Feb 8, 2013

Wedding Excitment with Sue MacKay

Summer brings the sun and blue skies, warmth and calm seas. (Not mentioning the unseasonal snow we had earlier this week.) And it also brings weddings. The beautiful brides in ther gorgeous gowns and their stunning looking grooms scrubbed up for their best clobber.

This week is a busy one for us as we're going to a wedding on Saturday. We've got friends staying for most of the week who're also attending this wedding and all the functions associated with it. Seems weddings are more than the main ceremony and celebration nowadays. We've got a dinner on Friday as a warm up, and on Sunday a wind down brunch which the men are cooking.

This wedding is being held at a local resort and the bride is arriving by boat while the groom and his sidekicks are coming on jetskiies. James Bond? I might get to shake hands with Daniel Craig yet. Forget shaking hands. I'd be throwing myself at him.

Last week I went fishing with my man to get Blue Cod for the Sunday brunch and then yesterday he took the groom and two guests out to get scallops to go with the cod. They had a fabulous day out on the briny, more about telling tales on each other than hauling the shellfish from what I heard as I opened a couple of hundred of the delicious delicacies when they got back.

I've been shopping for a dress and the matching nail polish and lippie, not to mention the shoes. Had to wear the shoes around the house a few times to take that edge off them, if you know what I mean. All this adds to the building excitment. And while the men were out on the boat my girlfriend and I have been mulling over what to make for the wrap up dinner we're having here for the bride's family on Sunday night. In the midst of this the bride to be spent an hour here yesterday letting steam over all the things that weren't going exactly to a very rigid plan. Mounting tensions that will dissipate on the day. Fingers crossed.
For the last four months my office has been the storage space for all the wine and beer for the function. Very tempting on days when my writing was not going well, but I managed to resist. And now I have my office back to normal. Rather boring really. But I will get to sample the bubbles tomorrow.

I love weddings, big and small. All that romance and glam. The anticipation and excitment. Bring it on.
 I love imagining how the couple met and wondering if they knew instantly that this person was The One or whether that came later.
Are you going to a wedding this summer? Or already been to one?
Tell me what you enjoyed the most. I will send a copy of You Me and a Family to someone next month.


  1. I attended a "country" summer wedding (last August here in the northern hemisphere) where I enjoyed the "country" aspects the most. It was so laid back ... the groom/groomsmen (including my son) wore country-style long-sleeved shirts and black dress pants (although up until the day before the wedding it was supposed to be black jeans) ... the bridesmaids wore long traditional dresses ... a company barbecued hot dogs, hamburgers, and sausages "out back of the hall", and family provided the salads and desserts. Lots of food for everyone, and everyone dressed "comfortably" (except perhaps the bridesmaids and bride!). Food was brought in around 5:10 pm and the DJ started up the music around 6:00 pm. People danced their hearts out and still were home early. We locked up the place (after cleaning up) at 10:35 pm. Wow. Bet there was a romantic honeymoon shortly thereafter!

  2. Oh, it sounds like so much fun, Sue. In fact it sounds like a gala event rather than a wedding, lol!

    I love weddings too, but it's been an age since I've been to one. The girl two doors up was married in December and she looked an absolute dream when she left...and so happy. :-)

    BTW, love those shoes!

  3. Hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding. Hope most things go according to plan. It's the small things that come amiss that are usually remembered the longest and fondest.

    The last wedding I attended was my nephew's wedding. It was held outdoors on the Sunday of our three day long Labor Day weekend at the beginning of September in Banff National Park. Saturday and Monday were beautiful sunny days. Sunday saw no sun and a lot of rain but the wedding was held outdoors under umbrellas. The reception was inside thank goodness.

    Did you really have snow? We have a friend who visits near Takaka near Golden Bay every January through to May to escape the snow here. Last year he had to help clean up flooding problems and this year he maybe got snow. Poor guy.

  4. Laney, that sounds like so much fun and very relaxed. Yes, we're going to be dancing tomorrow night too. Maybe on the lawn!

  5. Thanks, Michelle, thought they were pretty okay myself. Going to be a bit colourful which is perfect for the beach setting.

  6. I love Banff, Kaelee, beautiful place. And yes, snow on Mt Arthur on Tuesday which your friend will know of. Golden Bay also had flooding this year.

  7. Hi Sue, what an idyllic lifestyle yours sounds. And the wedding sounds fab. Smiling about the broom arriving in such dashing style! Wow!

    No weddings for me this season but we're hosting an engagement party in a few weeks - a high tea followed by late afternoon/early evening cocktails. Should be fun!

  8. I love weddings too. I have no plans to go to any weddings in the near future. Everyone of marriageable age in the family is now settled with a family. For a while there we seemed to have a wedding each month. That''s what comes of having big families I guess.

  9. Ooh, Annie, love the sound of the high tea and then cocktails. Yep, we're having a wonderful time but have to get back out in the hills working off all the delicious food afterwards.

  10. Mary, funny how these things go in cycles. The arrival of our grandson is apparently only the beginning of the baby cycle. Our daughter's friends are all thinking of having a baby soon.

  11. Absolutely, Jo. It's going to be a cracker day.

  12. How exciting! I love a good wedding- sadly, haven't been to one in years.

    I know you'll have a ball, especially in those gorgeous shoes - take lots of photos to show us the festivities!

  13. No wedding planned this year. Like celebrating the couple

  14. It's a gorgeous day for a wedding, Sue!

    The last one I went to was a few weeks back. The bride and groom were only 21. They are very religious and haven't lived together yet so they really are starting a whole new life. We had such a lovely time because the kids came too.

    Rock those shoes!

  15. Sue, I love weddings. None this summer for me, though. Enjoy the day!

  16. Sue, the wedding's today! I bet you're having an awesome time!

    No wedding's for us this summer - just renovations! LOL