Feb 26, 2016

A Walk In The Park...?

By the time you read this I'll be knee deep in dubbing, loading up my backpack and crossing things off my equipment list, because tomorrow (Saturday) The Doc and I are flying down to one of my most favourite places in the world-Queenstown- in readiness for a four day (53.5km) hike into the wilderness.

Planning for this trip began just under a year ago when we decided that, instead of getting maudlin about our empty nest, we'd do something challenging and exciting together. My baby flew the nest last Saturday to start his next adventure and so tomorrow we're doing the same.

The Milford Track is dubbed as 'The finest walk in the world' and will take us tramping through fiordland, traversing waterfalls, through rainforests and wetlands. I've seen lots of amazing photos and read up as much as I can and now I can't wait!

Ready to pack!
It's a one-way walk and we have guides, so I'm confident we won't get lost, but we still have to carry reasonably heavy packs for four long days. I have 'walkers wool' and band aids for blisters, paracetamol for aches and pains and, apparently, there is wine available at the lodges we stay in along the way! What else could I need?

There is no internet anywhere on the track and no 3G service but some electricity at the lodges so I'm hoping my kindle holds out- it's locked and loaded with some fabulous books...if I have the energy to read in the evenings. One of the hardest things will be being out of contact with the 'real' world for 4 days...will be interesting to see how that feels!

The Tongariro Crossing 
We've been putting in some serious practice and I've rediscovered my love for 'the great outdoors'- something which was put to one side when the boys came along and we got busy being parents. So, hopefully, my enthusiasm will make up for any physical barriers I encounter!

(And don't be surprised if a hunky gruff walking guide appears in one of my next books!)

Wish me luck! I'll post photos here next time...oh, and apparently 90% of people doing this track get rain (which is why the waterfalls are so beautiful and the scenery so lush, I guess)- pray for sunshine!

Have you recently re-discovered a passion? Are you outdoorsy or do you prefer a cuppa and a good book?


  1. I'm praying for sunshine and lack of blisters, Louisa. hats off to you. Sounds like torture to me....

  2. That sounds like a fabulous thing to do - good on you! Hope the weather is perfect for you.

    I must admit I'm not the most outdoorsy person, but I do love going for a walk in a nice park. Especially if there's a cafe at the end ;)

  3. You are going to have a blast, Louisa. Tramping is so much fun, and hard yakka, but I won't go there. can't wait to hear how you get on.

  4. Good luck, Louisa! I hope you have an amazing time! You look the part with those boots and poles. How do you find using the poles... I've been awfully tempted to get some as they're supposed to make walking a really good balanced whole-body exercise.

    I'm looking forward to your next blog so we see the pictures and hear about your adventure!

  5. Hi Louisa

    Oh what fun this is going to be :) not sure if I could handle it and so much fodder for a story I do hope there will be photos the scenery will be awesome good luck

    Have Fun

  6. I would love to do this walk, Louisa. Love the outdoors and actions holidays. Would go crazy on a tropical island by the pool.

    A few years back I did the Cradle Mountain 6-day walk (with cabins and wine at the end of each day). And guess what, my next release is set there (and in New York) and features a hot walking guide!!

  7. I hope you have the best time with wonderful weather, Louisa! In theory I can see the appeal of this kind of getaway...in reality, give me a beach and a good book...and maybe a cocktail or two. ;-) That said, I can't wait to see your pics and hear how it all went.

  8. So looking forward to reading your report and seeing your photos of this famous walk, Louisa. Many years ago on my one and only trip to New Zealand, we flew overhead and the walk looked spectacular.