friend Maree gave us this as a wedding present. She was also our wedding photographer. She took it in the gardens of Sissinghurst. So romantic!
A local Maori artist did this piece for us. It represents our family and on the back has a beautiful Maori prayer written by the artist.
The mother of another friend is a well known New Zealand artist and this was another wedding present. It represents Persephone in the underworld. Another NZ/Greek piece.
My husband took this photo in 1992 when he visited his dad's village in Greece for the first time. There was no such thing as panorama then so he just took a number of pictures and then when the technology caught up we had them stitched together!
This hangs in my bedroom and is called "The Kiss". I think it sums up my world completely :) What about you? Do you have any favourite pictures hanging on your walls?


  1. Love these art works, Barb. We've got a bit of a selection: an oil from Vietnam, a canvas of the Sounds, and others we have bought over the years at the Nelson artists show in the Queen's Gardens. Also a large dark photo of my husbands great, great grandparents - very severe expressions on their faces.

    1. You hardly need anything on the walls, Sue. You have such great views out your windows! I love old family photos and need to put more up.

  2. Barbara they are all so lovely and I love the stories behind them :)

    We don't have artwork hanging up I do have some photos of my grandchildren and we also have a signed Tigers Rugby League jersey but that is about it maybe I should start :)

    Have Fun

    1. Thanks so much, Helen! I love the sound of your Rugby League jersey. That's what my husband and boys would prefer to have on the walls!

  3. Great pictures, Barb! I think my favourites are the panoramic photo and the representation of your family by the local Maori artist. It's so vibrant and dimensional.

    We've got quite a few pictures of birds by local artists. There used to be an art show held locally every year and we often bought a picture that had been exhibited. My favourite is of a couple of little blue wrens on an old fashioned water pump.

  4. I love the sound of your bird pictures, Sharon. It's so much fun choosing pieces together, isn't it? Talking about all this makes me want to go and fill up some more wall space :)

  5. I have everything hanging on my walls from family photos to prints of famous paintings, to originals done by a select few (including school children), to stitched pictures. I love them all. I love the sound of your walls, and the pictures look lovely.

  6. You have a lot of great pictures, Barb. So wonderful to have friends who are artists. We just did the same thing in our new house - hanging all the pictures. This house has more walls for art, though, so we are going to have to search out some more great pieces.