May 19, 2013

Sunday Smooch with Jenny Brigalow.....

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Jenny Brigalow, but first ...

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from A Man For All Seasons by Jenny Brigalow........

When rodeo rider, Chad Cherub, steps off the plane at Heathrow, love is the last thing on his mind. He's travelled from Australia to do a business deal with wealthy Walter Driscoll. However, he is distracted by Wally's gorgeous daughter Seraphim.

Sweet, spoiled Seraphim, a gifted dressage rider, is troubled. Engaged to the eminently suitable Barry Wellington-Worth, Chad's arrival forces her to acknowledge the truth. She does not love her fiancé.

When Chad's cook is injured Seraphim jumps at the chance to fly south to Oz. In the great dust bowl of the Australian outback they discover they have more in common than horses.  But the secrets of the past and the prejudices of the present threaten to tear them apart. Can love bloom in the Outback?

Scene set-up: [ A clear, cold English night in the stable yard at Seraphim's family home. Seraphim is delighted to be going to Oz with Chad, but distressed by the distance that is developing between them. Unsure as to the reason, Seraphim longs to find a way to show Chad the depth of her feeling. And realises that, this time, there is only one way. She must show him...]

    Between them they dug the last of the carrots out of the bag, then she gained several more precious moments as the big stallion and Chad played tug of war with the empty bag. She watched, entranced and touched by the pair's youthful exuberance.

    For a moment she could imagine that it was her playfully fighting with the tall, handsome man. She could just see it. For a while he'd tease, let her think she was winning. Then he'd pull her down and pin her gently to the ground. He'd laugh down into her face and then…

    “Penny for them?”

    She startled, and then blushed when she realised his remarkable amber eyes were fixed upon her. What must he think?

    He'd relinquished the bag and Trick had retreated into his stable with his prize.

    Forcing a small smile, she lied. “I was just wondering how Trick would enjoy his flight.”

    “He'll be fine. Flying doesn't seem to faze them much.” Then two crease marks formed between his eyes.

    She jumped a little as he reached out one brown hand and ran his thumb softly down her cheek. She could barely breathe.

    “You're absolutely frozen,” he said.

    She stared at him blankly for a minute until she realised he was quite right. Her toes were numb and the marrow in her leg bones seemed to throb in protest. Small spasms coursed through her body and she shivered like a sapling in the wind. But how could he know that it was nothing to do with the cold? How could he know that desire fizzed through her like a Catherine wheel? How could he know that her lips wanted to part to ask for a kiss? How could he know? The answer of course, was that she had to tell him.

    She caught his wrist in her hand and looked at him. Her breath came in jagged bursts and she felt as if she would implode with need. “Warm me,” she whispered.

    For an agonising eternity he remained frozen, his eyes locked on hers. And then his hand slid over the fall of her jaw and slowly encircled her throat. “I can feel your pulse,” he whispered. “It feels like a butterfly in a net.” Then he dropped his head and his mouth met hers, softly catching up her lower lip.

    She tipped back her head, a small moan of ecstasy filtering through their union. Instinctively she moved into the unfamiliar realms of his body and her mouth began to explore. Heat flared in her core as his hands slid around her and pulled her close.

    Tentatively at first, and then with growing confidence, she began to explore the iron hard muscles of his shoulders and back. Her legs felt so hollow that she believed she would fall without his hold upon her. Surrender beckoned with her mysterious smile.

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  1. Ooh, an intriguing interlude there, Jenny! Lovely smooch. And I have to say that I think the cover of A Man For All Seasons is gorgeous!

  2. Hi Jenny - lovely scene and I certainly agree with Michelle - fabulous cover.

  3. Hi Michelle and Helen, lovely to hear from you both. Must agree, that cover is steaming hot! Makes you want to dive right into that red dust.

  4. Hi Jenny, fabulous chemistry between Seraphim and Chad! But, oh, she is in for rocky times ahead with her engagement!

    Adding another woohoo for your gorgeous cover.

  5. Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for sharing. You hooked me with the mention of them down at the stables. What is it about being near horses that makes a first kiss seem so very real?

  6. Hi Sharon, I can't argue with that. The path of true love never did run smooth! (Sighs happily).
    Oh Annie, I wish I could answer that. I'm a hopeless romantic and a helpless equine addict. Don't think its a matter of choice for me!

  7. Lovely Smooch, Jenny. I'd just watched Sharon's Clydesdale ads so made the horsey theme every more real!! Agree fab cover!

  8. Hi Jennifer, great to meet you. Glad you shared Seraphim and Chad's Smooch.
    I just love those big horses too. Used to enjoy watching the Shires pulling the brewery carts. Spectacular.

  9. This is a lovely cover, Jenny, and a great smooch. And Annie's right; stables just work so well for a realistic setting! All the best.

  10. Hey Susanne, thanks dropping by and enjoying a Sunday Smooch. Horses, big and small, seem to bring out the best in people don't they?. I guess Chad and Seraphim are no exception. That old equine magic!

  11. Nice cover and premise