Jul 22, 2013

Pinch Me!

You ever had one of those moments where something amazing has happened to you that you'd never thought in a millions years would?

I had one of those last week when I received this great pic from fellow Cat, Louisa George, and has since been sent to me by quite a few people. It's a lift in the Marriott in Atalanta - USA - where the RWAm conference has just wrapped up and it has my book cover on it. Yes - MY book cover!! It's the cover for The Girl Least Likely To Marry and if you read yesterday's smooch you'll be able to get a sneak peak of the book which is out "officially" in the next few days.

Okay, granted, its not a bus but if someone had told me 9 years ago I was going to have my book cover on a lift on the other side of the world I would have laughed at them!

But, here I am. And there it is!

Which goes to show you should always dream big because you just never know, right?

That bears repeating I think - 


What are your big dreams? Ever had a "pinch me" moment?


  1. Amy, I LOVE that lift poster. I've seen it a few times on Facebook, and smile every time it pops up again. Love the new Desire covers that you can see in the Kat Cantrell cover, but most of all, I love that a LoveCat, that YOU are there, all big and glorious.

    Always dream big.

    Great advice!

  2. Amy, I have nothing to relate that's as globally big dreamy as that. But I love your message and I will definitely dream big big dreams and hope that one day I'll have the same out of body moment as you.
    Congrats. I can't wait to read the book.

  3. Congratulations! That is really cool! There really aren't enough "pinch me" moments in life! I would probably go with the day I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, after trying for 7 years.

  4. Wow Amy, that is just fantastic and cool and all round brilliant!!

    Hmm, I've had lots of pinch me moments. I remember early in my career travelling around Europe feeling like I was living in some Barbara Taylor Bradford novel.

    I love dreaming big - the only way to dream!

  5. oh, wow, how cool is that, Amy! I can imagine what a great 'pinch me' moment it must have been for you when you first heard about your fabulous cover gracing the lift door! It's such a great picture and title, too!

    I've had my share of lovely 'pinch me' moments, too. Holding a coping of my first book was a biggie!

  6. Think it's fabulous Amy, post those pictures everywhere!

  7. Yep Rach - that Desire cover is hawt!

  8. Sharlene that's a pretty good pinch me moment! :-)

  9. LOL JSG - Barbara Taylor Bradford, now that takes me back to the 80's :-)

    I know you're a huge big dream girl, Ms Blue Sky :-)

  10. Yep, Sharon, nothing beats that I reckon!

  11. Oh, my, Amy -- that is indeed a big (and wonderful!) pinch me moment. Could you imagine standing in front of it! I'm not sure I'd be able to stop myself from pointing and saying "My book" to every person who passed. :-)

    One of my favourite pinch-me moments was the first time I was in London. I stepped out of the underground onto a Central London street and came to a dead stop (to the chagrin of early morning commuters). My DH was like "What are you doing?" I was savouring the moment--and it's still burned on my mind.

  12. Love that poster, Amy.
    I also love those rare pinch me moments. They're like all everything has come together fo you at that particularmoment. Awesome.

  13. See Michelle now we are definitely twins separated at birth! That happened to me too at the tube station right opposite Big Ben, cant think what its called now but we came out on street level and there it was on the opposite side big and beautiful and magnificent and right there I just came to a dead stop. I'd seen so many pictures of it and dreamed of seeing it one day and it was just right there - it was a real pinch me moment!

  14. Amy, what an absolute thrill! How cool is that?

    Pinch me moments? I have to say being contacted by Tessa Shapcott who wanted to buy my book for Mills and Boon was a huge pinch me moment! I'd dreamed of it for years and never thought it would happen. You're so right about dreaming big. If you don't you'll never have the courage to achieve big.