May 6, 2013

Funday Monday!

A gorgeous feline from JigZone for this Funday Monday! 

Let us know how you did putting this one together!

Click to Mix and Solve


  1. Yowee! Note to self - stick to the normal jigsaw pieces for future puzzles! This took me AGES! 14 minutes give or take a second or two! Hope you had better luck!


  2. Took me ages too, Sharon! But the unusual shapes definitely made it more interesting.

  3. Hi Sharon ~ Loved this puzzle! I haven't done this cat before but I have done puzzles with bulb shapes before. It took me 5:21 so better than average. Thank you so much for the fun even though I did it on Thursday night.

  4. 6:38; my mouse was sticking, LOL!
    I have gone to Jigzone many times throughout the years. Got my sis hooked on their daily puzzles but, alas, I tend to do a bunch all at once and then leave them for a month or so before jumping back in and "catching up".
    Thanks for sharing them with us, Sharon. Always a blast.

  5. Oh, my gosh! Kaelee and Laney, you guys are jigsaw stars!

    Kaelee, it's a gorgeous picture, isn't it!

    Glad you enjoyed the puzzle - I do love an excuse to play on JigZone!