Jul 7, 2013

Sunday Smooch with Michelle Douglas

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from  Michelle  Douglas, but first ...

the winner of last week's Sunday Smooch Giveaway is -- Kaelee

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from The Cattleman's Ready-Made Family

A fresh start...?
Tess Laing has suffered more heartbreak than most. So moving to Bellaroo Creek with her little orphaned niece and nephew is the start of a new life. Meeting tall, dark and deliciously handsome Cameron Manning starts an unexpected flutter in her heart...

A new family!
Cam is intrigued by Tess, and quickly becomes entangled in their lives when little Ty gets a clear case of hero worship! They're the family he's always dreamed of having himself--until the day a betrayal wiped his hopes in an instant. Perhaps now is the time to confront the past and discover a ready-made family is the key to this tortured cattleman finding a happy future...

Scene set-up: [Cam and Tess have developed a tentative friendship. They like each other, but are convinced they're on different paths. Ty and Krissie are Tess's nephew and niece. Just prior to this they'd been discussing how to get children to eat their veggies.]

Kiss Scene:  

Tess glanced at Cam. He’d put his exciting plans for Africa on hold for a whole additional month for Krissie and Ty...and for her. She started to smile. ‘You’re saying I’ll never have to grate another carrot in my life?’

‘That’s exactly what I’m saying.’ He grinned back at her and she couldn’t help it. She leaned across and pressed her lips to his.

Cam didn’t pull away. He didn’t even hesitate. He greeted Tess's kiss with wholehearted pleasure. One of his hands cupped her face, engulfing her in his warmth. Tendrils of sensation unfurled in her stomach and drifted out to every corner of her body in slow adagios of delight. Waltzing delight. And then the tendrils became licks of fire. Cam’s free hand curved around the back of her neck and he pulled her in closer, his lips moving over hers more fully, more thoroughly, offering her even more delight, making her even hungrier for him. 

Greedy to taste, greedy to touch, she slid her hands to either side of his face and she explored the texture of his jaw and the strong column of his neck until her hands and fingers were as alive as her lips. When he licked the corner of her mouth, traced the fullness of her bottom lip, she opened up to him and he dragged her right into his lap as their tongues danced. She wound her arms about his neck as if she never meant to let him go.

She gave herself up to the thrill of being alive and in his arms. Kissing Cameron was like listening to vibrant, wonderful music. Better yet, it was like making vibrant, wonderful music. Music that could fill the soul and send it soaring free, and Tess wanted to soar and fly and swoop and twirl with Cameron and never stop.

She slipped her hand between the buttons of his shirt, needing to touch firm bare skin. His hand slid beneath her shirt, his caress an omen of bliss. And then they both stilled, so unaccountably in tune with each other that they knew.

They knew this had become more than a kiss. It was about to become something a whole lot more interesting...if that was what they chose.


Michelle is giving away a copy of The Cattleman's Ready-Made Family to one lucky commenter. Her question is:

If you moved to the country is there anything you'd like to try your hand at -- keeping chickens or a cow? Maybe growing vegetables? Perhaps you'd just like to get a dog. Do tell, enquiring minds want to know. :-)

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced -- and a smooch from Sue Mackay will be posted!


  1. I would like lots of trees shading my house, a big shaded porch, as well as that white picket fence. Can't forget the old tire hanging in a tree too! A big dog wouldn't hurt, of course ... okay ... several big dogs would be fine by me!

  2. Oh, Laney, that sounds nice. Especially the big shaded porch and some dogs. Am breathing happy sighs just thinking about it. :-)

  3. Loved the kiss, Michelle. Five years ago we did move to a rural setting and yes, we got the dog, hens and grow enough vegetables to feed family and friends. The good life! Just need to grow grapes and make my own wine and it would be perfect.

  4. Fabulous smooch, Michelle! The more I read about Tess and Cam's story, the more I'm loving it! It's on my shopping list for tomorrow!

    I said yesterday what a non-green thumb I am but I do give it a bit of a go with the veggie garden. Mostly the easy things like silverbeet - so handy to have a readily available green vegetable! And every now and then I get a bee in my bonnet and got for something more exotic - like peas and beans and carrots! LOL Sometimes it's a win and sometimes it'd just be a whole lot cheaper to go to the shop!

  5. Your rural life sounds heavenly, Sue. Ooh, grapes for winemaking? Now there's something that might make me reconsider my no-gardening-for-me decision. :-)

  6. I hope you enjoy it, Sharon!

    I do sometimes dream of doing one of those tub herb gardens -- sounds so romantic. Mind you, whenever I mention it to the DH he starts laughing hysterically. I'm afraid my black thumb has become legendary. Good luck with developing your green thumb though. Hmm...am putting silverbeet down on my shopping list. Yum.

  7. Thank you for the lovely smooch!!

    I grew up in the countryside, so there is nothing I haven't tried really.

    I do have the big backyard with a vegie garden and grapes & a pecan and an olive tree, among others.

  8. Oh, that sounds lovely, Mary! A pecan and an olive tree sounds very exotic to this townie. Hmm. I wonder what chance they'd have in my yard given the possums. :-)

  9. Michelle, Cam is such a good kisser. Sigh. As you know I had a lovely time losing myself in this story recently. Yuuum!

    If I were to move to the country I'd hope for fresh eggs and a big orchard with cherries and peaches. That would mean moving somewhere cool climate so I might as well have almonds and walnut trees as well, plus a lovely big fireplace in a room with a wide window seat perfect for reading. Oh, and could I have someone else to chop the wood?

  10. Well, now, Annie, that just about sounds like the idyll. Of course you can have someone else to chop the wood. As long as he's broad of shoulder, tanned and rippling with muscles. ;-)

    Oh, yes, Cam is a heck of a kisser. So glad you enjoyed his and Tess's story.

  11. What a beautiful kiss, Michelle!!

    I'd love to have a veggie patch. My family think I have a brown thumb but I reckon in the right place I could grow up a storm!

  12. Glad you enjoyed it, Jen. :-)

    I think you should go for the veggie patch. I think it would be incredibly satisfying to eat something that you've grown...and to tell your family, 'See, told you so.' ;-)

  13. Nice post. Maybe a pet

  14. Michelle, I love the sound of this book already!

    Maybe quilting - I've always wanted to be a quilter. One day... :)

  15. Ah, quilting...that sounds like fun, Rach!