May 27, 2013

Food Glorious Food

Yes, sorry, it’s me again. A double dose of Amy Andrews for everyone!
And no, this blog is not going to be some recipe swap fest. Sorry. I cook but I don’t live for it – having a fussy child killed any joy I used to find in the kitchen.
But I do love to eat.
Which somehow transfers across to my heroines. Strange that :-)
I recently wrote a Twistie loving heroine in Driving Her Crazy.
Mmm, lurve me some Twisties.
Avoid them like the plague cos they’re just a big old carb-fest but, for the sake of this blog and its accuracy, I did go out and especially buy a packet just so I could take a picture for those who don’t have a clue what Twisties are.
I also bought a violet crumble cos they look so pretty together.
I’m generous like that.
Don’t worry, no Twisties were harmed in the writing of this blog. They all found a safe home inside my intestinal tract!
It was pointed out to me recently by a reader that I tend to use food in sex scenes.  I hadn’t really thought about it as a thing until it was mentioned. But yeh…in the Twisties book its marshmallows. And come to think of it, Twisties do get used too…

In The Devil and the Deep aka the pirate book, my hero uses a mango to pretty devastating effect....
Bad Amy.....

In One Night She Would Never Forget there’s a cute/sexy cup-cake scene.

In my current WIP, there’s creative use of beer. Also by the hero.  Here’s the Pinterest board for it if you want to check it out.
Hmmm, I see a pattern. Maybe I should stop writing heroines that make their men want to eat food off them?
Nah….. :-)

What about you guys? Do you enjoy reading about creative use of food in books? Or can you not switch your brain off as you think about sticky skin, chocolate and whipped cream smears on the sheets and crumbs in the bed?


  1. Twisties -- sexy? Really? Though, I will admit they look awfully tempting with the violet crumble. ;-)

    I think the creative use of food in books is fun. Hmm...might have to go searching for 9 1/2 Weeks. I seem to remember one particularly steamy scene that featured food in that movie...

  2. hey Shoe Babe - good point! Using food as a sexual euphemism....not so sexyy!

  3. Oh yes, Michelle - it did have a scene with food, lots of it! But I think it was honey that ended up all over her body.
    *Amy wanders off to comtemplate honey*

  4. Ah, but, those Twisties are cheese ones and everyone knows that chicken Twiesties rule!! I like reading about food in books because I'm totally food obsessed (eating not cooking it!!)

  5. JSG - wash your mouth out!!! Chicken Twisties are just wrong!

    Eating not cooking is kind of my thing too :)

  6. I love all things food (except baking- I don't do it and rarely eat it- wrong, I know, but that's how it is) and l Iove reading about food in books- I don't mind how sticky or messy. (I particularly enjoy a man who cooks!)

    The only thing I don't like is when authors use brand names or food I don't know so I can't imagine what they taste/look like. (I remember once an author using cannoli- it's clearly a very popular US food, but I had to google it to find out what it was which took me out of the story a little!)

    Chicken twisties???? They haven't hit these shores yet! (At least I haven't had the pleasure)

  7. Romance and food are two of my most favourite things so I love it when they're in a book together.

    One of my readers pointed out that my characters are always drinking - wine, champagne, cocktails, gin. Does that say something about me {:o/ I haven't used food "creatively" in a book yet, but you've got me inspired!

  8. Hi Louisa.
    Baking....sigh...I used to love baking...
    Dont do it now, or rarely anwyay. Recently baked and apple and rhubarb pie which was gorgeous and I wondered why I didn't bake anymore. For about a nano-second :-)

    The use of brand names doesn't bother me, I can usually work it out from context or from having read it before or seen it mentioned on TV. Like Twinkies - never knew what a Twinkie even looked like until I went to the US for the first time but I think, its not necessarily about the actual food but that characters "relationship" with it that I like the most.
    I dont like it when brand names are avoided because publishers worry about trademark etc - like "she drank a cola type drink" or "ate a salty snack" What *is* that??

  9. Oh and Chicken Twisties - dont do it....

  10. Barb if *I* can use beer creatively imagine what *you* can do with some of your hubby's divine vino! :-)

  11. Amy, I love food in stories. Probably, like the others, because I love food, and I love stories. The two together? Heaven. :)

  12. Chicken twisties, chicken twisties, chicken twisties - do it, do it, do it!!!

  13. LOL Rach - defo a match made in heaven!

  14. Amy sticks her fingers in her ears and says lalalalalalala to JSG!


  15. Amy - I think readers love food. Isn't it in the job description? Books with food are faaaantastic. I'm reading some mysteries set in southern France and there's almost as much time spent on food as on the rest of the plot - love it! Twisties, eh? Love them. I've never used them in a book. Now I'm wondering...