Jul 3, 2013

Simpson Desert Adventure

with Sharon Archer

We're back after an excellent adventure crossing the Simpson Desert.  The trip was amazing and we have so many photos.   I thought I'd jump right into the desert section of our trip and share some of the pictures in the "album"!

Just to set the scene here are some quick Simpson Desert bytes...
  • it's a parallel-dune desert - one of the largest with around 1100 sand dunes
  • some of the dunes are more than 200 km long
  • the dunes run NNE - SSW
  • the highest is "Big Red" at 40 metres (we by-passed this)
  • it's a desert so very low annual rainfall - averaging 150mm per year
  • Birdsville to Dalhousie Springs - about 500km (we travelled on the French Line to Knoll's Track and then dropped down to the Rig Road
So to the pictures...

Here we are at the first dune - very aptly named "Nemesis"!

A long, long, looooong road!

The GPS stayed with us and this looks like we're about to drive into a lake - we're actually about to descend onto the clay pan below!

Down on to one of the clay pans between dunes.

Here we are on one of the larger clay pans.

Stopped for lunch.  And looking particularly fetching, don't you think?  ;)

Pepe with the TVan

Sand and sky!  Love it!

And another one because I can't resist!

The Max Trax got a good work out on the trip.

Red dust!

More red dust!

And one last picture for the road!

That's a flick through a few pages of pictures from our Simpson Desert adventure!

What's the most unusual place you've been to for a holiday or perhaps that you'd like to go to for a holiday?


  1. Wow- what an adventure! It looks amazing! Glad you got back safely. Not sure I've been anywhere 'unusual' on holiday- nothing like the Simpson Desert anyway!

  2. Mmm, perhaps "unusual" was a bad choice of question, Louisa! I should have said "adventures"! You've definitely had adventures on your holidays - I remember reading your blog about the Case of the Lost Passport! The great thing about having "had" adventures is that you've come out the other end to tell the tale!

  3. Great pics, Sharon! So pleased the intrepid travellers made it back in one piece!

    I've always wanted to go to Egypt and the way the political situation is there at the moment I'd call that an adventure! One day, when...if...things calm down....

  4. Oh, Amy, I'd love to go to Egypt too! So much fascinating ancient history! The pyramids and the sphinx!

    But, yes, the way things are at the moment, that's an adventure I wouldn't be up for either.

  5. Oh, what an adventure, Sharon! I hope we're going to see that landscape featured in a book or ten. :-) All that red dust... It's so iconic, isn't it?

    Not sure I can say I've been anywhere unusual, but the DH and I did pop over to Brussels for lunch one day when we staying in London. We caught the channel train to Brussels, lunched (on hot waffles whilst standing on cobblestones) and then caught the channel train home again. Was fun. :-)

  6. Wow Sharon, that went fast. Seems like you only just left. How did the food all work out???

    Hmmm, holiday adventures. My latest holiday "adventure" was when it took over 18 hours to get from the Gold Coast to Launceston by plane. We were diverted first from Melbourne to Canberra, then tried again to fly into Melbourne, again diverted to Sydney landing at 11.30pm. There we were told there was no accommodation so we'd have to sleep on the floor and that there were no flights out until sometime the next day. We were on a walking holiday in Tas and had to arrive by 7am next morning. A complete nightmare!!! We had to book a hotel and a new flight all at our own expense. Not fun! But the walking holiday was fantastic!!!

  7. Michelle, I think it's a must for a feature in a story!

    Hey, your day trip to Brussells for lunch is such a decadent adventure! What fun!

  8. It does seem to have gone fast, Jennifer! The food worked out just fine - especially the precooked and vaccuum sealed patties. We travelled quite long days so having preprepared food was great. I did make bread when we reached Dalhousie Springs so all my research into "alternative" bread methods did end up being useful!

    Wow, what a nightmare your trip to Tassie was! Great when you got there by the sounds of it but, goodness, what a way to start off! Glad you got there in the end and enjoyed yourselves!