Jul 17, 2013

Midweek Funday!

Oops!  We got caught Cat-napping so this post is a bit late!

Today we have a puzzle to play with! 

Click to Mix and Solve 

Isn't he a gorgeous feline!


  1. Sharon, 3:45, which is apparently better than the average on the site, but felt slow to me. And I only realized towards the end that there's a photo in the corner of the finished pic. I'd seen it briefly here before I clicked the link, then I promptly forgot everything except it was a cat, so I was kinda flying blind. Next time I'll look up at the guide!

  2. 3:45, Rachel! Man, I am so slow. Am almost embarrassed to say it took me 6:13.

    Still, it was fun. :-) Thanks, Sharon!

  3. WEll done, Rachel and Michelle! I managed 5.09! Isn't this jigsaw cut sooo much easier than the Euro of the last puzzle!