Feb 7, 2016

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from BREAKING ALL THEIR RULES but first 

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Sue MacKay

Coming Soon: March
Plastic surgeon Olivia Coates-Clark ended her affair with Dr Zachary Wright before she could get hurt. But when a chance encounter brings them back together she finds herself considering breaking her one rule: not to give in to her desire for Zac! Can Zac prove to her that some rules are worth breaking?

Scene set-up: Olivia and Zac have gone back at his apartment for a drink after a charity auction Olivia organised to raise funds for their colleague who requires treatment overseas. One of the prizes at the auction was a trip for two to Fiji and another mischievous colleague bought it to give to Olivia and Zac. They're avoiding talking about the trip and what it means, and instead drift into a conversation about their families that neither is comfortable with.

‘You mentioned one brother.’  Olivia asked him.
Was that longing in her voice? Zac wondered. Hard to tell from her face. ‘Mark. He’s married with two kids. I only get to see them at Christmas and birthdays.’

Olivia picked at an invisible spot on the counter. ‘That’s incredibly sad.’

‘Yep.’ He made himself busy getting mugs from the cupboard and teabags from the pantry.

She lifted her head and locked her blue eyes on him, suddenly back to being in control. ‘Think I’ll head back to the hotel. I don’t really want tea. Or anything.’ She slipped off the stool and turned towards the doorway. ‘Goodnight, Zac.’

With little thought he reached for her, caught her wrist and gently tugged her close. With a finger under her chin he tilted her head back so he could gaze down into her eyes. And felt his head spinning with wanting her.

Olivia’s eyes widened and her chin rose further as her mouth opened slightly.

Zac was lost. Any resistance or logical thinking disappeared as he leaned closer to place his mouth over hers. As he tasted her, the heat and need he’d kept tamped down most of the night exploded into a rainbow of hot colours. Olivia. She was in his arms, her mouth on his, her tongue dancing with his. Olivia.

Slim arms wound around his neck, pulling his body closer to hers. He felt her rise onto tiptoe, knew the moment when her hips pressed against his obvious desire. Those breasts he’d been fantasising about all night flattened against his chest, turning him into a molten pool of need. His hands spread around her waist to lift her onto the stool, where she immediately wrapped her legs around his thighs.

This is what I’ve missed so damned much. We are fire on fire. Feeding each other. Consuming the oxygen.

She tasted wonderful, bringing more erotic memories back to him. Making new ones.

Lifting his mouth, he began trailing kisses over her jaw, down her neckline, on towards her deep cleavage. When she whimpered he continued while lifting his gaze to her face, where he recognised the same fiery awakening racing along his veins.

Her fingers kneaded his scalp as she pushed her breasts higher to give him more access with his tongue. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Of course she wasn’t. That dress had clung to every curve and outlined her shape perfectly; including her breasts, those peaks now hard against his mouth and hand.

‘It’s been so long,’ she murmured in a low voice that spelt sex. Her hands fumbled with the buttons of his shirt, finally pushed it open, and then her palms were on his skin, smoothing and teasing as only Olivia could do.

The memories that he’d lived on for all those long months apart rapidly became reality. He hadn’t enhanced any of them. This was how it had been between them. Oh, hell. There was nothing quite like making out with this woman. She knew the buttons to push, remembered what he most enjoyed, and if she wasn’t careful would have him coming long before he’d pleasured her.
That wasn’t happening.

Breaking All Their Rules is set in Auckland and on a beautiful Fijian island where I've stayed and yes, had a romantic week with my man.
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  1. Hi Sue

    Oh what a smooch this is one I really need to add to my must have list I do love a re-united story woohoo :) and I have been to Fiji as well on a cruise but it is such a lovely place as is New Zealand

    Have Fun

    1. Thanks, Helen. Yes, Fiji is gorgeous. We've had some wonderful times there.

  2. very good smooch will have to add to my list of" must read" books---LynW

  3. Great smooch, Sue. Love the sound of the setting Auckland and a Fijian island - nice!!

    1. Can't beat those warm waters and palm trees, Jennifer.

  4. I do love second chance stories. Loving the locations too.

    1. Everyone deserves a second chance, I reckon, Mary, and it's fun being the one to give it to them.

  5. Lovely smooch, Sue! I love second chance stories too - all that delicious history!

    1. Yes, Sharon, the history makes it fun to write straight from the get go, doesn't it?

  6. Lovely smooch, Sue. Second-chance stories are among my favourites. Happy sighs.

    1. Me too, Michelle. Both reading and writing them.

  7. Another must read ! Thanks for sharing can't wait

  8. Fab sounding book Sue. It's hitting my to read list tomorrow (not now, because I'm too tired to execute the search for the book on Goodreads and I know Lovecats will still be here tomorrow).