May 10, 2013

Bread and Butter!

with Sharon Archer

I'm still in food-mode for the trip!

And one of the biggies for us is bread.  

I make all our bread - travelling means this can be a challenge.  We find that a lot of commercially available bread just doesn't hit the spot.  One of the reasons is that I can't eat corn.  Quite often the yummy multi-grain breads have kibbled corn or maize. And then for the "added fibre" breads the fibre comes in the form of corn.

So back to making bread... I've solved the problem with two fabulous ways to make bread on the road!

The first is bread made in a thermal cooker!  I Googled - one of my favourite internet activities - and found this recipe... Bread in Thermal Cooker

I made up my usual dough mix so I didn't have to wait 12 hours for it to rise.

Here it is in the pot simmering for 20 minutes.  Then...
Into the cooker and seal it up for 2 hours...
And voila!  Bread!  Very pale and no crisp crust...
But it slices beautifully...
And tastes lovely!
And the second option is pita bread.

Leave it to rise then...

Knead out into flattish circles...
Into the fry pan for about 10 to 15 minutes a side...
These come out a bit thicker than the shop-bought ones but they're really easy and delicious!

I didn't get a chance to make these up with filling! As soon as they were cool enough to butter, we ate them!

So how about you, are you a bread lover?  Homemade bread?  Lovely crust rolls from the shop?  Do you like white bread or are you a health-conscious wholemeal bread eater?


  1. Hiya Sharon! What a fascinating post. Have you tried damper? It was designed for people on the road too! I always find it a bit scone-ey to be really bread but it's yummy when it's fresh and hot. Love the photos of the bread - the pita bread looks fabulous. A really nice memory for me is getting fresh baguettes every day from the bakeries in France when I travelled through that country in the mid-80s. It was so good, you didn't even need butter. Although butter never hurts (my hips love butter so much, they never let it go!). Happy travels! Really looking forward to more of your wonderful photos.

  2. Sharon, these look yum! Coincidentally I'm just about to go and have some toast (I'm half way through an interrupted brekkie). Love the look of the pita bread and as Anna says, damper is fantastic while travelling. We tend to each multi-grain type breads - the more seeds the better as we love the rich texture and nutty flavour. Maybe it's a throw back to living in Germany for a while where the breads are fabulous. But I do have a weakness for fresh baked white bread with butter and honey.

  3. Thanks, Anna! I have tried damper - it's gorgeous when it's fresh out of the oven (or even better, the camp oven), isn't it! But a bit stodgy once it's cold and old.

    Oh, YUM, those fresh baguettes are a fabulous memory to have of your travels in France!

  4. Annie, we love seeds and grains in our bread, too. I generally load my dough mix up with whatever goodies I have in the cupboard - sunflower seeds, linseeds, sesame, poppy and/or pumpkin seeds, kibbled wheat and rye. Robust bread full of fibre so I feel as though I being health conscious! LOL

    Though I have a weakness for lovely fresh plain white bread too!

    I'm going to have a go at making a ciabatta this weekend.

  5. Oh, yum! Am going to have to make a trip to the bakery now. Those breads look great, Sharon. I love bread. All of it. I've yet to meet a bread I didn't like.

    I've never tried making pita bread, though. Might have to go google recipes before I pop out to the shops. :-)

  6. Michelle, I just used my usual dough mix for the pita bread (and for the thermal cooker bread) so it was extra extra easy.

    LOL on you yet to meet a bread you didn't like. It sounds like we might all be a bit the same!

  7. Hi Sharon ~ I like whole grain breads. Not too fond of just white bread anymore. I really love the European style breads which are crusty on the outside and soft in the middle. One of my favorites breads is Black Russian Rye. we are heading into summer right now but come fall I'm going to break out my bread maker again. It has been sitting idle for too long. Have a great trip.

    Have you ever heard of bannock? It's very good with jam or cheese on it.

  8. Kaelee, I hadn't heard of bannock - so I went off to Google! Sounds very much like a damper - I'll have a closer look at the recipe when I get home.

    That Black Russian Rye bread sounds interesting - I Googled that too! And found a recipe - I'll be trying that! Thanks for the tip! I'll let you know how it goes... mmm, I can feel another blog with crumbs coming up!

  9. I love bread, Sharon. Any kind will do. I've never made it before, but would love to learn.

    I'm with Anna. The best bread I think I've ever eaten was in France.

  10. Love bread. Try not to eat it :-(
    But there's nothing like still warm from the bakery uncut loaf of white, crack it open and scoop out the middle! Yum.....
    Also love heavily grained bread. to make me some toast......

  11. Sharon, I'm not a huge fan of bread. I like it, but I'd be happy to go without as well. Except Turkish bread - it's my absolute favourite, but I think it would be hard to make on your trip!

  12. Hey, Jennifer, it sounds like eating bread in France is going to have to go on my bucket list! Yum! Definitely something to look forward to!

  13. Oooo, amy, I know! It's a wicked, wicked pleasure! LOL

    I hope that toast was delish!

  14. Mmmm, Rachel, Turkish bread - going to have to Google that. Will have to see if I can find a good recipe to tempt you with for when you visit!


  15. Oooh, there's a promise I'll remember!