Feb 19, 2016

My Favourite Things.....

I haven't done a My Favourite Things post for a while, so I thought I'd start with my six favourite things at the moment and then see what everyone else is 'favouriting' too.

1/ Adrian Van Ziegler - I can't get enough of this talented composer and love listening to him when I'm writing. I love Celtic music (maybe my Welsh heritage) and his music is really romantic and easy listening.

2/ The beautiful flowers my husband gave me for Valentine's Day. There's something extra special about getting flowers delivered and these arrived at my day job just in time for V Day. xx
3/ The hard cover version of my latest release, Three Reasons To Wed, from Harlequin Special Edition. I love the cover of this book and getting the hardcovers still gives me a thrill :)

4/ My cat. This is Candy and she's a perfect little angel (when she's not being a monster) She's a Ragdoll we've had for a few years now. And she's my shadow when I'm at my desk.
5/ Baby hugs! There's something extra special about baby hugs. This is my great-niece Evie. I can remember holding her mum the same way....time sure does get away. Love her gorgeous strawberry blond hair and the blue eyes.
6/ My new pink kayak! Complete with pink paddle. (Please ignore the rather large shark in the background....that is compliments of a friend with a wicked sense of humour...although, maybe I need to think about getting a bigger boat!)
So....what are your favorite things at the moment? Family, friends, holidays or books?


  1. Hi Helen

    Great post love all of your favourite things and some of mine are

    My Grandchildren they bring me so much joy

    The books I read way too many favourites to list

    Getting books in the mail :)

    And our new car that is 4 weeks old today

    Our dog Casper who is a Mareema Italian Sheepdog and very spoilt :)

    Have Fun

    1. Hi Helen - what a great list. Thanks for stopping by today. Look out for a book in the mail from me :)

  2. Love that kayak, Helen. You'd never go missing in that.
    Favourite things at the moment - kayaking, picking the fruit we grow, the fact that I've just finished another book, and my grandson and wee granddaughter.

    1. Hi Sue - yes, my kayak is so awesomely pink! I am like a beacon on the sea :) yay on finishing another great book.

  3. Oooh,I love favourites posts, Helen :-)

    What am I loving at the moment?
    My air-con which has been bliss in this run of hot weather.
    My swimming pool - see above.
    Ny new phone, a Xmas present from hubby.
    My brand new Audible subscription.
    The Emotion Thesaurus - fabulous writer's little helper!

  4. Hi AA - isn't favorite things great. Always makes me cheerful. I love your list....and I just went to Amazon and bought the Emotional Thesaurus, thanks for the tip!

  5. That pink kayak is awesome, Helen.

    Some favourite things at the moment:
    * Hand-written letters from my son who is away at bush school (which has not internet/email or contact with outside world expect for hand-written letters!!)
    * That fact I just finished structural edits on a new book - hooray!
    * the new gym I joined
    * running with my daughter in the morning with the mist all around
    * the fact that I really have some wonderful friends in this small town of mine

    1. Hi Jenn - what a great list. Small town life really is the best. And congrat's on the edits. Yep, I love my new kayak....I told the company who made it for me to make it as pink as possible, and they did! :)

  6. Helen, that's a gorgeous photo of you and Evie! I bet she'd love your pink kayak too. :-)

    At the moment, I'm loving the beach. Just can't seem to get enough of it. Love the sound of the waves, the smell of the ocean...and the weightlessness of bobbing in the water. Sooooo relaxing. :-)

    1. Hi Michelle - yes, I love that photo of the bub. And you're so right about the smell of the ocean, it's something I look forward to every day :)

  7. Aww baby Evie is so cute - those blue eyes!! And that last photo cracked me. Something about the contrasting pink kayak and Jaws LOL

    1. Hi Stef - yeah, I got the pink kayak so I could be seen in the water....I just don't want to be seen by jaws :)