Nov 30, 2014

Sunday Smooch with Michelle Douglas

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from  Snowbound Surprise for the Billionaire but first 

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Michelle Douglas

 All she wants for Christmas...

After a difficult year, and the loss of her father, festive cheer is the last thing Addie Ramsey is feeling. She's just planning a quiet one on her Outback farm. Until her new boss, billionaire Flynn Mather, offers her the perfect distraction--to spend the holiday with him in Europe as his temporary PA!

Christmas hasn't always been magical for Flynn, either, yet with vivacious Addie by his side, and seeing the joy through her eyes, things feel different this year. Could Addie be the Christmas present Flynn never knew he needed?

Scene set up: Addie and Flynn have gone ice-skating...their sense of fun has come to the fore, deepening not only their growing friendship, but also the desire that's been simmering beneath the surface for weeks now. They've just agreed to avail themselves of a mini-holiday of skiing in the Alps the next day.

‘Woo-hoo!’ Addie jumped as if she meant to punch the air, but her skates shot out from beneath her. Flynn grabbed her, yanking her back towards him and she landed against his chest, gripping his arms tightly when he wobbled too.

It brought her face in close and as their eyes met the laughter died on their lips. An ache swelled in his chest, his groin throbbed and he could barely breathe with the need to taste her.

Her gaze lowered to his lips and an answering hunger stretched through her face when she lifted her gaze back to his.

Once. Just once, he had to taste her.

His hands moved from her waist to her shoulders. Gripping them, he half lifted her as his lips slammed down to hers. Heat, sweetness and softness threatened to overwhelm him. She tasted like wine and cinnamon and her lips opened up at the sweep of his tongue as if she’d been yearning for his touch and had no interest in pretending otherwise.

Heat fireballed in his groin. Desire surged along his veins and his lungs cramped. It was too much. He couldn’t breathe. He let her go and took a step back feeling branded…feeling naked.

They stared at each other, both breathing hard, both clutching the railing with one hand for balance. And then she reached forward with her free hand, grabbed the lapels of his jacket and stretched up to slam her lips to his.

It knocked the breath out of him.

She explored every inch of his lips with minute precision, thoroughly and with relish. He wanted to moan, he wanted to grab her and…and make her his!

Her tongue dared his to dance. He answered the dare and took the lead, but she matched him kiss for kiss, her fire and heat rivals for his. They kissed until they had no breath left and then she let him go and stepped back. ‘I…I’ve been wondering what it’d be like, kissing you.’

Sensational! ‘Satisfied?’

‘Uh huh.’ She nodded. ‘Oh, yes.’

Kisses like that, though, could open a whole can of worms and—

He jolted back when she touched his face. ‘Christmas kisses don’t count, Flynn.’

They didn’t? Her eyes told him there’d be no more Christmas kisses, though.

Good thing. He bit back a sigh.

The majority of Snowbound Surprise for the Billionaire takes place in magical Munich. If you could take your family anywhere in the world for Christmas, where would you go?

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced and a smooch from Louisa George will be posted!

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  1. No family here yet, but I would love to experience a white Christmas at least once. Other than that, I like the warm, sunny Christmas we have in NZ that give the option of having a barbecue, going to the beach etc. Oh, and Christmas wouldn't seem complete without a pavlova.

    1. I think a white Christmas (just the one!) would be fabulous too, Lyn. Even though I would also miss the pavlova and the trifle -- big traditions here for the day. :-)

  2. Hey Michelle

    Congrats on your new book!! Now this one I am looking forward to reading - I am a Christmas junkie!

    I always dreamed of a white Christmas, and in 1999 I got my wish, walking along, the snap falling, the christmas lights twinkling and I was shopping in Oxford street in London. (Pushing the double pram with my 2 boys in it, and the hubby walking next to me were a fantastic bonus!)

    One day I would love to visit with the reindeer in Lapland where the snow swirls around and is so deep you can hide in it, and experience a Christmas there!

    Congrats again!

    1. Oh, I'm a sucker for Christmas-themed stories too! Just adore them. :-)

      Aww...that white Christmas of yours sounds amazing (not to mention romantic). And I really REALLY hope you get to Lapland! :-)

  3. Hey Michelle - love that kiss!!

    I spent a magical Xmas many years ago in Switzerland ice skating on a frozen lake with horses pulling sleighs in the distance and sleigh bells jingling all around. It was aamzing, I dont think anything will ever top that :-)

    1. OMG, Amy! How beautiful that sounds. Truly, is there anything more romantic-sounding than horse-drawn sleighs with bells? Happy sighs.

      P.S. So glad you enjoyed the kiss. :-)

  4. Michelle, congratulations on the release of your Christmas story. I had such a lovely time reading this one! I loved the European Christmas setting too.

    Speaking of which, I wouldn't mind experiencing another white Christmas one day. The last one we had was in Austria and we spent part of Boxing Day on a horse drawn sleigh ride. Sigh. It was every bit as wonderful as you'd imagine.

    1. So pleased you enjoyed it, Annie!

      Ah, more horse-drawn sleighs. I did think of you when Amy mentioned them earlier. Just...magic. :-)

  5. Great Smooch, Michelle.

    As we live on the beach, I'd love to be somewhere snowy for Xmas. Holed up in a Scottish castle, overlooking a loch would be nice. Add a roaring fire, mulled wine and some delicious local food and I'd be happy. As long as we could skip the haggis!!

    1. Well, now, Jen...a Scottish castle overlooking a loch, with good food and company sounds like a perfect way to spend at least one Christmas, doesn't it? :-)

  6. Love the smooch thank you.

    If I could I'd have us headed up to my mothers. The Sunshine Coast beckons & it would be great to catch up with ALL of the family at once.

    1. Aw, so glad you enjoyed it, Mary.

      A family Christmas on the Sunshine Coast sounds delightful. I sometimes enjoy a quiet Christmas, but it's the big rowdy ones that I always remember. Hope you have a great Christmas anyway, Mary!

  7. What a smooch! I love the christmas-y feel :)

    I'd love to have a Christmas someplace like Germany or Austria where they have the huge Christmas markets, lots of snow, castles and all that fairytale stuff. It would be like living in a Christmas card!

    1. Christmas markets feature in Snowbound Surprise, Stefanie, but I'm afraid I've never experienced them first hand. It'd be fabulous though, wouldn't it? Mind you, our own Annie West has experienced the wonder of German Christmas markets first hand and is a great research resource. ;-)

      I bet you're going to have a memorable WHITE Christmas this year in your new home too. :-)

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  9. Lovely smooch Michelle. It took quite a while for me to become accustomed to the fact that Christmas in Australia meant sweltering over a traditional Christmas Dinner! My family will not let me prepare any other meal! I would love to go to a country where there was a white Christmas, surrounded by all the trimmings, carols and sleigh bells! To wake up and see the countryside blanketed in snow, would take me back to when I was small and living in the UK.

    1. Oh, you make it sound so gorgeous, Savannah. The countryside blanketed in snow is such a romantic image. Ah, and as for the traditional dinner…my father also insists on the full roast dinner, and I do enjoy it…but given the heat and time of year I'd be quite happy with prawns and salad. :-)

  10. My answer will always be to my sister's home 2000+ miles away. We used to go there for Christmas when my husband had a good job; however, the company laid off thousands over 10 years ago, and he was fortunate to eventually get a job at barely over minimum wage after three more jobs closed up. In other words, no money for those trips. Thankfully, my sister and her husband visit us once every two summers while travelling in their motor home, so we haven't lost that connection. Still ... it would be lovely to spend the holidays with them and their children and grandchildren now....